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He has played in heaps of original and cover bands, performing at venues including Crown Casino, The Espy, at the Frankston Guitar Festival and a plethora of pubs and clubs around town. Also spending some of his spare time as Musical Director for a couple of theatre companies, he is a musician with an awesome reputation around the Melbourne music scene.

The 'Jersey Boys' perform a medley of their songs live on QVC!

Richard's Gangsters name 'Bugsy' was chosen for no real reason other than it sounds good. Hot Gangsta guitar riffs and rich soundscapes are his thing!! Derek had been running with this motley band of … well actually, when you look at them, they are just that, a motley band! It is a cleverly written, witty and a realistic look at modern gay life in NYC. Made as a TV series for mature audiences , there is some frontal nudity and depictions of sex.

The acting from the two stars, Marc Sinoway and Ben Bauer is excellent. One reviewer says that the show is gratuitous and even offensive because of the way it depicts gay men in New York but since I have never been a New Yorker, I cannot comment on that. I am actually interested in the entertainment value and in that I found the show to be just fine.

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We do see how stupid and irrational people find themselves in different uncomfortable situations and the shallowness of society is evident everywhere in the show. Without words they fight, find love, have extremely explicit sex and dance. We see actual ex going on here in this film that is part performance piece. I had the impression that everything has great meaning but I have no idea what that is. This is a silent film that is totally ambiguous but beautiful to watch. One of the men admits that he is gay and there is an awkward silent with the other man having gay sex yet remaining in the closet and ultimately feeling guilty about what he has done.

The ending is a shocker. I felt like a voyeur peeking at an intimate moment between two strangers at a construction high-rise somewhere in Mexico.

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The interaction between two exotically handsome men in their twenties is filmed so that it captures the essence of sexuality as they apprehensively explore their sexual prowess for one another. Hernandez manages to maintain the sensual and erotic exchange between the two actors by arcing around his subjects and capturing sensitively the intense moments of their sexual exploration. Hernandez achieved this by keeping it simple, real and believable and graphically honest.

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Huestis has a thesis, that sex is going to be with us, so how best do we embrace it? There are 15 subjects, archival footage, clips from porn films, and looks at men loving men. When it was released, the film was met with popular and critical acclaim throughout the U.

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Many claimed to never having seen anything like it before. It also takes a stand in defense of life over death as it offers a vivid chronicle of gay life before and after the virus.

This documentary covers the whole fascinating spectrum of what sex means in gay society. We see the dichotomies of different stories as it weaves a whole patchwork of the makings of a community from the personal to the political. What makes the commentary interesting is not only its diversity but that each commentator tells us about some piece of ourselves. By including people of all ages, we learn something of our history something which the current generation seems to be interested in forgetting.

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Occasionally throughout we get clips of grainy gay porn and the men interviewed hold nothing back. The language and sexual talk is frank. Watching it today, I see that it has lost its shock value but it is still a fascinating film. Getting Married.

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She wants to count too. Living with HIV Musically. We see that life can be good even when someone is HIV positive.

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Merce is a modern HIV story. Visit us at www. And he's not doing it just for the money… Roland learns in less than a week's time that his future can still hold both earth-shattering sex and a love of real substance. About Riverdale Avenue Books Riverdale Avenue Books is an award-winning, innovative hybrid publisher at the leading edge of the changes in the publishing industry. This contest expired on Friday, Sep 21, Click here for other contests to enter.