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And once there Vic has to deal with a demanding bridezilla and clashes in the kitchen—between the staff and servers, between two egocentric head chefs, and between the country club president and…well… everyone. A Jersey girl born and bred, Rosie Genova left her heart at the shore, which serves as the setting for the Italian Kitchen Mysteries.

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She lives in central New Jersey with her husband and her two younger sons. I enjoyed every bite. It definitely left me hungry for more. I could easily see reading another in the series, preferably in a beach chair, down the Shore.

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Buy at Local Store. Early and Personal Life As someone who has spent most of her life in Jersey, America, Rosie Genova is someone who is proudly born and bred within the area, as she she has always clearly displayed her roots within her work.

Mystery over brutal death of Italian researcher in Egypt deepens

It was her surrounding environment that was to inspire a lot of her work, with many of her mystery novels taking place upon the Jersey Shore area, with the area being fully realized within her work. With a clear love and admiration for the area, it is this passion that drives her, as she takes it all and puts it into her work, fueling much of her material and output. In the past she worked as a journalist, something which she was able to later put back into her work, as she used this trade to refine and hone her craft and voice.

Using a reporting style previously, it is possible to see echoes of this in her work now, as she has a keen eye for detail and a strong talent for ensuring everything fits into place. Not only is the location of Jersey and its beaches fully realized though, but her characters are well rounded and three dimensional as well, something which she has also brought over from her previous journalism days.

Honoring Family Traditions Through Culinary Cozies

Currently working as an English teacher by day, she focuses on her novels at night when she comes home, two roles that have become intertwined over the years. Still living in Jersey to this day she continues to both write and teach, whilst taking walks along the shoreline when looking for inspiration or just simply appreciating the area.

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She has three grown sons and she lives with her husband together in Jersey with their dog called Lucy, as they all take walks down the Asbury Park boardwalk, with day and weekend trips to Sea Bright and Cape May. With plenty more books set to be released on the horizon it appears she is not stopping anytime soon, something which will continue for some time yet as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength. Writing Career Winning a large number of awards for her various books over the years, she has managed to garner a lot of acclaim throughout her career as a writer.

Gaining not just critical success, she has also gained commercial success as well, with many of her books managing to reach the top of best-seller lists as well. Voted for a Best Cozy of by Suspense Magazine she has also gained the National Bestselling Designation, clearly showing that she is respected by her peers and contemporaries, as well as the general public.

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With her love of Miss Marple novels and the Nancy Drew mysteries, she has been able to build herself a career from female oriented mystery that has worked extremely well. As this looks set to continue, she will carry on writing into the foreseeable future, as he books continue to attract and delight readers worldwide from all walks of life.

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The Wedding Soup Murder This was set as the second title in the Italian Kitchen Mystery series, a franchise that has run for three novels so far and counting, as this was first released in on the 2nd of September. Combining her love of cozy mysteries and the Italian culture once again, Rosie Genova has managed to capture the essence of what made the first title work for a second time.

With its suspense filled narrative, it easily evokes the style and charm of the area, whilst simultaneously keeping its readers gripped right until the last page. Will she be able to manage it all?

Italophile Book Reviews: Murder and Marinara (Italian Kitchen Mystery) by Rosie Genova

Where will the killer strike next? Who is behind the wedding soup murder? A Dish Best Served Cold Carrying on directly from the last, this was 4th of August, , the following year, as it continued the narrative with it being the third book in the Italian Kitchen Mystery series. With the characters returning again as well, it manages to provide more of their backstory, developing the franchise and the world it inhabits even further.