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The thin deposits of fat which intersperse the muscles between the. The cottage ham is given plenty of time to. Zum Reifen gibt man dem Katenschinken.

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It is interspersed with. Es ist von feinen. Juicy a n d tender meat , a b asic ingredient in many [ Saftiges , zartes Fleisch - G ru ndvo raus se tzung [ The special thing about ox meat: while the animal is growing, intramuscular fat accumulates, which makes it taste. Meat tender , juicy , s of t in texture, pale pink.

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D a s Fleisch i st z art, saftig, von we icher [ The greatest challenge in cooking. Meat's d i st inguishing featu re s : tender , v e r y juicy , s mo oth texture [ Fleischeigenschaften : zart , s eh r saftig, we ich e Bes ch affenheit und [ These breeds pro du c e tender meat t h at is light pink in colour with slight intermuscular fattiness, ve r y juicy , c on sistently firm, with a light [ Diese Rassen.

A ve r y juicy a n d tender meat , w hi ch is supplied on the bone [ By all means pre-heat the convection steamer so that the pores may close quickly.

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As the sausages mature, their filling becomes mo r e tender a n d juicy a n d they acquire their distinctive firmness, taste and colour. Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above.

The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.

Schändung, eine “Übermalung.” Botho Strauss’ theatralische Transformation einer Übersetzung

Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. While the meat was still on the skewer, it was [ Beef from Navarre [ Das Rindfleisch aus Navarra [ Salmon's [ Spot-on simmering and [ Punktgenaues Garen und [ Cuts from [ In order to ensure that the [ Damit sich die Musk el n [ Because they grow more slowly and [ Dadurch, dass sie langsamer wachsen [ With a comparable high grilling temperature, which closes the pores of the meat at once, [ Bei vergleichbar hoher Grilltemperatur, welche die Fleischporen sofort [ The thin deposits of fat which intersperse the muscles between the [ The cottage ham is given plenty of time to [ Zum Reifen gibt man dem Katenschinken [ Due to this rapid sealing of the [ Es prickelt, hebt das Selbstvertrauen und macht gute Laune.

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