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Injured (A Vampire's Obsession - Part 8)

USD 4. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Chloe Kallistrate is a Vampire Hunter. The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is a novella series with six parts. The Arcadia Falls Chronicles Currently ten books is the continuation of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter story and contains the same characters, as well as following the same story line. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The Hunters have arrived in New Orleans. This time, the group faces their most dangerous This time, the group faces their most dangerous battle yet … to kill one of the oldest vampires left on earth and eradicate her bloodline.

But first they need to find her. After the View Product. The Hunters have returned home from Greece and are suddenly faced with new challenges as The Hunters have returned home from Greece and are suddenly faced with new challenges as the vampire supporters continue to rise up. Gavin is happy to be back, but when he opens the door to a red headed Hunter who declares Sometimes your past is the only thing that can help you move forward. Tragedy has driven Tragedy has driven Sasha to the small town of Lost Lake.

The place where she spent her childhood summers swimming, soaking up the sun and exploring, was now Some bonds reach beyond the realms. Until one day, a cosmic event When the Warrior Angel healed You almost didn't dare to believe your eyes. Your voice no longer sounded neither evil nor hateful, instead it sounded rather shocked and in slight awe, as if you thought this was just an illusion. But where are you? I don't remember you being this blood thirsty. I thought I taught you better than that. But how? He hadn't aged a day of course, with his hazel colored eyes glimmering as they always had done, and his golden mixed dirty blonde hair swaying in the wind the way it always had.

He hadn't changed a bit except for the. Reader Part 11 There right in the middle of the backyard's garden, were you. But something was off about you. They were a cold and unforgiving color of bright red, and your pupils were now only mere slits. But what was most prominent in your change was your facial expression. It was contorted and twisted. The kind and warm expression you usually wore was now replaced by a cold, hateful, unrecognizing and evil look.

Your jaw was clenched tightly in your rage, revealing your lengthened fangs and you let out a dark and low growl between your clenched teeth. This shall be the last time you rid me of my home and what I hold dear! Your voice, dripping with hate, surprised him. This wasn't the [Name] he had come to know. What happened? Were you so stricken by.

But it was a little difficult to drop everything they used to believe in and take in this new information that he introduced them to. Their previous beliefs of vampires just being a myth were shattered into million pieces, and the image of them being nothing but blood sucking monsters who were mindless slaves to their own blood thirst were crumpled to dust and scattered with the wind. So you can say they were a little overwhelmed to say the least.

Then as the others had gone off into separate directions to let the information sink in, leaving only Antonio and Ludwig with Feliciano. Romano x Enchantress! Reader Part 9 About a week later Romano found you going through the different shelves and cabinets that are in the room, looking like you're searching for something specific, and you that you have a slightly distressed look on your face.

See a Problem?

We have almost no food left. And those are items you cannot get in a normal store. You had been to your special stash where you stored certain herbs, liquids and. Reader Part 8 The next morning Romano woke up to the feel of a familiar cold hand combing through his hair. The coldness of the hand immediately gave you away as the culprit. He had long ago gotten used to the coldness of your body and wasn't disturbed by it anymore, so he gave slight sigh of satisfaction at the feeling of having your hand weaving through his hair.

He tiredly forced one eye open. You always gave him that smile when he woke up — the smile that only spoke the language of kindness and affection. To vampires human fo. Reader Part 10 You sat in front of the remains of what used to be your castle, still in shock. You couldn't believe it. You home had once again been taken from you. You wished for it to be a dream, even though you very well knew that vampires neither did nor could sleep. In your grief you couldn't even pick up the absence of Romano's and Feliciano's scents among the debris and rubble.

The absence that indicated that they had not been in the mansion when it burned down. However even if you had picked it up it probably wouldn't have made any difference. As the night progressed you felt your grief turn into raging wrath and hate. Hate towards these humans who had once again taken everything from you. Your principles were long forgotten and cast aside as the insane rage took over your mind.

You had not done anything the previous times, but this time you would have your revenge! Your blood ached for the long overdue revenge against the humans who had wronged you so during your long life. This time. Reader Part 7 When Romano woke up the next morning he also felt strangely cold through his entire body for unknown reasons, but mostly he felt utterly and thoroughly confused, but What were those pictures he had seen?

Were they really your memories or what were they? He didn't know and couldn't quite tell. Maybe it had just been a dream?

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But it seemed too real and unrelated to him to be a dream. He looked around in the room and was then even more surprised when he did not find you in his room waiting for him with a smile on your face. Why were you not there? You were always there when he woke up in the morning — always — so you two could have a small chat in the morning, before truly starting the day, so when he couldn't find you there he became worried.

He quickly got out of bed to search for you. When he stepped out of his room he ran into a hexed Feliciano, who had a dazed smile on his overall dazed face. Judging by the state of his brother Romano quickly assumed you had alread. He saw you regain your true smile you hadn't been able to muster in years. He also saw your friendship with the man grow to an almost parent-child relationship.

How he changed from a friend to a father-figure to you. He was still unable to do anything but observe and it really started to get on his nerves. He wanted to help change your past, but there was nothing he could do. He was there to listen to me, and I was there to listen to him. We became each others' new family. But then one day, everything changed. That is why my complexion is so pale, why I have fangs, and why I am so cold.

Blood ties Bite scene

You were too stunned for words. He finally tol. Reader Part 5 When you entered Romano's room again you found him sitting in one of the recliners in front of a lit fireplace, staring into the fire.


The fire reflected beautifully in his already blazing autumn eyes as he sat there staring. He didn't even seem to notice your entrance, not that you were surprised. You silently took a seat in the recliner in front of Romano's own. You crossed your legs and placed your hands in your lap. You just sat there and admired the handsome Italian's features in light of the warm flames. You loved the way his skin glowed in the orange light of the fire, and how his eyes seemed to blaze even more.

His hair gained a different luster as well, and in the light of the welcoming flames he seemed so much more approachable than he normally did. You allowed yourself a small affectionate smile to grace your lips. Eventually though you decided it was time you announced your presence, and catch the attention of your Italian companion. You deemed that you had put this off lon. View Gallery. Reader Part 4 When the others awoke the next morning they found that the house felt strangely cold and empty.

They soon found the reason for that though, or rather there was something they couldn't find that made them realize why the house was suddenly lacking so much warmth. I can't find Feli anywhere! But where could he have gone?! Now both Italian brothers have disappeared! You guys recruit more people to the search! Reader Part 3 You arrived in another vacant, and classy room, a few rooms down from Romano's, which would be Feliciano's room.

You were still at his neck, but sucked gently so you wouldn't drain or hurt him. When you decided you had had gotten enough for the night, which wasn't all that much, you let him go and gently lowered him down on the big bed that was in the room. Feliciano looked at you with wide eyes ah he had the same amber orbs as his brother , he seemed to have slightly broken out of your spell, but you just smiled gently to him to show that you were done and that you had no intentions of harming him more.

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However he is recruiting this very moment. Reader Part 2 Romano woke up a few hours later, with his mind clear and no more fog clouding it, but he was still very groggy. He opened his eyes and looked around. He sat up to get a better view of where he was and found that he was in an unfamiliar, but grand, and dark room. Where was he? How did he get there? And why was there a slight stinging pain in his neck? He had no clue whatsoever. Her face was a carving of perfection and so was her body. Chapter after Chapter by sweetheartnicole Romano X Enchantress! He placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder and sat down beside you.

As Vlad sat down he tried to give off a sense of serenity and peace, so as to not disturb your thought gathering. He knew all of this was a lot to take in and that you would need time to adjust and get used to it, he just hoped you wouldn't reject it or him. You turned your gaze to Vladimir and sent him a grateful look as you continued to gather and sort your feelings. All of it was so overwhelming and confusing.

One part of you was thrilled to have your family and more back, another was simply confused to why it took so long for them to return, and yet another part was angry over the fact that none of them had tried to contact you earlier. Then there was this part of you that worried about whether or not you'd actually be able to turn Romano into your kin or not.

You had never turned a hum. Reader Part 1 You were a vampire, but a lonely vampire. You sought attention, love and affection, which was something you could gain easily, but not the kind that you sought. The attention and love you sought was the real, genuine one. Not the hexed and created one. You had lived for several centuries, forever trapped in the body of a 21 year old, but those centuries had been empty and lonely. You wanted and longed for a mate, someone who loved you for you, and someone who understood you.

But that was something you thought by now you would never get. The one who turned was long gone, and you did not know of any other nearby vampires. The only ones you knew of lived far away and were not the type you yearned for. They were arrogant, thought only of themselves and saw others as slaves. You wanted compassion and love. You wanted to be looked upon as an equal, not a slave. You were more than a simple piece of meat to be fought over. You had feelings and emotions, you weren't a stone or any other inanima.

Romano X Tomboy! Only One. Ch It was a nice morning. The birds were singing. He caught it with ease and casually threw it somewhere. Lovinos face went red as he looked at what you were wearing. A comfy tee shirt with sleep shorts. Me and you are going on a job. Oh yeah by the way, where we're going. Your going to need something designer.

Hetalia by rosabunie Papa! Romano x Child! Reader Part 9 Lovino blinked. She died giving birth to me, and so daddy gave me the blame for her death. Your birthday was nearing and you were very excited about it, and you had planned to ask daddy if you could visit mommy's favorite park for your birthday. You searched the house and when you reached the attic you found something. Little did you know that it was your dead mommy's engagement ring and her old hat that she loved to wear every summer. You were thrilled at your. Reader Part 8 There's slight language Seriously I'm getting tired of writing this warning over and over!

This is Romano, cussing is to be expected! No likey, no read! It can't get any simpler than that! The moment Romano neared his house he knew something was wrong. He saw that the door was open, when it was supposed to be closed and locked, and it looked like it had been forcefully opened from the outside. Like from a strong kick or a tackle. Romano felt himself freeze in fear and concern. What about [Name]?! Was she okay?!

He sped up and quickly parked the car in front of the house then he rushed in. When he entered, the first thing he saw was you lying bloodied and bruised on the floor and a man hovering above you, tracing patterns on your stomach with a sharp knife. He acted fast and quickly went over to where you were and sent the man flying into a wall, knocking him out, with a powerful kick.

Then he swiftly knelt down by you and took your shivering and frail form in his arms. He ca. Reader Part 2 Warning: Strong Language, but come on! This IS Romano we're talking about! You sat and inspected the room. It was quite big and spacious. The walls were covered by yellow wallpaper with tomatoes on them, on the floor laid a quite big red carpet, and there was a large window one of the walls which faced the backyard.

By the window stood a simple desk and a chair. While you were inspecting the room, the scent of food hit you. You sniffed it and it smelt delicious. Your mouth began to water. You stumbled out of bed only to hit the floor with a loud "thump". Your head hurt even worse now. You heard loud stomping outside the door, and soon Lovino was in the door with a worried expression on his face when he saw you.

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He quickly came over to you and knelt down before you. View More. More from DeviantArt Mafia! She was the twin but she didnt look like her sister. Haley was gentle and poised. She was a dangerous and lethal. So different. I stood up and tossed my cash on the table before leaving. I walked into the night air. Name probably left in her car leaving me with out a ride. I crossed the street to see a car just like hers parked in the exact same spot. It even had the same license plate and everything. It is her car. Guess who has to pay for that?!

I grabbed the parking ticket and started to crumple it up. I looked down at the crumpled ball to see 'Ivan' in bold letters. It's a note. I smoothed out the paper until I could read it. It went strait to voicemail.