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The goal of prognostication is not simply to depress everyone, but rather to serve as a clarion call to action. From Cambridge English Corpus. Schreiner's clarion call to women in that essay, "men's bodies are our woman's work of art," simultaneously biologizes and aestheticizes production They will not tell the country quite frankly what is the problem and give the clarion call to action.

From the Hansard archive. It was a clarion call to action, to concerted effort to uphold the sanctity of treaties. His song carries no prescription; it is not a clarion call for military or guerrilla aggression.

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Continuity with the past is clearly not a clarion call within this story of community. We hear the clarion call , but this ambitious, necessary and no doubt eventually productive task is still at its start.

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One thinks of a clarion call to celebrate the new season and the wonder of the blossoming lily. For the criminal tribes, on the other hand, there must assuredly have been something faintly suspicious about freedom's ever-louder clarion call. With dozens of community forums held over the last several years, we found that most people do not see the underlying challenges nor are they aware of how the challenges may affect them.

We understand that attention precedes participation. We are driven to awaken our community to the dark truths of mass criminalization that are conspicuously hidden in plain view and ignored by the masses. Email Address. Watch the Channel. Get Involved. About Our Organization. He recounted story after story of his suc- cessful plunderings, ingenious plots and infamous transgressions until Woods, with all his familiarity with evil-doers, felt growing within him a cold ab- horrence toward the utterly vicious man who had once been his benefactor. The newspapers may take up this Norcross affair.

There has been an epidemic of burglaries and manslaughter in town this summer. Suppose they do take up a case what does it amount to? The police are easy enough to fool; but what do the newspapers do? They send a lot of pin-head reporters around to the scene; and they make for the nearest saloon and have beer while they take photos of the bartender's oldest daughter in evening dress, to print as the fiancee of the young man in the tenth story, who thought he heard a noise below on the night of the murder.

That's about as near as the newspapers ever come to running down Mr. There's the Morning Mars, for instance. It warmed up two or three trails, and got the man after the police had let 'em get cold. Three feet from their table was the telephone booth.

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Kernan went inside and sat at the instrument, leaving the door open. He found a number in the book, took down the receiver and made his demand upon Central. Woods sat still, looking at the sneer- ing, cold, vigilant face waiting close to the trans- mitter, and listened to the words that came from the thin, truculent lips curved into a contemptuous smile. I want to speak to the managing editor. Why, tell him it's some one who wants to talk to him about the Norcross murder. All right. I am the man who killed old Norcross. Hold the wire; I'm not the usual crank.

I've just been dis- cussing it with a detective friend of mine. I killed the old man at A. Have a drink with you? Now, hadn't you better leave that kind of talk to your funny man? Can't you tell whether a man's guying you or whether you're being offered the biggest scoop your dull dishrag of a paper ever had?

Well, that's so; it's a bobtail scoop -- but you can hardly expect me to 'phone in my name and address. Oh, because I beard you make a specialty of solving mysterious crimes that stump the police. No, that's not all. I want to tell you that your rotten, lying, penny sheet is of no more use in tracking an intelligent murderer or highway- man than a blind poodle would be. Oh, no, this isn't a rival newspaper office; you're getting it straight.

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I did the Norcross job, and I've got the jewels in my suit case at -- 'the name of the hotel could not be learned' -- you recog- nize that phrase, don't you? I thought so. You've used it often enough.

The Clarion Call

Kind of rattles you, doesn't it, to have the mysterious villain call up your great, big, all-powerful organ of right and justice and good government and tell you what a helpless old gas-bag you are? Cut that out; you're not that big a fool -- no, you don't think I'm a fraud. I can tell it by your voice.

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  • Now, listen, and I'll give you a pointer that will prove it to you. Of course you've had this murder case worked over by your staff of bright young blockheads. Half of the second but- ton on old Mrs. Norcross's nightgown is broken off. I saw it when I took the garnet ring off her finger. I thought it was a ruby. He believes me now. He didn't quite cover the transmitter with his hand when he told somebody to call up Central on another 'phone and get our number. I'll give him just one more dig, and then we'll make a 'get-away. I'm here yet. You didn't think -- I'd run from such a little subsidized, turn- coat rag of a newspaper, did you?

    Have me inside of forty-eight hours? Say, will you quit being funny? Now, you let grown men alone and at- tend to your business of hunting up divorce cases and street-car accidents and printing the filth and scandal that you make your living by.