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I am concerned about not being able to get a work visa, and am seriously interested in relocation. State your business. Eventually the immigration officers WILL turn you back. Best to just do it legally. My grandfather was born in Scotland. My father was born in London and came to the USA in Unless you already are. You would probably have to come here on an ancestral visa for 5 years then apply to become permanent and become a citizen after that.

You would need to pay your own healthcare and support yourself. But my grandparents were born in Scotland. Can I still qualify for the Ancestory Visa? We are looking to make a permanate move from the states to Scotland. I am a Buchanan by birth. I live in Australia and left Morayshire 14 years ago. Born in UK. Would I need significant savings to return as a permanent resident of Morayshire? Thanks in advance. I live in South Africa and my family has been part of South Africa for many generations. My Fiance and i are looking to relocate to Scotland but have NO idea how to do it and what we need.

I am currently studying Financial Accounting and he does air-conditioning. What type of visa would we need to live and work in Scotland and maybe have our family there as well? Would we still have t return home every 6 months or could we apply for a longer stay visa? And how about Medical Care? We are both USA citizens. My husband and I are looking to take a trip as his grandparents were born in Scotland historical exploration two of the castles out there were in his family clan.

From reading this web page he would be deemed as a Scottish Citizen, is that correct? We are retired in Canada and it would be fascinating and fun to obtain citizenship, but would I, as his wife be permitted to reside with him if he was a citizen? I have no Scottish ancestry maybe UK — Wilbanks but not within two generations. I work with blood transfusion, non-crossmatched products, in a large hospital. Looks like my best bet might be a kidney donation….. My ancestors who were forced out of Scotland years ago and I cannot imagine what their struggles were like.

Hello: thanks for the heads, i just wanted to ask i have a British passport as my father is from Scotland. Hi Amanda, Thanks for the great information. I am an Australian woman aged 54 years still working, and my partner is 36 years and working but not earning as much. Neither of us has a grandparent who was Scottish. I have a Great grandparent who was Scottish though. We have 3 fur children too indoor cats that we could not leave behind. We were thinking about buying a house there and moving permanently to live.

Is there any chance for us? What would we need to do? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Hi Amanda mum almost named me that! My mother was born in Edinburgh. But the returning soldiers taking the Uni spots and the lack of food and jobs just made her want to return to New York. She did, where she met my father. They married, in , but he was paranoid that she would be deported, for some reason, and made her give up her British citizenship. They divorced in and she got remarried to another American. There would be no way she could get her citizenship back— it would be too confusing for her.

My father is deceased. My mum is from Scotland! I want to move there! Wondering if you can assist me. I am South African and my grandmother was born in Burma. Her father was stationed there to my knowledge. Both her father and mother were Scottish. She has been in s. Africa since around 2 years old. She doesnt have her scottish passport but would be happy to obtain it if it would help me. Is there anyway i could get an ancestral visa through her? How far back to they require a grandparent to be? There is still a monument marking the spot where he died to this day. I believe it is in Loch Ness.

I would have to go back and read my notes to be sure. Would that qualify me to be elligible for a visa? Good morning I want your assistance that I was adopted in Glasgow in and then was forced to leave Pakistan and living here since them ,however my step father and mother who were my uncle and aunty has died recently ,can I apply for ancestor visa or so and also for the in heritage property etc.

I hope this email finds you well. I have a favour to ask about my job offer from the prestigious hospital in UK. One thing I want to know in the package which includes the processing fee UK Work Permit visa, is it the responsibility of the job applicant? It is written in the contract that the HR Dept will be responsible for the processing including other related documents. Please advised. Thank you for your time. You will need to speak to the company offering you employment to find out if they are completely organising your visa for you or just helping and paying, this does need to all be set up before coming here.

We have been married for 30 years. I am South African and would like to know if I need a special visa to live in Scotland. We are both retired and want to know. My husband gets a British pension and would like to know whether his pension will increase according to the British scale as we live in a commonwealth country and his pension has never increased.

Will we be entitled to NHS? We do intend to buy our own home and not expect charity.

History of the Scots language

My main reason for wanting to go to Scotland is that we white people are not safe in South Africa. Is he still a British National? He may need to do things like the Habitual Residence Test. A spouse visas will be needed for yourself. Accommodation would need to be paid for by yourselves. Hi Amanda, I hope you can help me a little and give me some Ideas about my situation.

O Mechanic engineer with about 15 years of experience in project planning and management in fields of oil, gas and petrochemical construction and equipment fabrication projects. My wife is teaching at the university as a Ph. I just wanted to know if there is a suitable type of visa or application method in order to help us move to this country. Best Pasha. I wish to return to Scotland after emigrating to Australia in I am a British Passport holder, have never become an Australian citizen.

Could you please advise me how to startthe proceedings. Hi amanda i am british but my family is afghan in afghanistan i know it is hard to bring my family in the uk.

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If scotland separate from england can i bring my family to scotand without too much money and english test my wi. HI i have a british passport and birth certificate and i want to find out if i csn emmigrate to Scotland permanently. I am 50 years opd and have familyvbased in Scotland. A Grand Daughter.

I was on a tour in but did not get enough info even though I came back to Canada with a historical book. Please tell me how I can make this dream come true?!!! I would. South Africa to Scotland My father use to live in Edinburgh and was married to a Scotish citizen sadly he past away a few years ago after living there for almost 25 years and having businesses in Edinburgh.

I was born in South Africa. I would like to know can I move there as I will be living with my stepmom. I would just. I do have my own business in Cape Town. I do security product installations.

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Thank you for the information. I am considering relocating to Scotland from Canada. I have dual citizenship so I am certain that I can move over and work right away. I am married and have children. My understanding is that I would apply for visas for them as dependents? If successful, could my husband work under that visa? Hi, I am applying for an ancestry visa… i am a bit confused about duties and taxes coming into the country.

I have tools … small tools such as pliers, hammers, files etc…. My wife and I are both retired and have zero debt. My wife was born in Canada but now is a US citizen by naturalization. My question is: is it possible for us to move and retire to Scotland? Is it truly a 5 year process? Where would we begin the process if it is possible? We are both of Scottish ancestry and have been to Scotland 4 times.

We would love to live out our retirement years in Scotland but are unsure we would be allowed in. Your email address will not be published. Your basket. Wavegarden Scotland wants to turn Craigpark Quarry pit near Ratho into…. The campus project, one of the biggest education developments in Scotland, will see an…. They form a consultation which will pave the way…. Construction of the new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary has resulted in 55 more jobs being created than initial estimates had suggested, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed. Detailed plans for a four-star hotel to be built at the site of a Dundee landmark have been lodged with the local authority.

Scotland Build returned to the SECC on November 23rd and 24th to be welcomed by thousands of construction industry professionals looking to do business and boost the sector across the board. Across the two days…. Michael Laird Architects have unveiled plans for a residential-led mixed use redevelopment of land owned by Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. The practice has prepared a planning in principle application for the redevelopment of…. Planning permission has been approved for almost houses to be built on the former Hoover site in Cambuslang.

Hoover opened the factory in Cambuslang in , where it operated until its closure in In a week when, across the Atlantic, the unexpected happened, it was reassuring to find that some certainties remain. Announcing its trading update covering the period…. Under the deal with Edinburgh…. With the number of homes being built in Scotland still 40 per cent down on…. Esh Border Construction has launched its new base in Livingston which the firm hopes will provide a key strategic lynchpin as it looks to build on its success in Scotland.

The company, part of Esh…. The project for London based asset managers Castleforge Partners, sees…. Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey said it expects to increase its full-year operating profit margin as demand failed to dampen in light of uncertainty surrounding the Brexit vote. Social housing provider Sanctuary Group has instructed Glasgow-based Collective Architectureto produce draft proposals for the first phase of…. The Building work began this week after developers TH Real Estate sold….

Since its formation in , the Group has built or modernised…. The funding package with Bank of Scotland has been put in place as the group…. Infrastructure, support services and construction business Robertson Group is targeting continued success after unveiling record figures for the last financial year.


THE first tenants of a new community in Aberdeen built specifically for the rental market have moved in. The Scottish Government has been co-ordinating trials for a couple of years…. Kier Group plc, the parent company of Kier Construction Scotland, has today announced its full-year results for the year to 30 June A strong performance from Kier Construction Scotland, which has a turnover in….

How to Relocate to Scotland

Big Lottery Scotland is…. After it was named as the industry that has suffered the fastest growth in metal theft crimes, the Scottish construction sector is set to welcome changes to legislation aimed at tackling the problem. Despite a…. Volume house builder Barratt is ramping up its timber-frame and offsite housing to increase production of new homes. The firm, which built its business on timer-frame, revealed that by next year timber-frame homes will be….

A Glasgow-based renewable energy firm has been shortlisted for two major industry awards. The latest project is a mixed development…. Construction has started on a new technology centre in Cumbernauld that will test and de-risk the use of high voltage direct current HVDC on the electricity network in Great Britain. Springfield Properties is set to significantly contribute to the Scottish housing market after receiving approval for over 1, new homes at 13 sites so far in Located from Motherwell to Forres and Dornoch to…. A demolition company is to investigate Orkney as a potential location for a new facility to decommission redundant oil and gas rigs.

Responding to a call for evidence from the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee, trade…. The next stage of a ten year regeneration strategy for Glasgow city centre was launched yesterday by Councillor Frank McAveety, leader of Glasgow City Council. Cairnhill strikes sponsorship deal with London Scottish Cairnhill Structures, the Coatbridge based heavy engineering and steel fabrication specialists, have beefed up their marketing strategy with a new sponsorship deal with London Scottish, the English Championship….

The company said the move signals its long term commitment to do business in the city. If approved, the proposed development, adjoining the world-renowned Glasgow…. Work has now started on site after Henry Boot Developments Limited rubber stamped its deal yesterday with…. A new system for submitting building standards applications is due to go live on Wednesday, 24 August.

The eBuildingStandards. Plans for the construction of 1, homes to the north of Aberdeen have been re-approved by councillors after it was brought back to the authority following a landmark legal ruling. The residential-led mixed use development,…. Supermarket chain Lidl is to build a brand new regional distribution centre RDC at Eurocentral in Lanarkshire as part of its ongoing expansion ambitions within the UK. The German company has exchanged contracts with Scottish…. Councillor Andrew Burns has announced that he will not be putting himself forward for re-election as leader of the City of Edinburgh Council in the election.

The year-old, who has been the council leader…. Under the…. Around Glasgow based staff will transfer to the new premises this autumn when…. The care home will feature 60 en-suite bedrooms and will…. Underlying revenue is down…. Hamilton-based developer, Banks Renewables, said it has taken on board comments and suggestions, including feedback from….

History of the Scots language - Wikipedia

Accelerated funding and additional business support in wake of EU referendum uncertainty. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced measures to support and stimulate the economy in the wake of the EU referendum. Capital spending on…. The 9. THREE young ladies have gained valuable experience in the construction industry, working on the expansion and refurbishment of the first of seven operating theatres at Monklands Hospital in North Lanarkshire.

Antonia Collins 18 and Dainah…. Bruce joined BAM in as a…. The Edinburgh Grand, which will comprise…. Breedon's chairman Peter Tom is eyeing further acquisitions Breedon now…. The appointments include four senior staff members becoming local directors. The new….

Isabel, who is also an ex-Trade Association Forum chairman, has been appointed to take the….


Vattenfall said it…. Sites are being hit by a shortage of concrete blocks as production struggles to keep up with demand. Supply problems are most acute with aircrete blocks as raw materials used in their manufacture run dry. The collapse of the Dunne Group is being blamed on bankers pulling a credit line for the concrete specialist at the eleventh hour. Dunne ceased trading on Tuesday with the loss of jobs. Planning permission has been approved for the multi-million pound Muirton housing development in Perth. The contractor has refurbished,….

Balfour has beaten Brookfield Multiplex to the job to deliver two…. Research shows that tradespeople want an increase in the availability of skilled workers through the encouragement of apprenticeships, plus help in understanding how to take on apprentices. Many of the plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters and…. Architect and procurement expert John Coles has been appointed to lead the enquiry into construction problems which shut 17 schools across Edinburgh earlier this year.

Coles has worked in the public sector for 30 years…. The firm, which…. The project, on Marionville Road, near Meadowbank Stadium, is scheduled for completion in early and is…. Plans include the provision of a storey new build element, incorporating , sq ft of Grade A office space…. Energy from waste plant specialist Energos has gone into administration blaming disputes with main contractors.

The company had four ongoing contracts to help with the construction of waste plants in Derby, Glasgow, Milton Keynes and…. Work begins on first of three Health and Social Care Centres. The site will be the home of the…. The free booklet, which was developed with Skills Development Scotland, is available in Screwfix stores across Scotland. Screwfix said the…. The entrance is part of major enabling works associated with the Edinburgh St.

James Redevelopment Project. The new entrance…. Incorporating a range of two to five bedroom properties…. Engineering consultancy firm WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff has made two new appointments to its senior building services team in Scotland. Scott Baird, formally of Buro Happold, is taking on the role of technical director and…. The move is part…. This can include anxiety or depression and may lead to physical issues such as stomach ulcers…. The scheme involves building a 4km bypass and associated junctions to the east of Dalry and will connect….

Contractor Balfour Beatty can now start full construction of…. More than , UK construction workers are set to retire between and creating an urgent need to attract a new generation of construction professionals. Kier chief Haydn Mursell says business is resilient to any adverse…. The Chartered Institute of Building has developed a construction based computer game in a bid to attract the next generation of talent into the industry.

The construction to property company said Ms Baroudel, group director of strategy and operational performance at Aberdeen-based FirstGroup, will…. Gilkes Energy is pleased to announce that construction has started on 3 new hydro projects. The three projects, all located on the Attadale Estate near Loch Carron, are all different installed capacities and configurations: Strathan…. In a departure from the sector…. The restoration of the ft 18th century Pagoda, located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, will include….

The results have been revealed to mark National Women in Engineering day which celebrates the contribution of women to the engineering profession. A total of fifteen civil engineers were included in the list, thirteen of…. Costain is boosting its use of unmanned aerial vehicles to make sites safer and more efficient.

Drones have been used on several contracts and Costain is now looking to appoint a framework of specialist operators…. Chairman John Kirkland said the firm had benefitted from strong cash flow, allowing the…. The project is being delivered by Robertson Partnership homes. The apartment aparthotel, which…. This partnership closes a digital…. With more than 21, new jobs in the sector…. Woodlands View, located in Irvine, focuses on delivering inpatient and outpatient mental health care for adults; services…. The Scottish Government has pledged its support for renewable energy in the country by awarding a sum of money to the Carbon Trust.

Civil engineering specialist J Murphy and Sons has returned to profit after putting a loss-making contract behind it for a fat-fired combined heat and power project in Beckton, East London. The firm delivered an operating…. When complete, the Donside Hydro scheme will produce electricity to be sold to the national grid, generating…. The Chartered Institute of Building has created a clear route into membership for those with military experience, and is backing a cross-industry initiative to increase recruitment from the armed forces into the construction sector.

The enquiry will start this autumn once all schools hit…. In March, the Energy and…. The new Centre, on Drumby Crescent, will offer the…. Located around Longniddry Farm, to the south of the existing…. The new mile stretch of the road…. First phase proposals for the development, which will be built over three decades,…. NEW figures show employment in the Scottish construction fell by 1, during the first three months of the year. The decrease follows four consecutive quarters of employment growth last year.

Employment numbers in the sector…. Growth in apprenticeship numbers in Scotland could be scuppered unless the Scottish Government commits to ring-fencing the new UK-wide Apprenticeship Levy for training. Graham H. Chris Clarke View profile. Senior Representative Mitie View profile. Screwfix Stand B Adfil Stand C Rubberseal Ltd Stand C Turkey Red Media Stand B Tascomi Limited Stand B Radiodetection Pearpoint Stand C All About Bricks Stand C Environmental Essentials Limited Stand B Aarsleff Ground Engineering Stand C Taranto Stand B Cemfloor by McGraths Stand C Turnkey Instruments Ltd Stand B Minova UK Stand A Site Diary Stand B Fosroc Ltd Stand C3.

Highland Fuels Stand A Headland Archaeology Stand B Revizto Stand B Follow Us. The Nitodek FS system is a hybrid, fast… Read more. The free, two day event will… Read more. Mar 13 , Simulation Training the future of training If you want to experience how it really feels to work with a excavator, dumper or dozer, our simulator is the next best thing to actually sitting in the cab and operating a real machine,… Read more.

Mar 13 , How easily would you like to be able to conduct Inspections, Audits and Surveys on your site? It is the… Read more. After three years of careful planning, research and collaboration the Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World opened… Read more. The category A listed building is said to have been started in and has… Read more. Mar 08 , How using Scenario helped to save over a Million pieces of paper Inspections are a vital Quality Assurance function on any construction project.

It also exposes a level of… Read more. From wide format to 3D printers demonstrating how they can develop solutions to simplify the workflow… Read more. A… Read more. Feb 18 , Fascinating photos reveal life in Glasgow and Edinburgh during the 50s and 60s They are fascinating, shocking — and heart-breaking. The City Observatory, which comprised a… Read more.

In recent years, the Government has shown an increased… Read more. Feb 12 , Scottish-based consultancy practice ramps up growth plans as it expands engineering team Scottish-based company NIXON has expanded its growth plans as it opens in-house civil and structural engineering team. Feb 12 , Spantherm combines offsite efficiency with energy efficiency The discussion around skills shortages, build quality and site efficiency have been front and central to the offsite debate for several years now.

However, as more and more plots must now comply with the increased… Read more. The facility, which will be located in the Greenferns area on the western edge of Northfield near to Orchard Brae… Read more. Nov 30 , Art centre to open on Calton Hill in Edinburgh A new centre for contemporary art is to open at one of Edinburgh's most iconic sites. Collective - on Calton Hill - will include a new exhibition space and restaurant as well as the restored… Read more. Nov 30 , New taskforce begins mission to reduce vacant and derelict land The Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce has started the process of finding sites in Scotland with the best potential for development.

The award… Read more. The Victoria Infirmary, which opened to patients in and would become a major teaching hospital, finally closed in… Read more. The Glasgow-based firm will offer a range of exclusive properties as part of… Read more. Feb 19 , RBS and Bank of Scotland to dominate business agenda as they post results The Royal Bank's figures released on Friday are likely to contain a good measure of bad news caused by further repercussions of past misdeeds while Lloyds, parent of BoS, could outline a new strategic plan.

Feb 19 , Japan and Scotland have a long history and a glorious future Scotland is rightly proud of a small group of enterprising pioneers who played a key role in the industrialisation of Japan in the second half of the nineteenth century. Feb 19 , Insider names six new countries where Scotland will set up trade offices New outposts for Scottish Development International are to be announced shortly - but insider can tell you where, the banks facing the results 'music' this week, KPMG in Carillion spotlight, 'dark ages' interviewing of women… Read more.

Successful suppliers will deliver more than 1,… Read more. However, construction was down… Read more. It will take place at… Read more. Jan 17 , Industry experts join housing minister to promote offsite manufacturing A group of senior construction industry specialists met with housing minister Kevin Stewart MSP last week to discuss how they can work with the Scottish Government to grow the unique offsite manufacturing design and skill… Read more. The loan will provide the developer with an extended period to redevelop Belford and Douglas House… Read more.

Martin is widely experienced international sales specialist with over 17 years successful… Read more. Nov 14 , Constructionline Constructionline exists to help members simplify procurement tasks, reduce risk, keep pace with legislation and achieve more. Our enhanced offering extends our range of membership options to meet changing market demand, particularly in the management… Read more. Nov 14 , Construction National offer free subscription for Between now and the close of the Scotland Build Expo, Construction National - who are Media Partners for the event - are offering a free subscription to all four issues of the publication in… Read more.

The project, Jameson Gate, has been recently… Read more. In January , the Council made the… Read more. Nov 03 , UK construction activity rises slightly in October, but optimism falls to lowest for almost five years UK construction companies have signalled that business conditions remained subdued during October.

Moreover, the balance of… Read more.

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Nov 03 , Edinburgh must look beyond its boundaries to compete as a global city — Savills Edinburgh needs to re-align itself to focus more on opportunities outside its immediate boundaries in order to continue to meet the ever-growing demand for homes, offices and hotels and fully establish itself as a global… Read more.

The prestigious venue aims to open a hotel on the site on… Read more. The single-storey project will feature a sensory… Read more. Products to be showcased on the… Read more. Oct 31 , Barratt targets more Scottish development sites BARRATT Developments Scotland has confirmed the business is poised for further growth after acquiring ten new development sites with space for 1, new homes. The business said it plans to acquire a further eleven Scottish… Read more.

Oct 31 , Watch as construction work on huge 3-mile long tunnel underneath Glasgow is completed The sewer, which will improve river water quality, runs from Craigton to Queen's Park. Marie Macklin has been named business woman of the year at a ceremony to recognise the achievements of entrepreneurial… Read more. Oct 31 , UK housing starts track 10 high industry group LONDON Reuters - British construction companies applied to build the greatest number of new homes in a decade during the three months to the end of September, taking account of the time of year, industry… Read more.

Representatives from our technical teams will be present at Stand C34 where we will have examples of… Read more. The award-winning housebuilder issued the letter after its proposals for a premium residential development were… Read more. Oct 30 , Over new homes on track at new Midlothian community A trio of housebuilders have outlined plans to deliver more than new homes at the Shawfair community in Midlothian. If given the go-ahead, the Port of Leith Distillery will be the… Read more. The two firms who beat off a… Read more. In Dundee, the fit-out and… Read more. During the tender period, the contractor engaged the consultant to provide design consultancy services, for which they received a modest payment, with… Read more.

Sep 25 , New retail plans for former Angus school Plans have been lodged for a new retail development on the site of a former school in Carnoustie. Sep 25 , And finally… Is Scotland preparing for new wave of Scandi-style wooden homes? Housing and forestry… Read more. Releasing its audited accounts to March , the Stirling-based infrastructure, support services and construction group… Read more.

Figures released… Read more. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an early Neolithic structure believed to have been built by… Read more. Announcing its full-year results for the year to 30 June , the property, residential, construction and services group reported… Read more.

Sep 21 , Fire service and residents not told about combustible cladding on private Glasgow flats Combustible cladding has been found in some private high-rise properties in Glasgow but neither the owners, residents or the fire service have been informed, MSPs have been told. The sqm facility in Crathie has received planning permission with… Read more. Sep 21 , Galashiels tapestry visitor centre plans submitted The next step towards regenerating Galashiels has been made with the submission of a planning application to create the Great Tapestry of Scotland visitor centre.

The proposed visitor attraction at the former Post Office and… Read more. The… Read more. Only three others… Read more. Dumfries… Read more. The city-based developer has designed a mix of apartments with associated landscaping and parking creating… Read more. Sep 14 , Building Briefs — September 14th Work underway to create new central Glasgow office space Over 20, sq.

Works are… Read more. Pledging that the 15, capacity… Read more. The stadium, which… Read more. The Glasgow-headquartered housebuilder is hoping for permission to build 38 new homes at a four acre site in… Read more. The application includes plans for dwellings, landscaping and associated drainage and… Read more.

Sep 13 , Green light for Turriff affordable homes Plans to create a new neighbourhood of affordable homes in Turriff have been given unanimous approval by councillors. An economic impact assessment,… Read more. Revealing plans to go further than… Read more. The new building is positioned diagonally between the A-listed pair… Read more. Sep 11 , Can multigenerational living provide an opportunity for UK house builders?

Sep 11 , Construction innovation factory opens its doors A new Innovation Factory for the industry is opening today where construction companies can test new products and techniques. Anyone… Read more. The bus station will… Read more. Sep 08 , Starting orders for second phase of Laurieston regeneration Work is set to get underway on the next phase of regeneration at the award-winning Laurieston Living development in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.

The groundworks, drainage and concrete foundations for the energy centre are underway, with… Read more. Contractors are now on site to embark on the major, seven month transformation which… Read more. The development will be situated on land between Gartness Road and Blairessan House near Station Road and includes plans for… Read more. The announcements follow other recent key milestones for the new hospitals with the appointment of the design… Read more. Sep 06 , Corecut goes Forth after completing Queensferry Crossing work A Broxburn-based Diamond Drilling specialist has revealed that it drew upon almost the entire range of its services during a challenging six-year stint to deliver the record-breaking Queensferry Crossing.

Sep 06 , And finally… Lego launches model version of its new visitor centre Lego has unveiled a model set of its new Lego House to coincide with the opening next month. The opening ceremony marked the culmination… Read more. The Queensferry Crossing has… Read more. Sep 05 , Scottish clients failing to enforce supply chain payment Only a third of public sector contracting bodies in Scotland are meeting new public sector procurement rules to ensure prompt payment through the entire supply chain. Once complete the scheme will separate local road… Read more.

The University has identified a site on its Old Aberdeen campus for the building —… Read more. Sep 04 , Dundee city centre flats given green light Council planners in Dundee have approved proposals for more than two dozen flats and a ground level retail unit in the city centre. The proposed development at Trades Lane on the site of the former… Read more.

The Maybole Bypass notice, which outlines construction costs of approximately… Read more. The application sought permission to replace the existing bridge in order to meet the… Read more. A report set to be presented to councillors this week has detailed the amount provided by… Read more.

The new projects will see Jedburgh Intergenerational Campus replace… Read more. The new village, complete with 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes,… Read more. Based in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the developer will use the funding to further expand its residential investment… Read more. The State Cinema in Leith closed in and has since been used… Read more. Aug 23 , Blairgowrie affordable housing project makes history A property and investment firm claims it has become the first private property developer to receive affordable housing support from the Scottish Government.

Forming part of a major long-term planning strategy for the city, the report… Read more. Aug 22 , Clark Contracts Apprentice Intake Eleven new trade apprentices have started their careers with construction, refurbishment and maintenance contractor, Clark Contracts. Work has started on the three-story extension… Read more. Orchard Brae School will be a hub for best practice in supporting pupils with Additional Support… Read more. Almost… Read more. A portion of land next to the first hole has been put up for sale… Read more. Revenue… Read more. The scheme, which has been tipped to reduce journey times by up to 20 minutes and contribute more… Read more.

Revenue for the first half of… Read more. Aug 14 , Scots construction sector seeks to build up workforce The construction industry has launched an appeal for new talent as figures suggest that tens of thousands of workers are set to retire over the next decade. More than just your standard… Read more. Issued yesterday in the… Read more.

The project will involve the construction of a four kilometre bypass as… Read more. Jul 06 , Largest self and custom build report reveals six per cent industry growth A new market report, that is the largest of its kind, has revealed the self and custom build industry is growing at a rate of 6. Announced at its Awards Dinner in Edinburgh last night, the… Read more. East Renfrewshire councillors have given their backing to the development at Maidenhill, which is being built… Read more.

Designs by… Read more. Jun 05 , Bidders welcomed for A realignment project Transport Scotland has published a contract notice inviting bids from construction companies for an upgrade to the A The A Den Realignment project involves upgrades to approximately one km of the existing A between Beith… Read more. Jun 05 , Housebuilding helps drive construction growth to month high UK construction companies have reported an increase in business activity at the fastest rate for 17 months.

May 15 , Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and Considerate Constructors Scheme launch new initiative to support mental health agenda The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and the Considerate Constructors Scheme have launched a new initiative to help support the mental health agenda in the construction industry. Considerate Constructors Scheme registered sites, companies and suppliers can… Read more. In order… Read more. The Livingston-based company has built on its social housing successes by signing up with Link Group, Kingdom… Read more.

May 11 , A Dalry bypass contract to be awarded Transport Scotland intends to award a contract to construct the A Dalry Bypass to Farrans Roadbridge Joint Venture, subject to a mandatory standstill period. These complex works will include the construction of a four kilometre… Read more. Publishing their respective election manifestos the lobby groups… Read more. May 08 , Kit homes expansion set to drive business at architects AN architecture practice which designs kit homes based on a traditional Hebridean style has unveiled plans to more than double in size, and called for further automation in the construction industry.

Dualchas Architects was formed… Read more. May 05 , Planning bid for hundreds of homes in Peebles Plans have been submitted which could see the creation of about new houses in Peebles, 50 of which would be affordable. May 04 , Shieldhall Tunnel in Glasgow reaches half way stage Construction of the biggest waste water tunnel ever to be built in Scotland has reached the half-way stage. The Masterplan seeks to transform the Dunbeg Corridor area into a family orientated, vibrant and sustainable rural place… Read more. Transport for Scotland hopes to have the contract for the road upgrade from Luncarty to Pass… Read more.

Apr 10 , Construction output continues upward trajectory despite February dip Output in the UK construction sector fell in February with a 7. Sharp falls in infrastructure and as well as new… Read more. The SIG… Read more. Apr 06 , National Construction framework — Contract Award Following a rigorous procurement process, four highly regarded contractors, supported by an extensive local supply chain, have been appointed to lead the new National Construction framework.