Manual Frink: Sculpture Both Modern and Mythic

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Wind, fire, water, clouds all play their part in her inspiration. Gary has developed an innovative approach to letter carving in stone and wood, conveying meaning through mark and notation. Gillian works in stained glass, creating images inspired by nature and the monumental heads of antiquity. Jacki works with the development of translucent, strong membranes from pulp.

Re-thinking Frink: A Panel Discussion

Inspired by changes in landscape and the containment and manipulation of information. Her inspiration comes from the natural world and butterflies in particular. Jay works with stone and pigmented resin, carving them to create sculptures that reflect relationships between natural and built environments. Karen makes handmade ceramic wall pieces and tiles, exploring mark-making and texture.

Her inspiration is drawn from natural and man-made landscapes. Laura uses natural materials, predominately willow. Her woven work often has a relationship to a host structure, such as a building. Linda creates unique, limited edition hand made books that combine linocut, woodcut or wood engravings with letterpress texts.

Inspired by historic and contemporary texts.

Sculptors of Note & Prospect by The Nine British Art - Issuu

Mary Spencer Watson worked within the tradition of direct carving. The humanist and naturalistic themes that she explored often related to Blake and the Metaphysical Poets,. Patricia builds coil pots by hand creating forms on which to paint subjects inspired by the wildlife and chalk downs of her surroundings. Richard works in kiln cast glass, animated with layers of textural marks and carved calligraphic strokes, often informed by his interest in memory and time.

Roger Stephens works from stone, finely finishing the surfaces of the forms , reflecting his observations of outside forces on the natural environment. Sher works purely in paper to make her sculptures.

She is often inspired by stories, myths and legends. Keith Rand developed a unique technique of carving timbers to wafer thin sections creating semi-abstract, figurative shapes inspired by plants, animals and landscapes. The exhibition.

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Contemporary Sculpture at Mompesson House Material connections across the ages A house such as Mompesson is full of stories, some obvious, some that require delving into and teasing out. Created by British artist Leo Fitzmaurice, they mimic road signs and explore, as a helpful explanation puts it, the sculptural quality of lettering and ideas of Utopia.

The lofty rooms have an inspiring sense of space, with skylights and huge floor-to-ceiling windows that flood it with natural light.

A coach party of seniors browse. One camera-touting student strolls purposefully round an exhibition of s prints and drawings — photographing the captions rather than the pictures themselves.

In the far corner is what appears to be a beautifully structured sculpture of a stack of folding chairs. In the event it turns out to be just a stack of folding chairs.

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The Sculpture Triangle seems to be going from strength to strength. Knowing nothing about art should be no obstacle to coming here and having a fruitful, inspiring visit. Their art was guided by what we all see around us — the towns and countryside, that interesting combination of urban and rural. No longer. Having exhibited these works since the early seventies, this year Beaux Arts will show a selection of carefully selected sculptures. Also on display will be a selection of works on Paper, with subjects varying from the Head of Christ to falling eagles, many of which express a certain masculine strength and aggression.

Editions English. Beaux Arts. Beaux Arts has developed a reputation for exhibiting carefully selected Modern British and innovative, contemporary painters and sculptors. Gallery profile. Elisabeth Frink, Birdman, c. More from Beaux Arts. Anthony Scott.