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Who should attend this talk? Android developers who would like to build complex layouts faster. Responsive UI with more control over scene changes. This talk will also be helpful for iOS developers who have experience using AutoLayout and want to start Android development. Based on our requirements, when we upload an image, the application was supposed to show a thumbnail which should take into account the EXIF orientation factor so that the thumbnail is shown in thr correct orientation.

The next big challenge was to reduce the overall upload size during submitting the file to the server. Here we resorted to a Hermite resample filter that allowed us to further reduce the payload size. Since a user could upload maximum of 5 images in one go, we wanted to keep the main thread as free as possible so all of the above-mentioned tasks actually run in a worker.

Recognizing fragments

Using transferrables to reduce the time invokved in an othetwise structure clone postMessage was another area of investment. Moving all work into. Finally a final optimisation WIP is to encode our images to webp format to check if the payload size could be further reduced. Since browsers do not support encoding of images as a native construct, we resorted to Webassembly for achieving the desired result.

Software development itself is a practice that is filled with entropy.

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Even though there are factors in software development that are beyond our control, there are quite a few parameters that can be controlled and tuned. One of the ways to maximise predictability in software projects is to reduce the number of unknowns. Most teams start with an architecture that sets expectations to a degree.

How can we push this even further? What if we can build a degree of predictability on how software is built by individuals? What if we could extrapolate the same ideas to a team and across several teams? This talk focuses on how various architectures imperative and functional influence individual and team throughput during development and maintenance. View Schedule. Fragments State of mobile engineering, state of platforms, hardware and user research. Date 30 Mar , Bangalore.

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About What you can expect from the Bangalore edition of Fragments on 30 March: Fragments was launched in response to the fragmented nature of engineering and software development for mobile. Expectations and user experience on web versus mobile.

Queries and Mutations

The asynchronous nature of mobile platforms and their lifecycles — the unique challenges this factor presents. Current timeTotal duration Video transcript - [Voiceover] Hello grammarians, David here along with my cousin Beth who also happens to be a teacher.

Say hello to the people Beth. Could you tell me please, what is a sentence fragment? A sentence fragment is when a student writes a sentence and they think it's a sentence, but it's one that tells maybe what happens, but doesn't include who, or it might include who but doesn't tell what happens. The way I would put it, is that a fragment is a piece of a sentence that cannot stand on its own, but nevertheless, incorrectly ends with a period.

So the whole story, for instance, would be a fragment. This is a fragment. It could be a sentence but it's missing something. Beth, what is it missing, what is the whole story missing? And now we've got our subject here, the whole story, and now we've given it a predicate. Similarly, if we just had this predicate, and we just said it began ten years ago, oh, that's not enough to be a sentence either, that's also a fragment.

Because now we've got a predicate but no subject. So you need to have a thing, like a noun, or a pronoun, and then you have to have something happen to that noun or pronoun, or something performed by that noun our pronoun.

Fragments and run-ons

Get Grammarly. Here is a glaring example of a sentence fragment: Because of the rain. It leaves us wondering what happened because of the rain. To complete it, we need further explanation:. Because of the rain, the party was canceled.

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Now the fragment has become a dependent clause attached to a sentence that has a subject the party and a verb was canceled. Our thought is complete.

Stylistic Fragments

In that example, making the sentence longer was the solution. This teensy sentence is complete: I ran. I ran may be a short thought, but it has a subject I and a verb ran. Nothing in the sentence demands further explanation. Avoiding sentence fragments not only makes your writing easier to read, but it can also make you sound more polished in polite correspondence.

That sentence lacks a subject.

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Fragments can sound as if they are carelessly blurted out. Fixing a sentence fragment involves one of two things: giving it the components it lacks or fastening it onto an independent clause. Consider the following: There are many ways to frighten little brothers.