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Women are more likely than men to feel cold all the time.

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One reason for this is because women have a lower resting metabolic rate. And for reasons still not fully understood, research suggests that women have a naturally lower cold tolerance. Below are some potential reasons you may always feel cold. Some people who feel a permanent cold sensation just feel cold all over. Others have symptoms from the underlying cause. And some have symptoms independent of a potential cause for feeling cold. These independent causes may include:.


Always feeling cold has many potential causes, which have different symptoms. Some are minor annoyances while others may be a sign of a serious underlying condition. Causes include:. It can become serious if not treated. Atherosclerosis is when your blood vessels narrow because of plaque buildup.

There are several different types, but peripheral artery disease — the narrowing of arteries that carry blood to your limbs, organs, and head — most commonly causes a cold feeling. When the blood comes back, the area turns red and often throbs. Diabetes can cause kidney and circulation issues that make you feel cold. If not treated properly, it can also cause nerve damage that makes you feel cold, particularly in your feet. Type 2 diabetes is more likely than type 1 diabetes to cause a cold feeling. Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight, an abnormally low body weight, and a distorted perception of your own weight.

People with anorexia usually severely restrict their food intake.

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Low body weight is a body mass index BMI below Sometimes, low body weight is due to an underlying cause, such as hyperthyroidism. In these cases, other symptoms will match the cause. Low body weight can also cause a weakened immune system, nutritional deficiencies , and fertility issues , especially in women.

Poor circulation is when you have reduced blood flow to your limbs. B is a vitamin people generally get through eating animal products. It most commonly affects people who:. Feeling cold all the time is a potential side effect of beta blockers. These medications treat high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. Other symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Depending on your other symptoms, you may also get blood tests to check your red blood cell levels, blood glucose , and thyroid hormone. Doctors will usually treat the condition underlying your persistent cold feeling.

Potential treatments for different conditions include:. If your cold intolerance has been going on for a long time, you should be checked by a doctor. You should also see a doctor if you have other symptoms with your cold sensation, including tingling in your hands or feet, extreme fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. If you have symptoms of diabetes , hypothyroidism , or anemia , you should see a doctor. A word that can potentially be wrong, but not all the time.

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A word that can easily confuse people because how it's defined. There are always exceptions. I will always love you!?!? A vague and sarcastic response used to neutralize any statement that can be interpreted as sarcastically-attacking or passive aggressive regarding either you or what you represent. A useful response to questions or statements when the answer is yes or no.

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It works two-fold as an enhanced replacement for yes or an incredibly sarcastic replacement for no. A great way to take a compliment.

Fuck you guys, I'm going to home. Deon: Always..

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I will love you always. Always: for a week or less -Clearance Herron. Boy : I will always love you Girl: really?

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How long I want to be with you, make believe with you and live in harmony harmony oh love. Song by Erasure. Girlfriend: "How long do you want to be with me, make believe with me and live in harmony? MedFet