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Ok, remember the snazzy reviews you got when you gave New York Times, HuffPost, and your favorite influencers a sneak peek? Try adding some at the beginning and the middle of your video trailer! In order to do that, simply select your footage, click the Text button right beside the Video on the far left-hand side of the editor, and type in the review. Just like before, pick some more content for your synopsis. Are you discussing running through the woods with a big sword?

In our case, we added some quotes from the book co-authors. For your video trailer, make sure to take a nice picture of the book. Take a nice picture of the book cover in a suitable environment.

7 Reasons Why Writers Need To Start Using Video For Book Promotion

Do you want them to head over to the local bookstore or perhaps download a Kindle version? Whatever your call to action might be, make sure to include it in the video trailer for your book. Add music, desired text effects, play around with the colors or add a video filter. Get inspired and make your next trailer a hit! She gets the point across. Overall, the trailer is a tremendous success! Forgetting this was done for a school project, the creator does a great job of communicating impactful, powerful facts alongside a compelling story arc. We also appreciated the touch of color in the title.

Adds a significant impact! This last book trailer is professionally done, not by a film student, or someone in highschool, but by Disney! The warm footage with minimal dialogue is mysterious, and tantalizing! It creates just the desired effect an author would want. I guess we have to read to find out! Blog Video Marketing.

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How to make a storyboard for a video in 6 steps Video Marketing How To. Video also expands your exposure to video-driven sites. And lastly, what better tool could there be to show Hollywood that your book would make a great movie?

In addition, videos can range from live action to animation to a collage of images set to music. It encompasses the things that all bad videos struggle with. Like this one, most bad book trailers just feature a copy and paste the back cover and book cover with music. It also includes these additional problems:.

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For more good videos, visit trailershelf. In summary, good video leverages video as a visual, cinematic tool, a way to translate the narrative of the book into moving images to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Instead, they try to cut and paste the book onto video, which makes the experience flat, and unintentionally humorous or just plain painful to watch. The key is to tease the audience, to communicate emotion without giving too much away. No matter what your budget or scope of the video is, it should follow certain steps to proper execution:.

Reasons Why Authors Should Consider A Book Trailer

What are the stakes? Will it be a book trailer or author video? Live action, animation, documentary style, found footage, or a collage of images set to music? Looking for a literary agent or wondering who to contact at a specific publication? Search WritersMarket. Your script will be your creative blueprint and also define your budget.

  • What Should a Trailer Include??
  • Titanic: The Untold Tale of Gay Passengers and Crew.
  • The Thief of Todays and Tomorrows.
  • Erzählte Bilder und deren Zeit(en) in Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften (German Edition).
  • Causa y garantía fiduciaria (Spanish Edition);

Keep it short—the ideal length for a video is seconds. Write out the action and dialogue. What do we see and hear? Line items you might spend money on are videography, equipment, editing, sound design, stock images, video and music, a voice over artist, a producer, locations, etc.