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The hippie would remain calm, with his half-smile and legs crossed one on top of the other, as if welcoming them. The hippie left us a few weeks ago. We planted a small tree on top of his grave and said our goodbyes when he could no longer hear us.

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Then, we went walking along the main road where we live and we saw two people on the grass, helping someone. It was a puppy who had been run over by some car a few days ago.

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We decided to take him back to our yard and give him first aid to then take him to the vet. Operations for animals and people are too expensive right now. I remember being in my flat, coming up with the chorus, which was catchy and anthemic.

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So I took it into rehearsals, and I picked up the electric guitar. It was recorded in Dublin with producer Stephen Street, who spent a long time working on getting the guitar settings right to give a suitably expansive sound.

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We were Irish and from Limerick, and we had a lot of our own ideas. A lot of the grunge bands were very similar to each other.

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Equally important to the success of the track, released as a single, in the MTV The Irish band had already enjoyed success with their sweet ballads, but this storming left-turn, an incendiary, furious track about the bombings in Northern Ireland, made them massive. The Cranberries Zombie era was the accompanying video, in which the singer was painted gold and surrounded by silver-painted cherubs.

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  • He was telling me how tense it was and how he was blown away by the whole thing. He got footage of the kids jumping from one building to another, and he got a lot of footage of the army. He was a very good director. Released in , Zombie went to No.

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