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I started looking for the best and not the worst. I stopped dwelling on the negative. It was up to me.

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As she began to discover her own identity, she started to like herself and value what she had to offer the world. I wanted to be a counselor. Three days a week, she delivered lunches to local businesses.

Despite having no restaurant experience, she was determined. No one was going to keep her from making her dream come true. Her brothers and nephews helped her take down wallpaper and paint the inside. She bought cups, plates, pots and pans at yard sales, and found used tables and chairs.

18 Ways You Destroy Your Chances At Having The Love You Truly Deserve

In October of , she opened her restaurant. A reporter from the Montgomery Advertiser insisted on doing a story about it, and Martha finally relented. She has spoken to churches and at conferences in 41 states. I know that sounds like a pipe dream, but you can do it easily through a group of overlooked investments called closed-end funds CEFs. Right now there are 3 CEFs that invest in the same mid-cap and large-cap stocks that are driving this booming stock market. Plus they pay dividends up to 5.

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So our next step is simple: target the funds with the strongest discounts and the most promise, thanks to their portfolio makeup. Lately, the fund has made a big shift toward top-flight tech stocks like Apple , Intel , Lam Research and eBay, all of which are now top holdings. The real story is that the market has sleepwalked right past this change, leaving DNI trading at a whopping A Second Chance! A Second Chance , Jason Summers 6.

Here's Your Second Chance To Get In On The Market Rally

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