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Happy the man who does this daily and hourly, for his reward will be great. We can, therefore, implicitly trust in the doctrines of the enlightened Kabbalists, when they assert that the Almighty accorded equal talents and powers to the Psalms as he did to the Thora, and that in them many names of the Most High Majesty of God and his angels, besides, many mysteries, are hidden.

Yes, dear reader, you must not doubt. Through a pious life and by a rational use of the Psalms you may obtain the grace of God, the favor of princes and magistrates and the love of your fellow-men.

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But the correctness of it is also established by the teachings of the Talmud and of the old wise men, who assure us, that many of our famous forefathers availed themselves of apparently supernatural means from time to time, to protect their best interests. The truth of this I can establish by the most trustworthy witnesses; yea, I could even mention some great men, who, by a proper use of the Psalms, performed great works.

Such examples are rare. Let it suffice. As for example, to cast out evil spirits, to relieve deep melancholy and to cure grievous diseases; to set free prisoners who have been unjustly imprisoned; to arrest and resist enemies, opponents, murderers, and highway robbers; to quench the fiercest fires; to resist floods of water, to defend innocence and to reveal, it, and to foster good fortune, well-being and peace in a general manner.

Read the treatise on this subject, of the excellent Rabbi Schimschon bar Abraham, in his book entitled Responsiones Raschaba. Do not, however, be discouraged for I am really endeavoring to promote your best interests and shield you from harm. If you are willing to avail yourself of the means indicated, I warn you not to attempt it in a case of extreme necessity, and when there is no other help at hand.

The ordained Psalm, for this or the other undertaking, besides the appropriate prayer, you must pray with a broken and contrite heart to God, and in addition to this, keep in mind the added holy name with its letters, which are given the wise Kabbalists. At the same time you must have your undertaking continually before your eyes. I must say to you, if you wish to console yourself with this help, that you must live in such a manner that no crime or willful sin can trouble your conscience, for it is well known, that the prayer of the ungodly is not acceptable to God. And herewith I commit you to the protection of the Most High.

Psalm 1. The holy name is called , Eel Chad , which signifies, great, strong, only God, and is taken from the four following words: Aschre , verse 1; Lo , verse 4; Jatzliach , verse 3; Vederech , verse 6. Admonition of the Translator. He can pray, read and write everything in his mother tongue; only the holy name of God and the angels that may occur in the experiment, must, under all circumstances, be written and retained in the mind in the Hebrew tongue for they must in no case be uttered , because, on the contrary, a wrong direction might otherwise easily be given to the experiment, and consequently it would lose all its holiness, worth, and efficiency.

With this pronunciation we must all be well satisfied, and, therefore, I must write all similar words and names, from the letters of which the holy names are taken, in Hebrew. In order, however, that the reader may read all similar occurring names and words in his mind and retain them, I have written all the Hebrew words with English letters together with their meaning.

Psalm 2. The words, the letters of which constitute this holy name, are taken from Rageschu , verse 1; 4 Nossedu , verse 2; and Jozer , 5 verse 9. EE: Jozes. The prayer is as follows: "Let it be, Oh Schaddei! Almighty God! Thy holy will, that the raging of the storm and the roaring of the waves may cease, and that the proud billows may be stilled. Lead us, oh, all-merciful Father, to the place of our destination in safety and in good health, for only with Thee is power and might. Thou alone canst help, and Thou wilt surely help to the honor and glory of Thy name.

This Psalm is also an effectual remedy against raging headache. The direction is as follows: Write the first eight verses of this Psalm together with the holy name and appropriate prayer, upon pure parchment, and hang it upon the neck of the patient; then pray over him the Psalm with the prayer arranged for it.

Do this in humble devotion, and the sufferer will be relieved. Psalm 3. The holy name is: 6 Adon Lord , and is found in the words: Weattae verse 3; Baadi , verse 3; Hekizoti , verse 5; and Hascheini , verse 7. The prayer is as follows: Adon Lord of the world may it please thee to be my physician and helper. Heal me and relieve me from my severe headache and backache, because I can find help only with Thee, and only with Thee is counsel and action to be found. S reads "ShDVN" rascal which is clearly an error. Psalm 4. The prayer is as follows: May it please Thee, oh, Jiheje , to prosper my ways, steps and doings.

Grant that my desire may be amply fulfilled, and let my wishes be satisfied even this day, for the sake of Thy great, mighty and praiseworthy name. Again, if you have a cause to bring before high magistrates or princes, you must pray this Psalm and the closing prayer arranged for it, seven times in succession before the rising of the Sun.

By the Translator. I must be permitted in this place to insert another caution. When it is said N. Psalm 5. Psalm 6. The prayer is as follows: Jehovah my Father, may it please Thee, for the sake of the great, mighty, holy and adorable name, Jeschajah Baal Hatschna , that is, Help is with the Lord, for he is the Lord of help, he can help, which name is contained in this Psalm, heal me from my diseases, infirmities, and from the pain of my eyes, for thine is the power and the help, and thou alone art mighty enough to help; of this I am certain, and therefore I trust in thee.

Further it is said: If a traveler encounters danger by land or sea, he shall, when there is no other help to hope for, pray this Psalm seven times, and each time with full confidence in the mighty and sure help of the Almighty, and add thereto: Jeschajah , Lord of help! Hear me for the sake of thy great and most holy name, for thine is the power and the help. Psalm 7. EE: "Al bam, and the letters must be transposed. S misreads IDNI. The prayer is as follows: Oh, Eel Elijon! Eel Elion , mine enemy, N.

After this prayer, pour the water upon a spot at your enemy's residence, or at a place where he must pass over it, and by doing this you will overcome him. If you have a case to decide before the court, and you have reasons to fear an unfavorable or partial verdict, then pray this Psalm slowly before you appear in the presence of the judge, thinking at the same time of Eel Elijon and of the righteousness of your cause, and as you approach the judge pray as follows: Oh, Eel Elijon! Give unto my words power and strength and let me find favor. Psalm 8. The prayer reads as follows: May it please thee, Oh Rechmial Eel to grant that I may obtain love, grace, and favor in the eyes of men according to thy holy will.

Psalm 9. This Psalm should also be prayed against the power and malignity of enemies. In the first instance write this Psalm, with its holy name, upon pure parchment, with a new pen, and hang it around the patient's neck. Make him whole in soul, body, and mind, and release him during his life from all plagues, injury, and danger, and be thou his helper. EE: Haojeff. Psalm The closing prayer may be as follows: Adorable, mighty and holy God Pele! Turn away from me all that is evil, and protect me from the persecution of evil men, for the sake of the great name Pele.

The prayer is as follows: Almighty Father, my God Awieel! Amen — Selah. According to tradition this Psalm is also a good cure for dangerous and painful diseases of the eyes. The patient must procure a plant that is good for the eyes, and with this must pray this Psalm with a suitable prayer, trusting firmly in the certain help of the mighty Essiel, and then bind the plant upon his eyes.

The prayer is as follows: "May it please thee, Oh Eel emmet , to grant me grace, love and favor with all men whose help I need. Hear me for the sake of thy name. The prayer which must be repeated during the process of washing, is as follows: May it be thy will, O God, to restore N. He who otherwise prays this Psalm with reverence will be generally received with great favor.

The prayer is as follows: Let it be thy will, Eel Chai , the Living God to make known the name of the thief, who stole from me here name that which was stolen. Grant that the name of the thief, if it is among the names, may arise before thy eyes, and thus be made known to mine and all others who are present, that thy name may be glorified: grant it for the sake of thy holy name. Finally, it is said, that the daily praying of this Psalm will change enemies into friends, and will disperse all pain and sorrow.

TEXT Psalm The prayer is as follows: May it be thy holy will, Oh, Jah, Jenora, to make my journey prosperous, to lead me in pleasant paths, to protect me from all evil, and to bring me safely back to my loved ones, for thy mighty and adorable name's sake. The prayer is the following: "Mighty, all-merciful and compassionate God, Eel Jah!

Hear me for the sake of thy most holy name, Eel Jah. The prayer is as follows: Lord of heaven and earth! May it please thee graciously to be with this parturient, N. Finally, it is claimed that this Psalm is effectual in driving away evil spirits. It is necessary, however, to pray this Psalm, with the holy name and an appropriate prayer, seven times over the person possessed of the evil spirit. EE: Hashamaijim v. Are you summoned to appear before the judge in person, in a judicial trial, you should avail yourself of the above means shortly beforehand, and by so doing you will surely be justified and depart without restraint.

The prayer in the last case is as follows: Lord and judge of all the World! Thou holdest the hearts of all men in thy power and movest them according to thy holy will; grant that I may find grace and favor in the sight of my judges and those placed above me in power, and dispose their hearts to my best interests.

Grant that I may be favored with a reasonable and favorable verdict, that I may be justified by it, and that I may freely go from hence. Thou rulest the pride of the foaming and roaring sea, and calmest the terrible noise of the waves. Should he travel by water neither pirates nor storms can harm him, and if he travels by land he will be safe from harm, by beasts and men. The EE, following Scheible, reads "33", but this is actually verse 32 according to the Hebrew numbering — the last word of the Psalm. EE: Napschi. EE: Aasch Bechar. Psalms 24 and Whoever repeats these Psalms daily in the morning with feelings of devotion, will escape from the greatest danger, and the devastating flood will not harm him.

Remark by the Translator. Since the author has neither a holy name nor prayer for the above Psalm, it may be presumed that the frequent repetition of the Psalm is sufficient for all purposes intended. Remarks by the Translator. With this Psalm also there is no prescribed prayer given. This Psalm and the following are also without a prescribed prayer.

With this Psalm will be found neither holy name nor prayer. At the time of a general famine, the inhabitants of the afflicted district should pray this Psalm with united hearts and powers, and they will surely be heard. EE: Hejozer. Even so this Psalm is highly recommended to each traveler, for if he prays it diligently he will surely finish his journey in safety.

Psalms 38 and Pray these Psalms and their holy name seven times with great devotion, and fast the entire day. Psalms 41 to Your enemies will be put to shame and you will be unscathed. The 42nd Psalm possesses this peculiar characteristic. Psalms 45 and The saying is, namely: Whoever has a scolding wife, let him pronounce the 45th Psalm over pure olive oil, and anoint his body with it, when his wife, in the future, will be more lovable and friendly.

Psalms 49 and EE: Schimma. EE: Adaw. EE: Wikas. EE omits the rest of the sentence. It is asserted that whosoever wears the 50th Psalm, written as above described, upon his person, will be safe from all danger, and escape from all the machinations of robbers. Psalms 53 to The prayer is as follows: Lord, my Father and the Father of mine, mighty God!

May it please thee for the sake of thy great, holy, and adorable name, Paltioel , to release me from the Jezer Harra from my evil desires and passions and from all evil thoughts and acts , as thou didst the author of this Psalm when he prayed to thee. As for the rest, neither holy name nor especial prayer have been considered necessary. Psalm lxix. Psalms 67 and The first should be prayed in a protracted case of fever, or in severe imprisonment.

The second, on the contrary, should be prayed over a vessel filled with water upon which the Sun never shone, in a low voice, and in the name of the patient, and then work his body with the water, and the evil spirit will depart from him. Psalms 69 and After having prayed this Psalm over the water he should drink of it. The second should be prayed by him who desires to conquer his enemies. Neither of these two Psalms have prescribed holy name or prayer. Psalms 73 to The 73rd Psalm should be repeated reverently seven times daily by those who are compelled to sojourn in a heathen, idolatrous or infidel country, and by doing so, no one need feel afraid that he will be induced to deny his faith.

The frequent and earnest prayer of the 74th Psalm is said to defeat the persecution embittered by enemies, and will frustrate the oppressions of the self-mighty, wealth-seeking, hard-hearted people, and will at the same time bring them to a terrible end. The devout prayer of the 75th Psalm 54 will effect the forgiveness of sins.

The 76th Psalm is said to be the quickest and most effective defense against danger from fire and water. Whosoever prays the 77th Psalm daily will not be overtaken by want or danger. Whosoever prays the 78th Psalm earnestly and often, will be beloved and respected by kings and princes and will receive favor from them.

The frequent prayer of the 79th Psalm , it is said, is fatal to enemies and opponents. The constant and industrious prayer of 80th and 81st Psalms is said to be a happy means of saving men from falling into unbelief and saves them also from other errors. You should write the 83rd Psalm properly, upon pure parchment, and suspend it around your neck, and by so doing you will abide safely in war, avoiding defeat and captivity. If you should, however, be overcome, your captors will not harm you, for even in captivity no harm can befall you.

S: Vajischeiha. EE omits this entire paragraph. Psalms 86 to But you will be still more secure when such a danger should arise, if you pray the following 91st Psalm in connection with the 90th, at one and the same time. EE omits the rest of this paragraph. These last two words are also from verse 1. Wilt thou presently send him health and let him be perfectly restored.

Hear his prayer as thou once did that of thy servant Moses when he prayed this Psalm. Again write this Psalm in connection with the last verse of the previous Psalm upon clean parchment, and conceal it behind the door of your house, and you will be secure from all evil accidents. Kabbalists ascribe to this Psalm when taken in connection with the above verse, the most wonderful virtue, when it is used in accordance with the nature of existing circumstances, and when it is combined with other scriptural passages, holy names of angels, characters and prayers, it is said, for example:.

Prayer through which all distress, danger and suffering may be turned aside. The vow may consist in fasting, giving alms, or in the daily reading of several chapters of the Holy Scriptures, Psalms, of the Zohar, 68 or of the Talmud, releasing of captives, nursing the sick and burying the dead. Praised art thou, Jehovah , thou who hearest prayer.

S: Jehovah Adonei. S does not transcribe this name, and EE omits the name entirely. S: des Sohars; EE: Sohar. And now, whoever will punctually observe the foregoing instructions three days in succession, in full trust in the mighty help of God, he may rest assured of the assistance which he desires. The following are the names: Veaa,.

And now, he who observes all these things to the very letter, and who can keep in his memory all the letters, points, or vowels, he shall be safe from all danger, and shall be as strong as steel, so that no firearms can harm him. The extraordinary powers ascribed to the 91st Psalm may all be right and proper enough, but it is to be regretted that the reader cannot avail himself of its benefits, especially in the last experiment, because all the recorded holy names consist of the first letter of all the words of the 91st Psalm, and likewise of the 23rd and 28th verses of Exodus, chapter xii.

It is, therefore, impossible to pronounce this name properly, neither can it be translated into English or into any other language. If any one, notwithstanding the difficulties attending the use of this Psalm, should desire to avail himself of its virtues, then he must undertake the burdensome task of learning the Hebrew language, or he must write it, and wear it upon his heart as an amulet.

He will also, in a wonderful mariner, advance from one post of honor to another. The proper use of this Psalm, it is said will surely win him his cause. Let my prayer arise to thee as did the sweet smell of incense from the altar of incense, and let me behold thy wonderful power. Psalms 96 and Whosoever will pray these two Psalms three times daily, will cause his family great joy and contentment.

EE: Hawn. S omits the transcription of this name, and EE omits it entirely. EE: Aetodah. Psalms and Remarks of the Translator. Generally, however, the Jews understood the term to mean the Devil, and with its connections in this place the word must mean original sin and the propensity to commit sin.

Psalms to Be careful, however that you do not sprinkle a single drop upon yourself when in the act of pouring it out. TEXT Psalms and Through praying the th Psalm a man may acquire many friends without the necessity of keeping constantly in mind any special holy name.

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Neither of these Psalms has a peculiar holy name. If you desire success in your trade or business, write this Psalm with its appropriate holy name upon clean parchment, and carry it about your person constantly in a small bag prepared especially for this purpose. If any one has made a vow, which has become burdensome to fulfill, it will be easy for him to keep his promise. Schuwniel , turn me, again, mighty God! Mupiel means: Out of the mouth of the mighty God namely, let me attend upon the decrees of thy laws, as if I heard and received them from the mouth of God himself.

Finally, the following must also be written upon the egg: Open and enlarge my heart and understanding, that I may hear and comprehend everything that I read, and that I may never forget it. All this must be done on a Thursday evening, after fasting the entire day, and then the egg must be inserted whole into the mouth, and when it is eaten, the four first verses of this division must be repeated three times in succession.

On the other hand, however, if a man must avail himself of the advice and assistance of many persons in order to accomplish an undertaking successfully, he should repeat this division ten times. A sinful being, who has become so much accustomed to commit sin and vice, that he cannot refrain from them, notwithstanding his best resolutions, should write these eight verses upon parchment prepared from a clean deer skin, or cause them thus to be written, place it in a bag prepared for this purpose and hang it around his neck, so that he will carry it continually upon his breast.

If you have been led into an undertaking that promises evil results, through the misrepresentations of evil counsellors, repeat this division eighteen times, and you will find means to withdraw from the undertaking without injury to yourself. Pronounce these eight verses properly, specially, and reverently over the sick person and he will convalesce. These eight verses should be pronounced in a low and conjuring voice over a quantity of rose-oil and the injury anointed with the oil.

Finally, it is stated at the end of this Psalm, that whosoever is afflicted with a tearing pain in both arms, in the sides, and in the legs at one and the same time, should repeat this whole Psalm in the following order: 1. The eight verses of the letter Aleph; of Tau and Beth. Those of the letter Schin. The division of the letter Gimmel. The eight verses of the letter Resh. The division of the letter Daleth. That of the letter Kuf. The eight verses of the letter He. Those of the letter Zain.

The division of the letter Vau. The eight verses of the letter Pe. The division of the letter Zain. The division of the letter Ain. The eight verses of the letter Cheth. Those of the letter Tamech. Those of the letter Teth. Of Nun. The eight verses of the letter Jud, and finally, This remedy has been tried, and has proved infallible. Should any one become afflicted with tearing pains in the loins, make for him, at the conclusion of this Psalm, knots, combinations, or magical knots in water, with or under the names of: Adam, Seth, Enoch, Canaan, Mahalleel, Jared, Methusaleh, Lamech, Noah, Shem.

Also, pray this Psalm each time that you are present in church, and you will obtain a blessing. A heavy sleep will overcome them, so that they will not be conscious of your presence. His pride will receive a certain check. Finally, the author adds the following as a supplement: I.

Whoever prays the five appended verses daily and hourly to God, will receive grace from God and man, and will obtain prosperity and blessing in all his undertakings. The verses must be spoken in the following order: Psalm cxxi. A truly mysterious wonder-working formula is contributed by the celebrated Kabbalist Raf Amram, which is said to possess the especial virtue to protect and defend him, who, after the morning prayer, prays it with proper reverence during a whole day of twenty-four hours, whether at home or on a journey, from all evil power or accident, from robbery, murder, and injury by guns, or other weapons.

No man will be able to attack him or to injure him, and no gun can harm him. This wonderful saying is as follows: See and know, that I am He! I am He, and besides me there is no other God. I am He, who can kill and make alive; I wound, and I am he that can heal, and no one can escape my hand or my power. For I stretch out my hand toward heaven that is, I swear by heaven , and say: I am He that liveth forever. Who is like unto thee; a people whose help is Jehovah. He is the breastplate of thy help, and the strong sword of thy pride. Thy enemies will deny themselves before thee that is, will hide themselves or retreat from thee , but thou wilt stand in their high places.

Lord of the earth let it be agreeable to thy holy will to command thy angels to protect me and defend me in all my ways. EE: Taftian. The above Hebrew words are Kabbalistic names of angels, and are very hard to understand, and yet harder to translate. According to this, there are under the power of this field-general all cannons, howitzers, mortars, guns, rifles, pistols, all lances, spears, sabers, swords, and dirks in the whole world, and whenever he thinks proper, none of these will be able to do the least harm. Whoever, therefore, knows how to obtain the favor of the mighty Alimon , 4 it will be very easy for him to make himself invulnerable against gun-shot wounds and against sharp instruments of all kinds.

The words Riwtip 5 and Tafthia 6 are also full of mysterious meaning and are the names of two angels who are servants of Alimon. This means has been tried and tested, says the author, "and I have tried it myself on occasions and at places where my life and limbs were in danger, and at each trial, with the help of God, I escaped without injury. It is truly a blessed remedy! THE REMEDY IS: After you have offered your devoted traveling prayer to God, early before commencing your journey, leave your lodging or dwelling, and when you arrive on the highway upon which you intend to travel, stand still and cover your eyes with the fingers of your right hand in the following manner: Lay the index finger on the right eye, the middle finger on the nose, and the third finger on the left eye, and then say three times.

Through the word of Almighty God. But then also the following passages from the holy scriptures, Genesis, chap. And when Jacob saw them, he said, This is God's host, and he called the name of that place Mahanaim," that is, two hosts or camps, namely, God's and his own.

Deuteronomy, chap, xxxii. My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass. And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said, Rise up, Lord, and let thine enemies be scattered, and let them that hate thee flee before thee. And when it rested, he said, Return, O Lord, unto the many thousands of Israel. All that were mustered of the camp of Ephraim were a hundred thousand, and eight thousand and a hundred throughout their armies, and they shall go forward in the third rank.

Here is another mysterious means of protection for travelers furnished by this author, but in a different manner. In the Scheible edition German language but published in New York this section has 12 sections: sections being on pp. From Dr. Vienna: Das Transcendentale, Magie und magische Heilarten im Talmud , 8. Wien, He was a prominent Jewish scholar and physician.

EE mistakenly reads Brechee. That the Cosmos constitutes an organic whole, whose separate parts operate upon and in opposition to each other, was well known to the ancients. Man, as the highest individuality on the earth, which served the ancients as the centre of the universe, reflects in his being as a microcosm, the macrocosm.

In that place it is said: Three principal letters, Aleph, Mem, Schin , correspond in the earth with air, water and fire; in man with the breast, belly, and head; in the year with mild temperature, cold and heat. The remaining twelve simple letters correspond in the world with Aries, the Bull, the Twins, the Crab, the Lion, the Virgin, the Balance, the Scorpion, the Bowman, the Goat, the Waterman, the Fishes; in man, the organs of sight, hearing, smelling, speaking, tasting, copulating, to put things in motion the hands , to feel anger, to laugh, and to sleep; and in the year to the twelve months.

The spheres of the stars is like a king in the country; the heart of man is like unto a king in battle. S: Das Buch Jezira. EE: Jeziro. This is one of the earliest and most important of the books of the Kabbalah. While it is not a section of the Talmud, it is mentioned therein Sanhedrin 65b. The Tali, the ecliptic, and the heart, are the points of concentration and digression of the primum movens 3 of the Macro- 4 and Microcosm. The Tali, already mentioned, is declared by all the ancients, and among others by Rabbi Jehuda Hallewi, 5 "to be the Dragon known in astronomy which the Arabs call Goshar.

The Gymnosophists termed the distance of the Moon at the point of her intersection in the ecliptic, Patona Chandera: "The offended dragon" which, however, seems impossible, for the book of Yetzirah gives the Tali as the primum movens First Mover of the whole universe. Accordingly the Tali can be nothing else than the world serpent Seschat Adiseschen Wasughi 7 of the ancient Hindus, which served them as a symbol of the Divine protection and of eternity.

EE: Primum mevens. EE follows S in reading "Makro. Jehuda Hallewi Jewish poet, physician, and philosopher. EE: Hallawi. EE: Bashar. Also spelled "Vasuki. EE: Adischen Wasughl. We have much less to do with the question how man as the Microcosm, through his spiritual powers, which he can bring into action through his will and through the mighty word operates on the whole universe, than with the physical and especially with the magical influence of the whole universe upon man as the part of nature. Admitting this constant struggle of man with surrounding nature, the book of Yetzirah compares as already stated, the heart, as the fountain of life, to a king in battle, who in the beginning overpowers and subdues his enemies, but who notwithstanding, succumbs to the strife in the end.

Among these may be classed, menstruation in women, the different phases of worm diseases according to the different phases of the Moon, the increase and decrease of certain cutaneous diseases, etc. Reil 9 mentions, that the influence of the Moon in causing dysentery has been recognized by many eminent physicians, who, it is said, have observed that the attacks of dysentery are more frequent in new moon and full moon than at any other periods. The Brahmins also give warning against the new moon. Kant says: "It is a strong argument in favor of the hypothesis, that the Moon influences diseases, from the fact that the deaths from fever in Bengal were greatly multiplied during an eclipse of the Sun, etc.

The influence of the light of the Sun and the Moon upon humanity must have been evident in the earliest period, and it was soon admitted that it affected mightily both the well-being of man, and his frame of mind, as well as the exhibitions of the various temperaments. Acknowledging the injurious effects of the Sun and Moon, the Psalmist says: "The Sun will not harm by day, neither the Moon by night. Abaii 11 says: The prophet speaks of the healing Sun, for the rays of the Sun possess healing powers.

The Talmud says: "God hung a precious stone around the neck of Abraham; all they that were sick and gazed thereon became well. But the Ancients also recognized a physical influence of the rest of the planets and the whole host of stars upon man. God said: No, thy son shall be thy heir. Then spake God and said: Get thee away from thy astrology, the Israelite is not subjected to the constellations.

On the writing table of Rabbi Jehoschua ben Levi 13 was found written, says the Talmud: "Whoever is born on Sunday will be distinguished above others. Light and darkness were created on the Sabbath. He who is born on Monday will always be a passionate man, for on this day the waters were divided. Whoever is born on Tuesday will become rich and given to pleasure; on this day all herbs were created. Whoever is born on Wednesday will be wise and happy: on this day the stars of the firmament were created. He who is born oh Thursday will be constantly employed in works of love.

Whoever is born on Friday will become active in good works. Whoever is born oft the Sabbath will also die on the Sabbath, because the Sabbath was desecrated on his account. Raba, the son of 14 Rabbi Schila adds: He will be called holy. Rabbi Chanina 15 said to his pupils: Go to the son of Levi, and say: Not the constellation of the day has an influence but the stars of the hour of birth.

He that is born under the influence of the Sun is gifted with beauty, eats and drinks of his own possessions, but his secrets will become known; should he become a thief, he will be unlucky. He who is born under the influence of the Moon will learn to bear hardships. He builds and moves in, moves in and builds, eat and drinks of the possessions of the stranger; his secrets remain hidden, and as a thief he will be fortunate.

He who is born under Saturn 16 will find all his plans perverted and defeated. The plans of others against him, however, will also be defeated. Whoever is born under the influence of Jupiter will become a just man. He who is born under the influence of Mars will become a shedder of blood. Rabbi Asche asserts this. He will either become a robber or a butcher. Abaii 17 adds, "or a judge. S: Rabbi Jehoschna ben Lewi. EE: Rabbi Jeheschna. EE omits "son of". EE reads "Chancna," omitting the "Rabbi". EE: Mercury! EE: Abam. We observe that the Talmud regards the sidereal nature of man as a hypostatic 18 being of itself.

The most distinguished persons were their own star, and thus, according to the Talmud, the star of the field-general Sisra was called Meroz. Judges v. The siderealism of the proselytes was present at Sinai. Upon the constellation, says Raba, depend — the blessing of children, longevity, success in life. Job cursed his constellations. Since the fate of man is fixed beforehand by the constellation, no injury can take effect upon him, neither can an accidental death come upon him. If, therefore, a man meets serpents or scorpions by which he is attacked, if he destroys them, then let him be assured that they were predestined to be destroyed by him, although he may regard the act as a miracle.

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The Talmud even sets up a problem from these premises as to whether such persons have the same marks, as moles, for instance. The conjunction of the planets, eclipse of the Sun and Moon, exercise a great influence upon vegetables and upon man. The first hour of Saturday evening between six and seven o'clock is that of Mercury. The second is that of the Moon. The third that of Saturn. The fourth that of Jupiter. The fifth that of, Mars.

The sixth that of the Sun. The seventh that of Venus. The eighth hour, again, is that of Mercury, etc. The Rabbis teach: That an eclipse of the Sun is an evil sign for all people. Rabbi Meir taught, that eclipses of the heavenly bodies were an evil sign, for the Israelites especially, because they were accustomed to misfortune. If the master enters the school with a rod in his hand, who is afraid? The Rabbis teach, that an eclipse of the Sun is an evil sign also for the rest of the nations; an eclipse of Moon for the Israelites, for they reckon their time from the Moon and other nations from the Sun.

When the Sun appears blood red it portends war. If the Sun has a grayish appearance it is a sign of famine. When an eclipse occurs at sundown it is a sign that the Judgment is yet far off; if at sunrise, it is an omen of the near approach of the Judgment. According to others, these omens signify the reverse of what is stated above.

A general calamity never overtakes a people in which their heavenly prince protecting spirit does not suffer defeat with them. If, however, Israel walks according to the will of God, it will have nothing to fear of this kind. The other heavenly lights will be darkened on account of the making of counterfeit money; on account of false witness; when forcible possession is taken of a stranger's property, or when fruit trees are unnecessarily cut down.

Dies nefasti Lat. These were days on which no public business could be transacted. Samuel teaches, that the time for blessing is Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday a man should not be bled, because on this day Mars rules the hour. The paired exact number is likewise an ominous omen, since with it the demons have power Pessach , and accidents are imminent.

The order of hours in which they rule, begins with the creation of the heavenly lights, namely, in the first hour Wednesday with us between six and seven o'clock. In this hour Saturn rules, in the second Jupiter; in the third, Mars, etc. This cycle continues forever. According to this order we find that the planets rule in the first hour of each night in the following order: Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, namely, in the first hour at the close of Sunday.

Mercury, the first hour of the night on Monday; Jupiter, etc. According to this order, in the first hours of the week days are ruled further by the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. The first hour, on Sunday morning is ruled by the Sun; the first hour on Monday by the Moon, and Tuesday morning by Mars.

Mars will rule again on the same day in the eighth hour, a direct hour. On other days his rule will not occur on a direct hour, but only during the night when it is not customary to be bled. The last rules also in the sixth hour, upon follows the answer, that on Saturday many people are in the habit of being bled, and "God protects the simple.

EE: Mars. EE: "Only he who can enjoy the savings of his parents EE: Racht. So likewise on a fourth, which has no four after it, that is, on a Wednesday after which no four days will intervene until new moon. At new moon, and three days thereafter, bleeding is enervating; on the third day after new moon it is known to be dangerous. As in the ancient world diseases were regarded as the work of the angry gods and malicious demons, so there were, as in the present day by nations in a state of nature, but few magical remedies employed to secure the assistance of demons or to render them harmless.

Sanchuniaton 23 declares that the children of the Kabirists could heal the venomous bite by their songs. The Brahmins regarded diseases as a punishment for sins committed in the present life or in earlier life. The cures consisted of expiation through prayer, alms, exorcisms, but also rational means.

All diseases, says the Brahmin, are the result of evil demons, and can only be healed by purification, through sorcery. Ormuzd awakened the great prophet Hom, from whom all the Magi 24 originated. The medical heroes of the Grecian primitive world were at the same time poets, lawgivers, generals, and astronomers.

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S: die Magier. EE: magicians. Haoma is both a spiritual being Yazad and a plant which has healing properties and is used for ritual purposes both in Zoroastrian and Hindu orthopraxy. The Sanskrit equivalent is "Soma. Of the cures of spiritual men and prophets we have already spoken. The prophets were unanimous in applying natural means, prayer, and blessing. Rabbi Yitzchak 26 said: Four things destroy the evil passions of man, namely, alms, prayer, change of name, and repentance.

According to other authors, also, change of place. He made use of a root that was recommended by King Solomon as being effectual against demoniacal disease, when the root was inserted into the nose of the patient, at the same time pronouncing the name of Solomon and the magical formula which this king taught. The Gnostics herein followed the example of the prophets. The theosophical-medical sect of the Essenes 27 sought out the power of roots, herbs and stones for healing purposes, and at the same time attempted to heal diseases by living a devout life and by a total surrender of themselves into the idea of God, and by this means they also sought to perform wonders.

The magical Logos, who derives his analogy or origin from the exalted and holy word Oum of the Brahmins, we find again in the Book of Yetzirah , 28 where we read i.

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Only man makes a distinction between the will and the act; with God these two are identical. Among the languages and writings this peculiarity may be noticed, that some specify the existence of things particularly, while others do so in a general manner. The holy language, however, with which God called the universe into being, demonstrates the prime existence of all things with the utmost definiteness. Whoever, therefore, is acquainted with the original signification of the scriptures, and grasps with pure thought the existence of the thing intended, he can, in accordance with his thoughts and his will, will the things into being.

Rabbi Jonathan says: "The time will come when the pious will bring the dead to life. Gechasie caused the golden image of the bull to speak, by imprinting upon his lips a "name. Talmud , Rosh Hashanah, fol. EE follows S in reading "Rabbi Jitzchak. EE: Jeriza. S: Halewi. EE: Halcive. EE: Benajahn ben Jehojada. Asmodeus, who also appears in Tobit Some rabbinic sources name him as king of the demons Targ. This demon is ultimately derived from the Zoroastrian demon Aeshma-daeva "demon of wrath". EE: Asmedi. He uttered something, and his body was covered with scabs and boils. She also did something and he became whole; then he fled and concealed himself," etc.

The Talmud, in general, forbids sorcery, heathen superstition, and heathen usages. To these belong the charming of wounds and injuries, with which, notwithstanding the exorcism, a verse of the Bible was made use of; the charming of snakes and scorpions. The following usages especially, were given as being heathenish.

To suspend the egg of a grasshopper on the ear to cure earache. To carry the tooth of a fox to promote sleep; the tooth of a dead fox was used to prevent drowsiness, and the tooth of a living fox caused sleep. The bearing of the splinter from a gallows, to cure a wound caused by iron. The proverb: "Good fortune! Amos viii. To have luck, People call to the male raven: "Shriek!

If any one says: "Kill this cock, for he crows late in the evening, or kill this hen, for she crows like a cock. I drink and leave some over; I drink and leave some over so that the wine may increase. Whoever dashes the shells of eggs against the wall out of which the young chickens have already crept, so that they may not die. He who stirs in a crock before the young chickens for the same purpose. Whoever, for the same purpose dances before the chickens and count seventy-one chickens.

Dancing during the preparation of a meal. To cry out during the boiling of grain. To urinate before the pot to facilitate cooking. The Talmud not only adopts this view of Abaye's but it forbade to dwell in a place where no physician could be met with. If again, on the other hand, we read in the Talmud that King Chiskia [Hezekiah], suffered the Book of Healing to be destroyed, and for this act was praised by the Rabbis, then that book, as is supposed by Maimonides, contained simply superstitious astrological and idolatrous remedies, which the pious king sought to consign to oblivion, of which, however, a large portion found their way into the hands of the people, and in time also became a common benefit to the more enlightened.

The words written on the amulet were of a diversified character; among the contents, however, were to be found verses from the Bible. If it is expected to be effectual, it must have reference to the name and number of the demon. Thus, for example, the demons of the caper-tree are called spirits; of a service-tree, Shedim ; 3 in the gardens, Rispe. At the caper-tree not less than sixty Shedim congregate, and the amulet must therefore have reference to this number.

EE: Proof is called an amulet, since cures have been effected through it three times, whether it was written or whether it consisted of roots. Shedim is a generic word for spirit. S, EE: Schedim. A string made of the seeds of the madder was hung upon children as a protection against certain diseases. The nurse of Abbaii taught him: Three grains will check the disease, five will cure, and seven will prove effectual against sorcery.

Rabbi Acha bar Jacob remarks: The last is true only when the bewitched person is not exposed to the light of the Sun or Moon, or to rain, and when he does not hear the ringing of iron, the crowing of the cock, or the sound of footsteps. Rabbi Nachmann bar Yitzchak says that this remedy was already forgotten in his time. The nurse of Abbaii taught him: "All numbering naming? Abbaii says farther: If the number is fixed it should be strictly adhered to without deviation; if the number is not fixed, it is forty-one.

As anti-heathenish customs the four following things are allowed: 1. To place the splinter of a mulberry-tree or fragments of glass into the pot in order to make the mess boil more readily. The Rabbis, however, forbade the fragment of glass on account of the danger of swallowing in with the food. If a piece of bone gets stuck in one's throat, then take a piece of the same bone, put it to it on the head, and say: If it is a fishbone, say: 5 Against intoxication: Anoint the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet of the drunken person with a mixture of oil and salt, and say: As the ointment becomes pure, so may the senses become clean; or, lay the bung of a barrel in the water and say: As the bung becomes clean, etc.

Let the color not become redder; let it not spread further, let the seed be absorbed in the bowels. And as a mule does not propagate its species, so may this evil be not propagated in the body of N. Charm against smallpox: Which is roughly: Drawn sword and pointed sling.

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His name is not Jacob, the pain rages. Charm against injury inflicted by demons of by-places: Which is roughly: Upon the head of the lion, and in the nose of the lioness, I found the demon Bar Schirka Panda. I threw him into a fish-bed and slew him with the jawbone of an ass. To make evil dreams good, three men recited certain consoling verses from the Bible.

Ben Asai says: Do not irritate your anus while sitting down in order to obtain a passage from the bowels, for he who does this will be attacked by sorcery, even though he were engaged in Spain. If a man, however, has done so in a mistake, after an evacuation, let him pronounce the following charm:.

Rabbi Chanina says: To drink one-eighth ounce of ass's milk, which is forty days old, is effective against the sting of a wasp; one quart against the sting of a scorpion; one-half quart against sorcery, and the drinking of fluids that have been open and exposed. BT Shabbath b: "R. Johanan said: Elaiogaron, kangad, and theriac are efficacious against both uncovered water and witchcraft. Theriac is an ancient herbal medicinal concoction.

Amemar said: A witch queen told me: If you meet witches you should utter the following charm: 11 "Hot dirt, in perforated baskets, in your mouths, ye enchanting women. May your heads become bald; may the wind blow away your bread crumbs; may it scatter your spices; may the fresh saffron which ye have in your hands fly away.

The Rabbi taught: There are three things between which we should not pass, and so, also, that two persons walking side by side should not allow to come between them. These three things are — a dog, a palm, and a woman. Some add also a hog, and others, a snake. Should this happen notwithstanding, what shall a man do to escape uninjured? If women are seated facing each other on opposite sides of the street, there is no doubt that they are engaged in witchcraft. How shall a man escape them without injury?

He should avoid them and go another way. If this is not possible, then he shall take someone by the hand 13 and pass by in his company. If there is no one at hand, he must say: "The demons of sorcery have already been killed by arrows. Agrat, Asslat, Belussia , 14 are the names of the demons. This recalls the paywand in Zoroastrianism. If someone meets a woman who has just come from a religious bath, and he is stricken by satyriasis, if he has previously been intimate with her, she in turn will be struck with nymphomania.

The means, which is to be discouraged: One says the Bible verse Job Das Mittel, dem zuvorzukommen ist: Man sage den Bibelvers Ijob 12, The Rabbis teach: A man should not drink water in the night, either from a stream or from water that is standing still. How can we make drinking at night safe? If there is some one present he should be awakened and addressed as follows: "I drink water!

In the number four only when the thing is done intentionally. If we have accidentally partaken of a meal or drank out of a paired plate or pitcher, number, how shall we avoid the fatal consequences? We must take the thumb of the right hand into the left, and the thumb of the left into the right hand, and say: You and I make three. If answered, is returned: You and I make five. If we again hear the answer: You and I are six, we must again answer: You and I are seven. It happened that some one carried this on to the st time, until finally the demon will burst with chagrin.

They treat of proceedings against snakes and other remarkable occurrences.

He that has swallowed a snake, let him eat ivy and then walk three miles. Rabbi Sime bar Asche saw a man who had swallowed a snake. Rabbi Sime fell upon him like a warrior, gave him ivy and salt to eat, and then drove him three miles before him, when the snake came from him in pieces. Others state that Rabbi Sime himself swallowed the snake, when the prophet Eli came in the form of a wild warrior, gave him ivy and salt to eat, etc. If a man be bitten by a snake, let him take seventy-nine hairs from the tail of a white she-ass, tie them with a silken thread, and he that is bitten sit upon them.

The she-ass must, however, have been free from Trefa an organic disease. An official in Pumbedithat was bitten by a snake. Now, there were found in Pumbedithat thirteen bearing white she-asses, which were opened one after another, but all were found to have been afflicted with Trefa. It was also known that in a distant part of the city there was another she-ass, and messengers were sent to bring her. But meanwhile a lion had eaten up the she-ass. Then spoke Abaii: Perhaps the snake of the Rabbis have bitten him, against the bite of which there is no remedy.

The pupils answered, Yes; so it is, master; for when Rab died, Rabbi Jitzsechak bar Bina prohibited the use of myrtle and palm leaves for a whole year. This officer, however, paid no attention to this prohibition. When the snake is in the basket, throw it quickly into the water and hasten away. Should any one be pursued by an angry snake where the snake follows the person by scenting his tracks he should suffer himself to be carried a short distance by a person, if any one should be present through the stranger's footsteps the snake will lose his tracks ; if no one is with him he should spring across water or seat himself over a fountain.

On the following night he should place himself upon four barrels so that the snake cannot easily reach him, or let him rather sleep in the open air, so that it cannot come to him through the roof, then let him tie four cats to the barrels and make a noise with straw or bushes, so that the cats, [when] the snake comes, may fall upon her and eat her up. Should any one be pursued by a snake, let him seek safety between two beehives. If a woman sees a snake, and suspects the snake has provoked voluptuousness, then she should take off her dress, and throw it to the snake.

If it winds itself around the same, then it is an indication that it is excited; if it doesn't, then it is not. What should be done in the first case? The woman should have coitus before the snake with her husband. Some object that this would only stimulate greater longing; instead, she should take some hair from her head, and some of her nails, and throw it to the snake, saying, "I am menstruating! I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Dec 04, Rebecca rated it liked it. I wanted to love this book, but it was too I enjoyed some of the chapters that contained concrete advice and pointers but most of them I skimmed in frustration. This book covers many family-related topics, but it is mainly about why family is so hard. Why family gatherings can be so stressful, why we are so hurt when our families let us down, and why we strive in vain to create the "perfect" family that could never disappoint us.

It is a gentle reminder that all families will experience brokenness in some way, but that God will never fail us and that that should give us hope in how we see the family. It does not promise that everything in life will go w This book covers many family-related topics, but it is mainly about why family is so hard. Russell Moore is so bright and writes warmly about his own family in a way that is relatable and funny.

At times his writing style was hard for me to follow--lots of jumps to different subjects, circling back, side jumps to related topics, parentheses that clarify a previous statement--he's clearly an intelligent and conscientious writer who wants to express exactly what he means, but it does add volume to the book that maybe didn't need to be there.

The Storm-Tossed Family is not just another book about some practical steps to having a perfect family. It's not full of how-to advice, or even personal success stories. Instead, it is a book that is painfully real about the struggles that we all have with our families while living in a broken world. Beyond that, it focuses on how our families can be redeemed by the gospel.

Rather than focusing on having great marriages, kids, or families, we should focus on living the truths of the gospel, ther The Storm-Tossed Family is not just another book about some practical steps to having a perfect family. Rather than focusing on having great marriages, kids, or families, we should focus on living the truths of the gospel, thereby allowing the gospel to change us, and by extension, our families. Moore argues that we often actually damage our families by attempting to make them central in our lives when the gospel should be central instead.

Moore's book is challenging and helpful, whether you are a parent, a child, a spouse, or a single person. Some of my favorite quotes: "If family were easy, we could do it in our own fleshly self-propelled willpower. If we could do it on our own, we would not bear a cross. And if we are not bearing a cross, then what we are doing would not matter in the broad sweep of eternity. Family matters. If you think that family is the source of ultimate meaning in your life, then you will expect your family to make you happy, to live up to your expectations.

I received a digital copy of this book for free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review. I read a lot of books on marriage, parents, children and aging last year but this one surpasses all of them. Russell Moore communicates well the reality that the family operates within a bigger family, the church, and both those families are shaped by the love of the Father in the cross of Christ. Both families and churches would benefit from the points this book makes. If you are someone who wants to know how they can build a firm foundation for their family and minister to other families in the midst of a cultural storm, then check out 'The Storm-Tossed Family' by Russell Moore.

Feb 23, Rock Conner rated it liked it Shelves: audible-com , audiobook , non-fiction , new , abrahamic , marriage , christian , parenting. There are many gems in this work about being a spouse and parent. Had I read it 35 years ago my wife would have had a better husband and my children a better father. I used to think that other folks couldn't do a good job giving me books. No more. Thanks to my sister Bonnie for this wonderful Christmas present. Jun 05, Clayton Keenon rated it it was amazing. This is a great book on family that goes deeper than strategies, morals, and politics.

It is a practical theology of family in light of the cross, the church, and the new creation. Highly recommended. Oct 28, Matthew S. Wonderful reminder of the gospel specifically in family. What a grace! Oct 22, D. A testimony of Jesus focusing on the cross throughout. While a book cannot be all things to all people, this may be a bit lengthy and see for some folks who just want some self help tips. This is a serous call to follow Jesus and build our lives around cross shaped solutions. Oct 23, Kevin M. Excellent book! Thought provoking, honest and engaging throughout. Moore is an excellent writer and has written his best book yet.

Highly recommend this book! Do you groan at the approach of the holiday season? Maybe for some of you the idea of hanging out with family is daunting. The sibling rivalry that refuses to cease. The tension created by the newly divorced couple and the family dynamics that linger as a result. Maybe it is your own situation that you need to come to terms with. As Moore explains, we are all part of a family whether we are married or single, and all of our families are broken to some extent.

However, we need not carry on the brokenness of the generations past. We can choose to live our lives within the delicate balance of the gospel — the balance between grace and truth. What I liked What I liked the most about this book was its lack of preachiness. Its words are delivered with love and a gospel perspective. There are some hard truths, but these truths are enmeshed with grace because we will never get things perfect on this side of heaven.

Moore addresses all aspects of the family including marriage, divorce, parenting, aging, family tensions and traumas. He discusses the delicate topics of submission in marriage and what that really means. He writes of discipline from the Lord and how that may be different than what we view discipline as meaning. In addition, Moore clarifies the character of our heavenly Father and how it is much different than many of the biological fathers of today. All of this and more combine to reshape the home of the storm-tossed family.

This book could also be used in a small group setting although there are not discussion questions included within the book. Please note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No other form of compensation was received for my review. I wanted to read this book because I wanted some tips for what to do if your family is feeling the effects of being storm-tossed. I found it interesting to read that literally every family in the Bible has prodigals page I also learned that the head-coverings wore by women within the church see I Cor.

Today we have other symbols page Did this book meet my expectations? This page book goes into much more detail than I expected, much of it focuses on the Christian family. The quote that stood out to me the most is found on page Even beyond arguments, a marriage must prepare for times of stress that can wreck the unity of marriage. The author covers the whole gamut of marriage, from intimacy to children and to the aging process.

I am not required to write a positive review and have not received any compensation. The opinions shared here are my own entirely. Nov 08, Karl Dumas rated it really liked it. And in this insightful book on the family, Dr. Russell Moore addresses the best, the worst, and the in-between. The thoughts expressed are my own.

While I don't question Moore's doctrinal, theological, and philosophical credentials or the soundness of his positions, if the point was to bring restoration, hope, healing, encouragement, and life to the fundamental human experience of family, he has failed. What he and many conservative American Christian leaders who I respect profoundly often fail to realize is that life is not some grand theological puzzle to be solved one doctrine at a time.

When Jesus tells us he came to give us "life to While I don't question Moore's doctrinal, theological, and philosophical credentials or the soundness of his positions, if the point was to bring restoration, hope, healing, encouragement, and life to the fundamental human experience of family, he has failed. When Jesus tells us he came to give us "life to its fullest" John , I'm pretty sure he wasn't describing a cerebral existence where fullness is measured by how many correct doctrines you believe.

Jesus doesn't demand study, he pursues relationship. We are not Christ's students, we are his brothers. This book feels like it was designed first by setting a page count target , like all good Christian hardcover; otherwise what you have to say isn't important, right? The end product makes the reader feel like he's been handed a tract and a tap on the back about a topic where most people are desperately craving Christ's flowing rivers of life, healing and grace.

Mar 15, Mark Youngkin rated it it was amazing. Russell Moore is one of the very best writers in Christian publishing, and his latest book, on the family, is no exception. Your response to a book has to do as much with who you are when you read it as what's on the pages, I've found. And I needed this book at this time in my life. I've raised a now-grown daughter, mostly alone, until her mother decided she didn't want to be married to me anymore.

I now have a near-totally blissful marriage, with three sons on the autism spectrum who provid Dr. I now have a near-totally blissful marriage, with three sons on the autism spectrum who provide daily challenges. And I am the son of a mother who is living with dementia. I found hope in this book that, at least for now, gives me the strength to go home from the office tonight.

And the greatest hope of all is that finding family a struggle doesn't mean I've failed; it means that I have a lot in common with one of the most prominent Christian leaders of our generation. Also, Dr. Moore has five sons, two of whom are named Jonah and Ben. I have three sons, two of whom are named Jonah and Ben. So there's that. I could sit under Russell Moore's teachings all day, he's such a wise man. And this book does not disappoint. It's full of practical, Biblical wisdom on every aspect of family, from the church family to the nuclear family, to the extended family, and so on.

And all the wisdom is centered at the cross, and how Jesus' death shapes the family. I learned a lot, and will remember several of his points for a long time. I was a bit disappointed by the book's organization. Each chapter lacked sub-sectio I could sit under Russell Moore's teachings all day, he's such a wise man. Each chapter lacked sub-sections, and the direction wasn't always clear. Also, I was most looking forward to the chapter on family tensions and trauma.

While this chapter had a lot of great advise such as reconciliation not always following forgiveness, and establishing boundaries when necessary , it is clear that Dr. Moore has never experienced profound family trauma. This is not knock against him praise Jesus , but it's generally clear when pastors and Biblical scholars who haven't experienced trauma speak on the matter. But this book was hard to put down and even harder to stop because I enjoyed it so much. Whether you have a difficult relationship with family, a healthy one, or none at all, this book brings both rebuke and comfort to your soul.

Please read it. Moore surveys the delights and difficulties of family from the infant to the elderly. Throughout every stage of life we are to follow the way of the cross, knowing their is spiritual warfare around every turn. While family has many joys, Dr. Moore shows that family is a signpost to guide us home to our greater family. Whether our family of origin is one we delight in, or one that has inflicted wound after wound, our Heavenly Father is using our earthly family to direct us to Him. I will return to this book and highly recommend it. Enjoy this book and apply it joyfully.

This is my third Russell Moore read and I will say that these are very difficult books to rate.

Sepher Shimmush Tehillim;

Five-star content as Moore is excellent at combining good theology with practical life application. Two to three-star writing though. Moore's writing style is almost "blog-ish" so it can read very scattered as he moves through different topics. Ultimately the content is still worth reading the disjointed chapters. This book in particular is great for discussing marriages, parenting, aging parents, fam This is my third Russell Moore read and I will say that these are very difficult books to rate.

This book in particular is great for discussing marriages, parenting, aging parents, family dynamics, and stress within families. Highly recommended for conversation starters in your marriage and small groups. Just be forewarned that it can be tough to follow at times bc of the rabbit trails he goes on. Excellent and thorough description of a view of Christian family. Russel Moore aims this book at how the cross explains and heals brokenness in family. He is thorough in that he follows life and family from birth to death and describes issues that arise at each stage of being family.

Beginning at a point where church is family, the book has value for all Christians.