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Use a fun, upbeat song for this game. Remember that by buying our material you'll help us create more and better resources! Variation 1 - for speaking practice and groups of 10 or less: Scatter lots of flashcards face down on a large table or several small tables pushed together. Use as many flashcards as you like, but you need at least one per student.

Make sure all the chairs are out of the way! Play some fun music and children dance around the table, moving in the same direction. When you stop the music they pick up the card nearest to them and hold it up in the air. Ask them each in turn to say the word they have. They then place the cards back on the table face down and continue to dance around until you stop the music again. Variation 2 - for listening practice and groups of 11 or more: Play the game as in variation 1, except that when you stop the music and the children pick up the card nearest to them, call out one or two of the flashcard words.

The students who have those cards hold them up. Ask them to repeat the word, or use the word in a sentence eg. If none of the children hold up a card check that none of them have it, and say another word. Afterwards they place the cards back on the table face down and continue to dance around until you stop the music again.

Practices: visual and auditory memory skills, speaking and pronunciation, listening comprehension. This is a good game for listening and memory, and is a great way to review vocabulary! If you have more than 10 children divide them into smaller groups and use a duplicate set of flashcards for each group.

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Stick some flashcards on the wall, or line them up on the floor or a table. Have the children stand in a line. Choose a word and whisper it to the first student. That student then whispers it to the next student and so on. The child at the end of the line must run and bring you the correct flashcard. Repeat, making sure to rotate the children in the line so that they all have a chance to find a card. If you want to make the game more difficult, or practise specific structures, you could say a short sentence containing the word, e. However, I would advise you to do this only when the children have a good grasp of the key vocabulary.

It's better to keep it simple at first, particularly with younger children, to ensure that they don't mispronounce the words too much. That way the game is a great way to get lots of repetition and language practice! For 3 - 4 year olds: use 6 - 12 flashcards. For 5 - 7 year olds: use 8 - 20 flashcards. Practices: visual and auditory memory skills, concentration, listening comprehension, speaking and pronunciation. This is a simple twist on the classic Simon Says game.

Children are so enthusiastic about running to touch the flashcard that they often get caught out when you don't say "Simon Says"! It's also great for developing listening skills and following instructions! Backs to the Board Game: This one is good for higher level kids. Make two teams and stand one S from each team in front of the board, facing away from it. Place a flashcard picture on the board e.

First show a flashcard to S1. The person who gets the most points is the winner. This can also be played in teams. Basketball Card Line-Up: This game is like basketball game but more educational. Place 2 lines of several cards. You need 2 players and a basket far away. To shoot the basket from far away is hard so the players need to say the card and make their way closer and closer to the basket. When they feel that they can throw and hit the basket, they make their attempt. Make a grid. The size of the grid depends on the number of students and the time limits of the class.

Fun Flashcard Game (Any Kind of Flashcards)

Bean Bag Toss: Lay out flashcards face down up the floor. Students toss the bean bag and identify the flashcard it lands on. Submitted by Betty. Catch me if you can: Have students sit in a circle. After reviewing the chosen set of flashcards, place them in a pile in the center of the circle. Take the first card and show it to everybody. Have one student walk around the outside of the circle saying words from the specific subject — like fruits or days - while touching each student's of the circle on the head.

When the "magic" word is said, the student whose head is touched at that time, must stand up and chase the student who touched them around the circle. The first one to sit in that spot remains seated and chooses the next "magic" word. The student standing begins again; "Sunday The S then acts out that word and the first S to guess can be the next player. This works very well with action verbs. Concentration: You need 2 sets of flashcards for this game.

Place both sets face down on the floor. Students take turns in turning over 2 cards saying the cards aloud. If the cards match then the S keeps the cards. If the cards are different the cards are turned back over again in their original places. The S with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.

Concentration 2: Level: requires basic reading. Make a set of cards. On half of them put a picture of a theme related subject for example body parts, food, furniture etc on the other half put the word relating to each picture ex. Laminate if possible.

41 Flash Card Activities

Place all cards face down on the table. The first player turns two at a time or three for the very young over to match the word to the picture. If it matches the player can keep the pair if not, the cards are returned and then next player goes. These cards can also be used so that a child or team simply matches the words to the pictures. Cross the River : Place flashcards on floor in winding manner. Worksheets for ESL Kids.

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All worksheets are made specifically for teaching English to children. Place flashcards on the board and number them. Divide class into 2 to 4 teams. Then ask, "What's picture number 3?

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You can also say the vocabulary word and have students point instead of speak if their are younger or at a more basic level. Submitted by Tania Bibbo. Easy Hard: You need at least 20 cards to play which you divide into 2 piles face down: An Easy and a Hard pile. Give each team 50 points from beginning. Pick a student and ask if they would like an easy or a hard card, also ask how many points they would like to risk on knowing the answer: Easy and Hard Fast as rabbits: Teacher puts some flashcards on the board.

Then a pair of students go to the board facing the flashcards. Teacher says words from the flashcards and the 2 children must touch the correct flashcard as fast as they can. The winner is who touches more flashcards first. Submitted by Paco Santos Juanes. Fish: Before this game you need to have the students in pairs draw and cut out a picture of a fish for each pair. While they are doing that put 2 parallel lines of tape on the floor a few meters apart.

Have students play in twos - each student behind a different line. Teacher shows S1 a flashcard and asks what it is. Next, Teacher asks S2. The S who blows the fish over the tapped line is the winner. Flashcard Fun: Hold up a flashcard and elicit the answer from a S. Students can win the flashcard if they answer correctly. The S with the most flashcards at the end is the winner.

Four Corners: Teacher hangs a flashcard 4 in total in all 4 corners of the room. At the count of ten, the S in the middle shouts "STOP" and picks one corner by naming it's corresponding flashcard. The students in that corner are "out" and must sit down. Submitted by Sister Soco. All lesson plans are made specifically for teaching English to children. They are also accompanied by lots of materials. Give Me Game: You can use with flashcards or objects.

Elicit the different flashcards you have. Then place all the flashcards around the classroom. Once the students have collected the flashcards they'll probably do their best to hide them in their pockets, etc. Avoid having the flashcards thrown back to you as they can go anywhere and takes a long time to finish this game. Submitted by Nagwa. Hint Animal Game: As a review of animals flashcards, teacher holds some cards without showing any to the students. Then the teacher tells the kids that they are going to receive 3 hints, so they need to listen carefully.

For example: 1. I am yellow. I have long hair. I am strong.


Who am I? Well, a lion of course! You can make it in deferent levels depending on how much English you use or which vocab you use. Jump On It: Spread out flashcards on the floor and have students stand at one end of the room. Shout out a card and the students have to find the card and jump on it. The first S to do this wins a point. Variation: Make 2 teams for a relay race. Vellom Word Families - Set 2. Most gifted Previous page.

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