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Gable was 33, not yet the alpha-male of Gone With the Wind, thinner, younger, spindlier; Claudette Colbert's doe-eyed heiress has something of a wary, yet skittish woodland creature, as she disapprovingly peeps round the blanket. A great pleasure.

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The Depression is perhaps the most well drawn character in the piece. Everyone is struggling, fighting over pennies, hungry and desperate. Watching Clarke and Claudette endure within this historical perspective bestows them a heroic valor, and this film a place in cinematic history. Within the first 3 minutes, I knew Claudette Colbert would be amazing in this and I was right. She delivered such a great theatrical and comedic but emotional performance! One of my favorite best actress winners for sure!

I really like the story. It's simple, but very likeable. The main characters are lovely and very well-written.

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Ellen is an icon. I smiled through the whole thing and was in complete awe by the brief romance. Review by jharpel. Review by john wilders.

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    • The gender politics might have aged terribly but Frank Capra otherwise delivered a particularly effective film about class in the depression era. If Clarke Gable never my favourite actor repeatedly owning Claudette Colbert absolutely stunning is viewed not as a man one-upping a woman but a poor person one-upping an aristocrat, it because slightly more palatable.

      The film is hilarious throughout even as the ending requires the nasty patriarch to behave uncharacteristically charitable. The two contrasting characters are well cast.

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      The screenplay, for the most part, is well written but before the end, it loses its snappiness and should have found an ending earlier. All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling An easy way of seeing how…. It Happened One Night. Director Frank Capra. Peter Warne. Clark GableEllie Andrews. Claudette ColbertAlexander Andrews.

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