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Trusting God is to believe God knows better than us, what is best for us. We must let go of our expectations, our plans, and allow God to take charge.

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God values us so highly we can follow Him without fear through any foggy day, winter storm or dark night of the soul. Doubt is the opposite of belief. It is having faith in someone who is reliable. Trusting God is to believe God knows better than us. You might have played it too. One person is blindfolded and has to rely on the verbal directions or physical touch of others pretending to guide them. Like me, upon the instructions of the group, you might have found yourself unknowingly putting your hands in ice water, stepping over an object you were told was large, when it was a penny, or the scary experience of falling forward to allow an opportunity for the team to catch you and protect you from harm.

Soon after the blindfold was removed, your trust in the members was as real as seeing them. In the same way, when we let go of our doubts, we turn to trust God. Our blindfold of doubt is removed. By choosing to trust God and rely on His strength, our faith in God becomes stronger.

When we submit, commit and relinquish, our open hand will be filled with His joy, peace and a deeper faith. By choosing to trust God, our faith becomes stronger. Fishlegs asks Hiccup, what happened to her, to which Hiccup responds that he does not know as they found her like this and that the stables were collapsing. Snotlout asks if Hookfang is okay, and Tuffnut asks if Barf and Belch are okay. Hiccup tells them that the dragons were spooked and they flew off, but he is sure they are okay and will be okay, and that right now he is worried about Astrid.

Snotlout responds noting that Toothless is there, so everything is peachy for Hiccup, before adding that it was an observation. Just then Astrid wakes up and calls out for Hiccup. Hiccup tells Astrid that she is okay and that he is right there.

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Astrid asks where and says that she does not see him and asks why everything is so dark in the clubhouse. Hiccup tells her it is not dark in the clubhouse. Astrid asks Hiccup was he is talking about and says it is pitch black. She continues by saying she can't see anyone and asks somebody to say something.

Tuffnut says that Astrid's hair looks nice, considering the fire and the debris. Hiccup tells the others that he wants to talk to her alone, and the other Riders leave. Astrid asks Hiccup about what is happening to her. Hiccup says that whatever it is he is sure it is temporary. He mentions that Bucket lost his sight and adds that he got it back. Astrid adds that Bucket wears a metal bucket on his head permanently. Hiccup then can't come up with what he is trying to say. Astrid replies that he knows what she is trying to do and that she appreciates it.

Hiccup tells Astrid that when there is a break in the storm they will fly to Berk and see Gothi , and then says that Astrid needs some rest. Astrid says no to that stating that they need to find Stormfly as she is out there all alone, and that all the dragons are. Hiccup tells her not to worry about that right now and just get some rest. Astrid asks Hiccup and Toothless to stay with her in the clubhouse until she falls asleep, to which Hiccup says he is not going anywhere.

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The next day, Tuffnut gives Astrid the Thorston Blind Field Test, ask who her who is standing in front of her, which Astrid obviously knows Tuffnut is standing in front of her, and Tuffnut incorrectly says Astrid is fine. Astrid tells everyone that they can't worry about her right now as they need to worry about their dragons, mentioning that they are still out there and are obviously scared or else they would have come back. Hiccup replies saying that Astrid has a point and that they need to round up the dragons before the next storm hits.

Hiccup then tells Astrid that he and Toothless will find Stormfly and not to worry. Astrid replies that she is not going to be left at the clubhouse. Hiccup tells her that her coming with him and Toothless is not an option. Astrid says she is more effective blind than some certain dragon riders are who are fully sighted. Hiccup tells her that he is putting his foot down, saying that there is no way she can fly in her condition.

Right after that the scene changes to Astrid riding on Toothless with Hiccup, and Hiccup whispers to Toothless to remind him to never put his foot down again. Astrid tells Hiccup that she can hear him and that she agrees. In a gust of wind, Astrid starts falling backward off of Toothless, and Hiccup grabs her to stop her from falling off of Toothless, and tells Astrid that she has to hold on tighter. Astrid tries to apologize, but Hiccup tells her that she does not need to apologize, and tells her that he his actually glad that she is here with him.

Elsewhere on the island Fishlegs is looking for Meatlug , and carrying bauxite, and hears a dragon and thinks it is Meatlug. He discovers that it is actually Hookfang. When Fishlegs tells Hookfang that it is time to get back to the Edge, Hookfang lights his body on fire, and Fishlegs now knows what it is like to be Snotlout.

Fishlegs tries to tell Hookfang everything will be fine but Hookfang strikes him and knocks him into a rock, and Fishlegs says that he now really knows what it is like to be Snotlout. Meanwhile, Ruffnut is leading a blindfolded Tuffnut, who asks why he is blindfolded.

Ruffnut tells him that we are now living with a blind person and that they owe it to her to offer their services as "seeing eye Vikings". Ruffnut then tells Tuffnut to come to the sound of her voice and keeps telling him he has a little further to go. Ruffnut moves out of the way and Tuffnut goes so far that he falls off a cliff, and lands on Meatlug. Meanwhile, Snotlout is looking for Hookfang on another part of the islands.

He calls out for Hookfang and hears some rustling thinking it Hookfang but it is actually Barf and Belch, who charge right at him and knock him over. The scene returns to Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless who are looking for Stormfly. Hiccup suggests following the stream down towards the beach but Astrid says they should go upstream since Stormfly would be trying to find her way back to the Edge. As Astrid heads that direction she trips over a rock and Hiccup dives after her and catches her, landing in an awkward position with Hiccup on top of Astrid with their faces not so far from each other.

Astrid and Hiccup then stand back up, and Astrid then hears something, and it turns out to be her dragon Stormfly. Shortly after reuniting with Stormfly, Astrid hears something coming from above and the Triple Stryke appears and attacks. Buy As Gift.

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Overview Adrianna and her new boyfriend, Kurt, have been upping the ante in clubs with their friends. All Adrianna knows is that it makes the nights more fun when they get home, there is no harm in a little harmless flirting is there? They had gone out dancing with his friends, everyone was so nice to her even though she was the new girl in the group.

The short skirt with thigh highs earned her plenty of admiring stares. Her tight tank top was too small; she was spilling out of the top of it.

Blindfolded to Belief

That earned plenty of stares, as well as jealous looks from the women. She knew from past experiences that the sexier she dressed in public the hotter the sex would be when Kurt dragged her home from the club early. Adrianna loved the fact that the relationship was still in the beginning phase, the sex was incredible.