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Mon - Fri 8. The city of Cape Town is situated in a natural amphitheater, formed by three mountains that embrace it. Of course Table Mountain on its southern side is the best known. However it is the mountain on the western edge of the city that is the darling of Capetonians. It has been known by this name since the days of the Dutch settlement, and got its name from its resemblance to a lion lying on its belly. The tallest rocky section represents the head of the lion and the furthest and lowest part of the hill is the rump of the lion.

This mountain is steeped in history and tradition. Many first-time visitors to Cape Town are shocked and frightened by the loud boom of the noon-day gun, only to relax when they notice that the locals do not react to the noise! There are in fact two canons. Both of them are loaded but only one is fired. The second is a back-up in case the first one fails to fire. These ships guns were manufactured in London in and brought to The Cape for the first British invasion in Lemon Dill Chickpea salad, cucumbers and greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

Served cold, with a side of kettle chips. Served on a pretzel bun with side of kettle chips. Our take on a Cuban classic this Panini features braised pork, ham, white cheddar, hops pickled cucumbers and our signature beer mustard. Served with a side of kettle chips. Served with a side of kettle chips or upgrade to a different side.

Lion Bridge Year-Round Beers. Current Nitro is Disaster at Meux. We change our nitro beers often. Notes of biscuit, toffee, and chocolate meld with a silky mouthfeel to produce this world-class beer.

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Juicy flavor and a pungent, tangy, nose of citrus and tropical fruit. A nice, clean bitterness paired with a slight alcohol heat and dry finish makes this an exceptionally easy drinking brew. Biscuity, brown malt character and a bit of chocolate and coffee make this a nice, quaffable brew. Bridge Beer is our take on light beer, with just a bit more panache.

It doesn't demand hours of contemplation but you just might contemplate drinking it for hours.

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Sorry, no growler or meowler fills. Olde 17 Irish-style Stout, 4. The official beer of the Cedar Rapids St. This is the classic pub stout you know and love with a twist; Potatoes are added during the brew to increase the dryness and slightly boost the alcohol. Roasty, with hints of dark chocolate, nuttiness and rich creamy mouthfeel. A traditional German Amber Ale that has a pleasing bronze hue, a rich malt character, and a pleasant noble hop character.

Historically released to celebrate the loyal brewery patron, we are honored to have you enjoying Lion Bridge beer! Tag Tangerine Wheat Beer, 4. Tag is a juicy and slightly hazy American wheat beer with the zesty citrus bite of tangerine. Enjoy a Tag! US sports. Rugby League. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news. Tech culture. News videos. Explainer videos. Sport videos. Money transfers. Health insurance. Money Deals.

THE LION'S SHARE - Definition and synonyms of the lion's share in the English dictionary

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Lion’s Head is Part of Culture and Tradition

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Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. The 30 best Disney films Show all Although the film may feel relatively slight compared to the other titans of animation on this list, there is something so wonderfully zen about this Pooh, filtering the wise words of AA Milne through the slow, thoughtful tones of Sterling Holloway. Of the Disney Renaissance offerings, Pocahontas stumbles in its messy handling of history, since turning any interaction between white colonisers and indigenous people into a fluffy romance arguably whitewashes the brutal reality of what happened.

In a way, Robin Hood is the ultimate Disney film of the s. Just ignore the fact that it recycled several pieces of animation from the likes of Snow White and The Jungle Book. Dumbo demonstrates the two gifts of early Disney films.

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And a Disney princess working hard to make her dreams come true? However, given that the central courtship is between two dogs, the film boasts a surprisingly elegant love story. Disney took the straightfoward path to making a hit musical for today: they hired Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Hamilton composer and lyricist is a maestro when it comes to cranking out the hits. Moana tells a culturally specific story with spirit, heart, and humour — more of this in the future please, Disney.

Although Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has since been overshadowed by its successors to some degree, it still has its fair share of magical moments. A round of applause for John Musker, who had the idea of telling the Greek myth of Hercules through a chorus of gospel singers.