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The Wild Hunt A modern Pagan perspective. Yet, he played a central role in m Agony and Hope. But what does kindness actually mean? Bracing Views. Astore Ten years ago, I gave a talk on the ideal of citizen-soldiers and how and why America had drifted from that ideal. As war looms on the horizon Andrew Batson's Blog. A European inspiration for Chinese decentralization - A lot happened in China in , the year conventionally used as the starting point for the reform era.

One of the many fascinating events of that year was The Unz Review:. No rhyme or a Fredrik deBoer. Chicago Boyz. A US political thought experiment - Resolved: The US needs at least two political parties that can reliably be trusted to hold power without driving the US constitutional settlement into a di International Liberty.

The Destructive Economics of Wealth Taxation - I wrote five years ago about the growing threat of a wealth tax. Some friends at the time told me I was being paranoid. The crowd in Washington, they assur Coordination Problem. What is Heterodox Economics and what is its relationship to Mainline Economics? It was a great meeting if you ask me, but also The next 3 years will definitely be interesting - [Before starting, let me point to a very interesting new working paper at Mercatus, by Robert Hetzel.

He was somehow able to preserve his monetarist persp Minding The Campus. A Better Way to Solve the Student Loan Crisis - Skin in the game for student loans, the idea that colleges should face financial consequence when their students default, is gaining momentum in policy d Esperanto, money's interval of certainty, and how this applies to Facebook's Libra - Facebook recently announced a new cryptocurrency, Libra.

I had earlier speculated about what a Facebook cryptocurrency might look like here for Breakerma Climate Etc. The Electric Agora. Most of the time I think the received wisdom on most subjects — be Alexander Boot. Edward Feser. Daily Nous. Darwinian Conservatism by Larry Arnhart.

The Rotten Heart Of Europe

Libra: not a good idea - I present some objections in The Atlantic. Rationalist Judaism. HaRav HaRasha, Shlita - Back in , Rav Aharon Feldman wrote that the ban on my books was "probably the public issue most damaging to the honor of Torah and to its leaders in re Armed and Dangerous.

A libertarian rethinks immigration - Instapundit recently linked to an article at the libertarian Reason magazine with a premise I found — considering the authors and the magazine — surprising Uncouth Reflections. Andrew Gillen's Blog. Josh Mitchell on the student loan mess - Josh Mitchell The combination of open access to schools and open access to loans turned the higher education market into a version of the Wild West… The ma Slate Star Codex.

Cold Fury. Trap set, bait not taken - Some fights can only be won by refusing to get suckered into them in the first place. Iran is our enemy — the notion that we mig Swimming in the Middle Ages - Did medieval Europeans swim for fun? Information Processing. Ulam on von Neumann, Godel, and Einstein - Ulam expresses so much in a few sentences! From his memoir, Adventures of a Mathematician. Above: Einstein and Godel. Bottom: von Neumann, Feynman, Ulam. Policy of Truth. I suspect it will meet with disapproval from the libertar Jordan B. On the Psychological and Social Significance of Identity - Back in September of , I released three videos, expressing my concern about Bill C, which was then under consideration by the federal government, Streetwise Professor.

Although Vova was taking the calls, he was the one who was clearly phoning it in. By al I suspected, based on all the reports and reviews of it that I had seen, and the ti The Angry Staff Officer. Finding Space — Chapter 3 - There had been chattering voices over the intercom after the last transmission — suddenly higher headquarters was very much online, very much insistent tha Old European culture. Ear - Pulling kids by the ear was one of favourite school punishments the world over.

But was this done just out of cruelty or was there originally another deepe The column included also a short piece on Faceboo Dispatches From Turtle Island. Sharyl Attkisson. Your favorite summer time activity? And the results are in! Eurogenes Blog. Genetic substructures and adaptations in Lithuanians Urnikyte et al.

Apparently, the genotype data from this paper will be available at figshare in just over three months see here. Joel D. A Tale of a Dying Utopia - History moves about like waves great and small crashing upon shores near and far; ripples in oceans might lay low the foundations of an ancient edifice whi The Scholar's Stage. Image source. Sex, Drugs and Economics. Book review: Economics Rules - Economics and economists come in for a fair amount of criticism from those outside the discipline. Not all of that criticism is for good reason, but at lea Kids Prefer Cheese.

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Monday's Child is Full of Links - 1. Asset Liquidation, small college specialty. Markets in everything 2. Georgia and their primary problem The thing, itself, in Phoenix. Web content writing and management In the past I have worked in an office or from home, researching, writing and publishing copy to v Manhattan Contrarian. Harry's Place. All too often the visitors came away impres The Grumpy Economist. The rent is too damn high - NPR covered the Democratic candidates' plans to address housing issues: [Julian] Castro would provide housing vouchers to all families who need help.

Practical Ethics. Here are a couple of examples: Did you hear about the restauran Fencing Bear at Prayer. Triple Treat - I have been busy giving talks and doing videos and podcasts these past several weeks!

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Missing the Clades not clusters: about the folk theory of race - A clade is a group of organisms with a common ancestors. Identifying clades in human genetics maps out the ancestry of human groups. Like most genetic anal Rabble Rouser. Scientific Bias in Favor of Studies Finding Gender Bias - There are more studies showing scientists are egalitarian or favor women in peer review. Fixing science Part 1 - It has been argued that the rate of scientific or technical progress is slowing down. When there is not enough of something, the two common solutions is to Logarithmic History.

House of Eratosthenes. Liberalism and Fear - The dumbest propaganda move The Left ever made, might have been to ascribe the motives of their opposition to fear. Working-Class Perspectives. Shoplifting in the Marketplace of Ideas. Tim van Gelder. Where might better ratings come from? Where could that improvement come from? How could you possibly get it? Some years ago the U. Inconvenient Facts. Just the social facts, ma'am. Postscript on elites and the public - In my last post, I noted that between and Democratic elites, Republican elites, and the public all became less likely to say that "protecting wea The Economics Detective.

The Evolution Institute. Myopia is not a destiny, it Corey Robin. The Co Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog. Rawle Nyanzi -Rawle Nyanzi. Escapist Entertainment - Recently, I came across this tweet: Men should limit their intake of escapist entertainment. Reality is a lot more interesting that the 9,th installme The DiploMad 2. Iran and Things - Had a nearly complete digital meltdown. I had an identity theft issue whereby some clowns were out trying to get credit cards and phone service using my na The Phillips Curve in Recession and Recovery - The Phillips curve can mean one of two conceptually distinct things which are sometimes confused.

Club Troppo. Comparing the Census to alternative data or information: What is the right counterfactual? Reflections on Refactor Camp - Last weekend, we held the 7th Refactor Camp, in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, at the lovely and for our purposes, aptly named Philosophie offices, on the ve No B-S here I hope. Marginalized people, on the other hand, are forced to thin Insitome - Medium. Of proteins and paleontology - Ostrich egg Ancient DNA has transformed our understanding of the biological past. The sequencing of mammoths, moa, and Neanderthal have opened up a window Tony Robbins as a Political Educator - Mass exoterization of esoteric power-knowledge equals massive cultural-economic disruption.

Melinda Gates, miserly billionaire. But Melinda Gates is an incredible miser when it comes to gratitude. She mar Was Bernard Williams potentially a great philosopher? Here is Searle: Well, Bernard was a very good friend of mine… I think Bernard was as intelligent as any human The Splintered Mind.

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Over the years, many graduate students have told me they found it useful. Martin van Creveld.

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During his academic career his interests have reached from the reign of Napoleon III to freedom, gastronom Miranda Yardley. Bleeding Heart Libertarians. Read more here. You can r Non-exemplary lives - Recently I read, rather by accident than design, short lives of several contemporary economists. What struck me was their bareness. The lives sounded li A theory of natural selection, 5th century BC - How came the bodies of animals to be contrived with so much art, and for what ends were their several parts?

Regie's Blog. Those 23 and Me tests and Ancestry inquiries are all the rage. And you can almost sense that some peo Muslim Gangs: A Facebook Exchange - Once in a while I try to communicate to my conservative friends the complexity of the situation created by the existence of many Muslims in western Europe Leah Schnelbach — Tor. Communalism Watch. Ex Urbe. Getting the words down, advancing the project, is everything to me, my joy, my voc Idiosyncratic Whisk.

CPI shelter in Peter Zeihan. To Hack Or Not To Hack - The New York Times dropped a fun piece last week asserting a coalition of like-minded national security and intelligence professionals are neck-deep in an Lead and Gold. The internet in historical perspective - Tom Wheeler, former chair of the FCC: Today, everybody talks about how much information is bombarding us.

Imagine what it must have been like after the Bloody Shovel 2. How far is far enough - A while ago I wrote a post on tax law, proposing some ideas that I thought could plausibly make for a better existence if implemented by a sane governmen I aim to misbehave. A fragment Network compromised. Consider all comms hostile. No further official traffic will follow.

Activate Tsunami protocol.

Institutional Economics. Status But as the paradoxical nature of real life hits back to the countless bedroom philosophers who fancy themselves nihilists, turns out The Observation Post. I got him!

FRA - 12 11 15 - Yra Harris: Read “The Rotten Heart of Europe”!

Marquette Warrior. Serious plans for genuinely free pla The Sociological Eye. It might be Peter Turchin. We started in The Syrian Intifada. Why Many Scientific Articles are Wrong - Suppose you are a professional academic who wants to publish a journal article in order to improve your chance of getting an offer, getting tenure, gettin Key steps in the citizens agenda style of campaign coverage - It starts by asking people: what do you want the candidates to be discussing as they compete for votes?

The post Key steps in the citizens agenda style o NGDP Advisers. Monetary Policy Informed by Fear! By age twelve, Theodore Roosevelt had spen Augean Stables. West Hunter. Lifting degeneracy - Some time ago I discussed the idea that Neanderthals were fucked-up because their low effective population size led to inefficient purifying selection. Refugee Resettlement Watch. In Castoria - Prelude Unlike talk of, say, badgers or ermine, talk of beavers seems always to be the overture to a joke. So powerful is the infection of the cloud of its Macro and Other Market Musings. The American Interest.

Ill Winds for Democracy - Larry Diamond discusses his new book on the global crisis of democracy—and what we can do about it. Chris Blattman. The counter coup unfolds. Uneasy Money. Here is a link. The annual meeting of the History of Economics Society is comin Magnitude Matters. Ethical Free Riding - Partial list of ethical ways to free ride enjoy positive externalities. Free riding is generally economically destructive and potentially unethical.

Paula Wright. Critiques of human sexuality abound in the popular and academic press. Priceonomics Blog. China Matters. Do the students believe they can take them from us without payment? Median Anonymous Crypto Exchange Costs 1. The XX Committee. Why J. Jonathan Tepper. My travels took me to the Library of Congress in DC, the Darwinian Reactionary.

John Cleese and Realism Concerning Kinds - John Cleese has caused some controversy for repeating his claim that London is no loner an English city. History for Atheists. Lost Generation Philosopher. Materialism Vers. Jeb Kinnison. Heather's Homilies. Postmillennial Public Service Announcements - For the last several years, I've been trying to incorporate new assignments and activities that encourage students to think of the work they do in my cou Actually, A Lot. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really set the cat among the pigeons with her recent remarks about taxation.

Asked how she would pay for everything in the pr Hotep: The meaning and definition. Opinion - The Philosophers' Magazine. Andrew Norton. Current higher education policies are the unsatisfactory result of political misjudgements in There are better ways of balancing the interests of students, universities and taxpayers.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. Reflections on Westeros - Well, it is the May long weekend and a celebration of Queen Victoria but this year it has also coincided with the end of Game of Thrones and its own set of Philosophy Blog. On the Margin of Error. Via Alabama this week enacted a law that bans all abortions except Michael O. Stories by Tom X Hart on Medium. In a previous post, I described how there is a notion connected with the Tao and Buddhism that holds th Phillip W. The Attempted Sliming of Gordon Tullock - A few days ago I received a strange and unexpected notification in the form of a tweet.

Jonathan Spyer. Setting the Record Straight. Abortion Rhetoric for Normies - To use on normies that is. The pro-abo A Myth in Creation. Josh Blackman's Blog. Urban Future 2. Only in this way does it become trac Medieval Matters — Tor. Nec Pluribus Impar. Hell hath no fury like a Popperian scorned - My post on falsificationism turned out to be a lot more popular than I expected. Mark Manson. You order it on Amazon or get a signed copy from Barnes and Noble A Free Left Blog. In defence of Claire Fox - Claire Fox is one of my heroes; one of my favourite people in public life.

And she still is. To see her name being dragged through the mud since she comm Blog - Traditions of Conflict. Bloody shovel. Blog moving to Spandrell. The Mermaid's Tale. The music of life--more than a collection of notes - My composer friend wants to be quite modern about creating beautiful music. He doesn't like to use computer programs for composing but he has devised anot The Pleistocene Scene — A. Van Arsdale Blog. Thank you to everyone who helped in the process, both as a contributor and as a listener. This post is intended to bri Fred on Everything is moving!

We recently did an interview with Manuel Ma How Material Are We? The kid is off in a corner, head down, hunched over, totally absorbed in what he or she is staring at, oblivious to anyone who Douglas L. Self-Reported Stats from Journals. Den of Inquiry. A Fine Theorem. Caitlin Green. King Alfred and India: an Anglo-Saxon embassy to southern India in the ninth century AD - One of the more intriguing references to early medieval contacts between Britain and the wider world is found in the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle', which mention Metamagician and the Hellfire Club.

The author "gets" where I Happy Easter - 1 month ago. Stories by Brendan O'Neill on Medium. Where is the fury? Where are the Ethereum for humans - Note: I do my best to keep interfluidity noncommercial, but this post is kind of an ad. Rachel Edwards — Medium. The House is on Fire - As we stand on the precipice of yet another election where sociopaths stand on a stage and pretend to care, one thing is abundantly clear.

Millennials ar Original post for the Annenberg Public Policy Center. One of the most heavily watched and debated fictional portrayals of suicide in Lyman Stone on Medium. Little Atoms. In the wake of changes to our consumption of information, identity politics have exploded. By this I mean that she surfed the same structural forces to Congress The History of China. Norse and Viking Ramblings. Britain's Viking Graveyard - Viking ship model in Repton.

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Photo Judith JeschThis blog started off as a light-hearted romp through some of my interests, mainly to do with Vikings and S Modeled Behavior. Data Driven Parenting - A leading economist helps you dig through the empirical evidence on parenting, and the result is essential reading. Andrew Holt, Ph.

Growth Economics Blog. The deep roots of development - Part 5 - In my quest to fall behind on everything in my life, I left writing up the next installment of the deep roots reviews until well after I actually gave th Intergenerational mobility between and within Canada and the United States - Intergenerational mobility is lower in the United States than in Canada, but the border only partially distinguishes the two countries with mobility varyin Ambit Gambit.

Academic Wonderland. Near-Certain Defeat for Accused Student in Seventh Circuit Case - Normally, when an Appeals Court holds an oral argument on a lawsuit filed by an accused student, I write up the oral argument with clips. No such detail is Stories by Gore Burnelli on Medium. God, Creation, Design, and Science - This is the sixth post in a series that details my evolving thoughts on religion.

The first ones are: 1. Monetary Freedom. More "Interesting" Thoughts about Socialist Monetary Policy - Interest income is forbidden in a socialist society due to socialist ideology. Someone is earning income on their money, when the only legitimate form of The Ex-Muslim. Stories by Mark Koyama on Medium. Cameron Harwick. Environmentalism Needs Pronatalism - Since New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pondered the question out loud last month, the idea that climate change makes it immoral to have chi Blog Archives — Cameron Harwick. The Baseline Scenario.

Jump-Starting America - Can the United States grow faster, create more good jobs, and genuinely spread opportunity? Yes: by investing more in science and technology, by placing th Semi-Partisan Politics. Faith, Doubt and Brexit - A warning about the disturbing fundamentalism of Continuity Remain and the anti-Brexit crusaders In the course of arguing on Twitter this evening, I receiv Evo and Proud.

They really are smart Ashkenazi Jews have a higher incidence of genetic variants associated with high educational attai Spontaneous Finance. Work and personal matters have taken much of my The State of the Hat - One of the most justifiably ridiculed type of blog posts is the "hey guys I haven't posted in a long time" non-substantive blog posts, but nonetheless, her Michael Yon - Online Magazine. View on IQ. Version 1. It now includes samples with a total of , The planet is dying. Catastrophe is looming. Make sure you are prepared. Brexit is only weeks away and climate catastrophe is looming.

Cop in the Hood. And cringe-worthy from an officer's perspective. From the suspect's perspective, well, he's dead. I'm quoted in this article The Independent Whig. Stories by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Medium. Jacob ex Machina. Mindfulness for Christians - The modern world ain't so good for your psyche. It's easy to get strung out, anxious as a wildebeast in a lion convention, with thoughts looping through Offended by the term coloured? Let me show you what real racism looks like. And yet in , this is still the outcome of a survey of professional s The Gladstone Diaries. Momentum needs to talk to its members about Israel - On Thursday afternoon, the left-wing activist group Momentum released a video designed to educate its members about anti-Semitism.

It's the kind of initi Free Northerner. Why Are Children So Expensive? The Euro Stoxx Bondwine Books. For it was the Destroyer who had brought them together by the thought On an evolutionary timescale, they either survive, or they die. But different cults have different lifecycles; some The Dark Herald. Dani Rodrik's weblog. Secular Right. Chublic Opinion. Anxieties of development: emerging voices in Chinese social media - As China experiences strong economic headwind domestically and globally, "development blogging" finds a growing audience online.

Nick Cohen: Writing from London. Click HERE to read it. This text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is Social Justice PD to the Rescue! October 28th, It started just like any other day. I was at the s Sam Altman. Usually, peopl Easily Distracted. College of Theseus - Most of us know to be skeptical about the public statements of a person paid to defend a particular organization or corporation.

For the same reason, we te Udo Schuklenk's Ethx Blog. Certainty is not a defensible standard for policy making in the context of assisted dying - [image: Image result for certainty]I mentioned in a Bioethics editorial a while ago that new frontiers are opening in the assisted dying debate. As an in The Other Side of History. Gillette So Woke - Gillette's new commercial opens with a montage of real-life and on-line bullying, men cat-calling, a row of men standing behind a row of barbecue grills Going after my children is too much for me - Of all the things I have contended with in my life, watching grown adults stalk and harass my children online has been the most difficult to deal with, not The Kakistocracy.

Paul Musgrave. Wide Urban World. The Dissenting Sociologist. Reaction and Populism: Towards the Unpozzed Republic - Having been made by elites to dive headlong down the outhouse hole into the muck beneath, the common people have began to notice that it stinks and is very Order of the Coif. This brought to a close a remar Global Guerrillas.

The Long Night is Coming - Written by an anonymous friend who also In fact, if science was brought up, it wa Nick Cole's Books. Without giving a Ancestry matters. Fortnite - I have been developing a bit of an interest in the evolution of leisure activities and my nephew was playing the computer game Fortnite, so I did a bit of Year in Career: - Early in , somewhere over Nawabshah, Pakistan, at 30, feet.

I really need to go to the Stories by Michael Tracey on Medium. Notes On The Withdrawals - Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from two warzones, which prompted the resignation and now, firing of James Mattis. Abandoned Footnotes. Endnotes - Happy solstice, everyone! I have not been very consistent this year about writing in this blog, despite my resolution last year. After a flurry of posts in Publishing Archaeology. When big data are bad data - As archaeologists turn increasingly to the analysis of large, systematic databases, we need to confront an epistemological problem: How do we identify bad Cultural Cognition Blog.

Weekend update: Tedx restored to youtube - Apparently the original posting of this staggeringly brief talk suffered from imperfect audio I never listened to it, so I can't say first-hand whethe Money, Markets, and Misperceptions. One of these is to c Tino Sanandaji. Under och talen The Audacious Epigone.

Archived - This blog is now in archival status. The Arabist. De-criminilazing Homosexuality in Botswana - They have pushed, Queer Batswana, they have pushed to the point that now they believe there is a great chance of getting to the point when they are NOT cri Brad R. Wednesday double-barreled book BOMB! Random Critical Analysis. Why everything you have said about the determinants of health expenditure is wrong in one million charts: a response to Noah Smith. Kantoos Economics — Kantoos Economics.

Productive Exhibition stand Designs is a matter of planning - Exhibit stand design it is vital to think of the stand interior as a totality. A series of spaces linked together. It is therefore appropriate that a com Fantastic Worlds. This can be done well -- in Nice Mangos. There's so many more The Everyday Economist. A Simple Lesson About Money and Models - Imagine you are in your high school algebra class and you are presented with the following two equations: Two linear equations with 2 unknowns.

This is a s Tim Duy's Fed Watch. The March of the Virgin. Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle - Gloria Steinem once famously said that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Handle's Haus. Will Wilkinson. Test - This is a test. Talisman Gate, Again. In the case of the Jews, who have through history been spread throughout the w Colm Gillis Author.

Schmitt and Hobbes In his cele Homo Consumericus. Chaos Manor — Jerry Pournelle. Basil Halperin. NGDP futures via blockchain: Market monetarism meets cryptocurrency And: how to set up a prediction market on Augur - Scott Sumner has famously proposed that the Fed stabilize monetary policy by pegging nominal GDP futures contracts in such a way to ensure that expectati Alexander Welcome The U.

Presidential election signaled a number of important changes in U. Please join us at the new address — it's free! Henry the Young King Blog. The History of William Marshal on the War of Part I - The anniversary of Henry the Young King's untimely passing is fast approaching and though I have discussed the surrounding events many times here, on the b Michael J.

Totten's blog.

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Hardline Sunni Wahhabis have long enforced strict gender segregation and the veiling We take a deep A Taste for Desert Landscapes. Blog moving to new address - A taste for desert landscapes has moved here. Adam Smith's Lost Legacy. GAVON 1 year ago. Physical description; xviii, p. Notes; Includes bibliographical references p. Subject; European Union. Seller: MW Books Ltd. Published: Condition: Very good cloth copy in a near-fine, very slightly edge-nicked and dust-dulled dust-wrapper, now mylar-sleeved. Controversial work which was acclaimed as a profound and persuasive expose of the would-be 'monetary masters of the world.

Prompt dispatch.. Used - Good. Very nice clean, tight copy free of any marks. Dust jacket a little dirty. Brand new. We ship worldwide. Libro nuevo enviamos a todo el mundo. See picture. Books with an ISBN number this one included are all offered for sale in a good condition or better: some may be in very good, near fine, or fine condition.

If the condition is critical to your decision to purchase, then please contact us and we will let you know our view of its condition. If the book is extremely heavy, we will need to contact you before completion of purchase to advise you of extra postage costs. The Brussels Commission has just suspended its senior economist, Bernard Connolly, for writing a book savaging the prospects for a common currency.

There are many who now believe he should be lauded as a prophet. Observer, Editorial, 1 October Connolly's longstanding proposition that t. Used; Good. Fast Dispatch. Expedited UK Delivery Available. Excellent Customer Service. Bookbarn International Inventory Disclaimer:A readable copy.

All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the notes cannot obscure the text. Dust jacket quality is not guaranteed. We believe you will be completely satisfied with our quick and reliable service. All orders are dispatched as swiftly as possible!