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We call this waxing.

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After the new moon , the sunlit portion is increasing, but less than half illuminated, so it is a waxing crescent moon. As the sunlit portion continues to increase, now more than half illuminated, it becomes waxing gibbous moon. When the Moon reaches maximum illumination, a full moon , the Moon has completed one half of the lunar month.

During the second half of the lunar month, the Moon grows thinner each night. We call this waning.

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Next is the waning crescent moon , which wanes until the illumination is completely gone; a new moon. The last quarter moon calendar for is expressed in Coordinated Universal Time UT , the international basis for other time zones. Astronomers call one lunar cycle a lunation. The close alignment the two events gives us the closest lunar apogee — the closest far-moon — of Read more about the closest far-moon on May A last quarter moon provides a great opportunity to think of yourself on a three-dimensional world in space.

Then the lighted portion points downward, to the sun below your feet.

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The moon is moving in orbit around the sun with the Earth and never holds still. Astronomer Guy Ottewell talks about it here.

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  • As the moon orbits Earth, it changes phase in an orderly way. Follow the links below to understand the phases of the moon. New moon Waxing crescent moon First quarter moon Waxing gibbous moon Full moon Waning gibbous moon Last quarter moon Waning crescent moon. Read more: 4 keys to understanding moon phases.

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