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During these years, Rumi incorporated poetry, music and dance into religious practice.

Rumi Poem (English) - Emptiness

Now I recite rhymes and poems and songs. I'll meet you there. He is in a long tradition of ecstatic seers from Sappho to Walt Whitman.

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The deep longing that we feel coming through. His sense of humour. There's always a playfulness [mixed] in with the wisdom. They have sold more than 2m copies worldwide and have been translated into 23 languages. A new volume is due in autumn. Over recent years scholars have begun to organise them and translate them into English.

It is said that people of all religions came to Rumi's funeral in Because, they said, he deepens our faith wherever we are. This is a powerful element in his appeal now. The convention in that form is to stress its unattainability and the cruel rebuffs of the beloved. Rumi celebrates union. It is also arguably the second most influential text in the Islamic world after the Qu'ran.

His inspiring words remind us how poetry can be a sustaining part of everyday life. Culture Menu. Share on Facebook. He wants us to see our beauty, in the mirror and in each other. For the last twelve years of his life, beginning in , Rumi dictated a single, six-volume poem to his scribe, Husam Chelebi. The resulting masterwork, the Masnavi-ye Ma'navi Spiritual Verses , consists of sixty-four thousand lines, and is considered Rumi's most personal work of spiritual teaching.

Rumi described the Masnavi as "the roots of the roots of the roots of the Islamic Religion," and the text has come to be regarded by some Sufis as the Persian-language Koran.

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In his introduction to an English edition of Spiritual Verses , translator Alan Williams wrote: "Rumi is both a poet and a mystic, but he is a teacher first, trying to communicate what he knows to his audience. Like all good teachers, he trusts that ultimately, when the means to go any further fail him and his voice falls silent, his students will have learnt to understand on their own. Rumi fell ill and died on December 17, C. Thousands of visitors, of all faiths, visit his tomb each month, honoring the poet of legendary spiritual understanding.

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A lion took a wolf and a fox with him on a hunting excursion, and succeeded in catching a wild ox, an ibex, and a hare. He then directed the wolf to divide the prey. The wolf proposed to award the ox to the lion, the ibex to himself, and the hare to the fox. The lion was enraged with the wolf because he had presumed to talk of "I" and "Thou" and "My share" and "Thy share," when it all belonged of right to the lion, and he slew the wolf with one blow of his paw.

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Then, turning to the fox, he ordered him to make the division. The fox, rendered wary by the fate of the wolf, replied that the whole should be the portion of the lion. The lion, pleased with his self-abnegation, gave it all up to him, saying, "Thou art no longer a fox, but myself.

An oilman possessed a parrot which used to amuse him with its agreeable prattle, and to watch his shop when he went out. One day, when the parrot was alone in the shop, a cat upset one of the oil-jars. When the oilman returned home he thought that the parrot had done this mischief, and in his anger he smote the parrot such a blow on the head as made all its feathers drop off, and so stunned it that it lost the power of speech for several days. But one day the parrot saw a bald-headed man passing the shop, and recovering its speech, it cried out, "Pray, whose oil-jar did you upset?

Confusion of saints with hypocrites. Worldly senses are the ladder of earth, Spiritual sense are the ladder of heaven. The health of the former is sought of the leech, The health of the latter from "The Friend. The kingly soul lays waste the body, And after its destruction he builds it anew. Happy the soul who for love of God Has lavished family, wealth, and goods! Has destroyed its house to find the hidden treasure, And with that treasure has rebuilt it in fairer sort; Has dammed up the stream and cleansed the channel, And then turned a fresh stream into the channel; Has cut its flesh to extract a spear-head, Causing a fresh skin to grow again over the wound; Has razed the fort to oust the infidel in possession, And then rebuilt it with a hundred towers and bulwark Who can describe the unique work of Grace?

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I have been forced to illustrate it by these similes. Sometimes it presents one appearance, sometimes another. Yea, the affair of religion is only bewilderment. Not, such as occurs when one turns one's back on God, But such as when one is drowned and absorbed in Him. The latter has his face ever turned to God, The former's face shows his undisciplined self-will.

Watch the face of each one, regard it well, It may be by serving thou wilt recognize Truth's face.

The influence of Shams al-Dīn

As there are many demons with men's faces, It is wrong to join hands with every one. When the fowler sounds his decoy whistle, That the birds may be beguiled by that snare, The birds hear that call simulating a bird's call, And, descending from the air, find net and knife. So vile hypocrites steal the language of Darveshes, In order to beguile the simple with their trickery.

The works of the righteous are light and heat, The works of the evil treachery and shamelessness. They make stuffed lions to scare the simple, They give the title of Muhammad to false Musailima. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems for Kids. Poems for Teens. Lesson Plans. Teach this Poem.

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Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Poets Search more than 3, biographies of contemporary and classic poets. Jalal al-Din Rumi — Texts Year Title Prev 1 Next. Collections Year Title Prev 1 Next. Portrayal of Rumi, courtesy of Shahriar Shahriari. Read poems by this poet. Read texts about this poet.