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Britain-based biofuel supplier Greenergy in July acquired an idle vegetable oil processing plant in Amsterdam to turn waste oil into biodiesel. Greenergy, Europe's largest producer of biofuels made from waste, in September also acquired Singapore-based used cooking oil exporter Rexon Energy to help secure raw material supplies. Meanwhile, Finnish biofuel producer Neste told Reuters by email that it was planning to double its waste-based refining capacity in Singapore to 2 million tonnes.

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Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 22 Feb, am. You can even buy a diet Black Forest gateau if want. So what you see when you walk into a supermarket in is the entire degrees of obesity in a single glance. The whole panorama of fattening you up and slimming you down, owned by conglomerates which have analysed every angle and money-making opportunity.

The very food companies charged with making us fat in the first place are now also making money from the obesity epidemic.

Fat profits - Asian traders cash in as Europe thirsts for waste oils

How did this happen? Let me sketch two alternative scenarios. This is the first: in the late s, food companies made tasty new food. People started to get fat.

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By the s, NHS costs related to obesity were ballooning. Government, health experts and, surprisingly, the food industry were brought in to consult on what was to be done. They agreed that the blame lay with the consumer — fat people needed to go on diets and exercise.

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The plan didn't work. In the 21st century, people are getting fatter than ever.

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OK, here's scenario two. Food companies made tasty new food.

By the s, food companies and, more to the point, the pharmaceutical industry, looked at the escalating obesity crisis, and realised there was a huge amount of money to be made. That was all about to change. A key turning point was 3 June On this date the World Health Organisation WHO convened an expert consultation in Geneva that formed the basis for a report that defined obesity not merely as a coming social catastrophe, but as an "epidemic".

The word "epidemic" is crucial when it comes to making money out of obesity, because once it is an epidemic, it is a medical catastrophe. And if it is medical, someone can supply a "cure".

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The author of the report was one of the world's leading obesity experts, Professor Philip James , who, having started out as a doctor, had been one of the first to spot obesity rising in his patients in the mids. In he set up a body called the International Obesity Task Force IOTF , which reported on rising obesity levels across the globe and on health policy proposals for how the problem could be addressed.

It is widely accepted that James put fat on the map, and thus it was appropriate that the IOTF should draft the WHO report of the late 90s that would define global obesity. The report painted an apocalyptic picture of obesity going off the scale across the globe. The devil was in the detail — and the detail lay in where you drew the line between "normal" and "overweight".

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Several colleagues questioned the group's decision to lower the cut-off point for being "overweight" — from a BMI of 27 to Overnight, millions of people around the globe would shift from the "normal" to the "overweight" category. Professor Judith Stern, vice president of the American Obesity Association, was critical, and suspicious. When you get over 27 the risk becomes higher. So why would you take a whole category and make this category related to risk when it isn't?