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While you may think that this is too much, keep in mind the following:. Then, you could just pay 3 percent or thereabouts to the listing agent and you would save yourself a lot of money, right? They could pay their agent themselves, but then they would probably expect about the same amount they are paying to be discounted from the price of your home.

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In other words, consumers understand that real estate commissions are built into the price of the home. The problem in most states is that the contracts used are written by lawyers paid for by the real estate associations, therefore making it difficult to benefit from not having a licensed agent during a purchase. You absolutely could. Selling via flat fee MLS is growing rapidly in slower markets. Many resort to this alternative selling method as it is the most economical and flexible way to sell. If you want to sell your home without having to pay for commissions, you can look for cash house buyers like Central Valley House Buyer.

Since we are direct buyers, we do not charge commissions, no fees, we even take care of the closing costs too. I completely agree with Daniel. Too many agents get paid too much or too little for their effort. According to me real estate agents should be paid on the basis of service they deliver to the principal.

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I have also found one company who is doing this. Their agent stated he would facilitate the sale. Any suggestions. Here are a few statistics to commit to memory:. Income optimism continues.


Since your real estate agent salary will likely be commission based, how much you make each year will depend on how many sales you have. When you start to investigate a career in real estate, research your target market. How many homes are selling each month in that market?

1. Closing Costs – 1%-2% of Sales Price on Average

How many agents are there? Is it a big enough market for you to reach your financial goals?

Find the best real estate brokerage to work for with our FREE downloadable worksheet. How many homes sell each month? How many agents will you be competing with? Reverse prospecting is the act of prospecting buyers agents within the MLS who are working with ready, willing and able buyers, that are searching for a property with your criteria.

This is a strategy that is not available to anyone except a listing agent. They identify who is shopping for their listing and can reach out to them to connect.

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Who knows better how to market a home for sale than someone who's been doing it almost every day, and is constantly surrounded by the best marketing approaches in the industry? One of the biggest mistakes sellers make, especially for sale by owners is taking photos with the camera on their phone.

That type of photography doesn't sell homes, this type of photography does.

Step 1: Negotiate commission splits

The first thing I tell my clients to do is to google their address. After listing with me, I ask them about a week later to google their address again. At this point, the first page of Google is loaded with great marketing content for their address. Video presentations, contextual posts, pictures, and information that any home buyer wants to see.

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They will be with you every step of the way fighting to protect your equity. Selling your home is about having the right mindset. We are in this business to help people in Real Estate Transactions here in the Raleigh area. If you enjoyed this post, please share it. Hi there! Chances are you and I share a similar passion, Real Estate! I also have a passion for technology, sports, and people. Would love to hear from you.

Sign up Now Close. So are you really saving on the commission?