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Login options Log in. Username Password Forgot password? On the other side, there are many Supreme Court cases addressing government support or preference for religion that spell trouble for the Town. In Allegheny County v.

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The school cases are also instructive. In Engel v. Vitale , the Court held that public schools could not deliver a prayer each day to the students. And in Stone v. Graham , public schools were not permitted to post the Ten Commandments in every classroom, where there was no secular purpose to do so.

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In Lee v. Weisman , in a decision authored by Justice Kennedy, the Supreme Court held that a public school could not include a prayer at graduation, because it endorsed a religious tradition, and left students in the audience feeling as though they were not full members of the community. Both of the latter cases, Lee and Santa Fe , highlighted the plight of the student, or citizen, who is caught at a public event, but who does not subscribe to the religious views being propagated by the government at that event. Underlying that principle is that national citizenship entails inclusion, regardless of belief or creed.

To put it another way, religious entities have the right, under the First Amendment to create insiders and outsiders within their own faith, but the government may not do the same. We are all Americans with the same government, regardless of our faith. The drive for government-sponsored prayer is a drive for division, and, therefore, a danger.

Under most constitutional metrics, the U. Normally, the Supreme Court does not take cases that pose settled questions of law.

On This Day April 16, 1958: Moving (Literally) Story of St. Haralambos Church

Therefore, the question that this certiorari grant raises is why this Court took it. I hope the answer is not because the conservative members of the Court intend to be judicial activists intent on rolling back the principle of government neutrality toward religion. Most court watchers would assume that there may be four conservative members of the Court who are inclined to jettison the endorsement test, Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, and who would embrace the agendas of the Alliance Defense Fund, and others who are backing the Town in this case.

I also hope that the fact they are all Catholic does not lead them, consciously or unconsciously, to be more sympathetic to the Town Supervisor in this case.

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We have established a spectrum and variety of religious experience that is unrivaled in history, and we have done it without raising arms against each other. Indeed, in an era of Islamic terrorism, which exists to impose its religious viewpoint on the world and is offended by the religious liberty and diversity of the world, it is hard to explain why anyone still thinks that government control or support of a particular religion makes sense.

We need individual and personal liberty, but what we also need to do is set an example for the world of why the totalitarianism at the heart of Islamic radicalism is so wrong. Justice Kennedy, as usual now, likely will be a swing vote.

Has Greece finally escaped the grip of catastrophe?

He took seriously in that case the reality that a captive audience attending a graduation ceremony could not be made to feel like non-citizens consistent with the First Amendment. The same principle applies to the Town resident who wants to attend the Town Board meetings to monitor governance, but not to participate in religion. I plan on visiting the church as soon as possible!

Imremember this move. Seeing it in person was a big deal. I know some of the people from that church. The ones i know are great people. It hurts me see some these comments.

There are plenty of functions that are held in which parishioners from all 3 churches attend. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your comment is borderline racist.!!!!!! Do you ave article on Chris Nickolas regarding his attending St. Harlambos for many many years??? I remember the move of our church very clearly. I was about 4 and travelled with my grandpa, Alex Langos, to watch progress daily. Unfortunately, watching for hours and hours would make me impatient.

Just about daily I would break loose from my grandpa not sure where I thought I was going!

On This Day April 16, Moving (Literally) Story of St. Haralambos Church - The Pappas Post

He was determined and made two trips to finally enter our country through Ellis Island. The church has held sentiment n my heart over the years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Diaspora Greek America History. Gregory Pappas. You may also like. The Greek Orthodox Church in America has a June 24, June 21, June 20, June 19,