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Fast forward ten years and Jess is now a stuntwoman determined to never be caught unprepared again. Now for the first time, both are back home and neither have fully recovered from their ordeal or completely moved on with their lives. Even worse, it seems that the madman is still kidnapping women. Dana Marton has written a great story that immediately sucked me in. It was just one of those novels that you hate to put down until you're finished. May 08, Alison rated it it was amazing Shelves: billionaire , military-special-ops-romance , small-town , writer , read , thriller-romance , childhood-sweethearts , cute-moppets , farming , girl-next-door.

Four and a half stars. After Jess and Derek were accused of making the whole thing up and villified as attention-seekers Jess left Taylorville and didn't even come back for her father's funeral but now her mother has fallen over and broken her hip Jess can't stay away any lon Four and a half stars. After Jess and Derek were accused of making the whole thing up and villified as attention-seekers Jess left Taylorville and didn't even come back for her father's funeral but now her mother has fallen over and broken her hip Jess can't stay away any longer from the small town that left her high and dry.

Jess returns to Taylor's Sugar, the maple sugar farm her parents and grandparents before them ran to find life pretty much the same, even, she is horrified to find out, Derek Daley living next door and not in New York or some other glamorous city. Returning to Taylorville and seeing Derek brings back all the old memories, but also a sneaking suspicion that their abductor didn't die 10 years ago.

I read the previous book in this new series, I enjoyed it but there was a little too much woo-woo for my tastes. Nevertheless the plot was engaging and I really liked the characters and the way that the heroine's therapy didn't 'Abracadabra' make the hero better, just gradually helped to ease the problems, to see the wood for the trees that would be a joke if you have read the first book. The woo-woo in this book is restricted to a group of locals who have a Sasquatch Society - basically they look for evidence of Sasquatch in the Vermont countryside.

I really liked this book despite not really reading much romantic suspense anymore - otherwise I'd never go for a walk in the woods anymore :. So great misdirection, especially considering I read the entire book in less than one day so I didn't lose any threads. Jess was, literally, a kick-ass heroine and thank the lord she stayed that way throughout the book. Derek was - can you have a Beta Alpha male? I'd say he was my new book boyfriend but I think Jess would kick my butt if I looked at him wrong.

Ivy Deluca introduced me to the idea of a BGF book girlfriend and if I thought Jess would hang out with someone who can't run more than 50 yards without fear of a heart attack, she'd definitely be my very first BGF! Loved the way this series has gone, linked but wholly separate I'm not gonna think on that long before I see the flaw in my logic. Can't wait for the next one. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Bumped for release. Jun 08, Book Lover rated it really liked it. Jess and Derek were abducted and held hostage for 3 days before they escaped when they were in their late teens. Jess has a break between contracts so she decides to go home for a couple weeks to help her mom. Derek left town soon after the incident and became a SEAL. Aft Jess and Derek were abducted and held hostage for 3 days before they escaped when they were in their late teens. After an injury earns him a medical discharge, he returns home and becomes a bestselling thriller author.

Since returning, he has relentlessly hunted for clues to the perpetrator of their abduction, since he was never caught. When Derek discovers Jess has come home, he is both concerned and excited. Happy because he discovers he likes the current Jess even more than teen Jess. As they begin spending time together, she must decide if she can move on from their past to see if they have a future. I love the fact that Jess is a strong heroine. Instead, she makes her life about overcoming fears and being able to take care of herself.

Very strange reason for the cause of his actions. But hey, who says insane people need to make sense? This book has possible triggers for kidnapping, torture and rape. This author does a great job spinning her tales. This is the second book in the series, however, it can easily be read as a standalone. I looked forward to reading more from this author.

Jun 05, Madison Warner Fairbanks rated it it was amazing Shelves: hard-copy , net-galley , arc , romantic-suspense , ecopy , shifters , x-military-or-x-cia-or-x-fbi , publisher-supplied , thriller , series. Threat of Danger by Dana Marton A romantic thriller. You know the serial killer is out there but you have to wait until he shows himself.

I was on the edge knowing who was the most susceptible and wanting to warn them to watch her closely. The hero and heroine have recovered from the past incident in their own way. Now they need to revisit the past as they realize they are stronger and now ready to fight back. I Loved the unconditional friendship between Jess and Pam. The scene of them drinking wine coolers on the roof was priceless.

Jess casually throws herself off the roof as a stunt person, she knows how to fall and Pam shares stats on Derek without prompting although she points out that it was without prompting shows a depth between the two that is rare and precious. A bit of humor. I look forward to more by this author. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.

I also purchased a copy to share. Aug 11, Donna Repsher rated it it was amazing. Dana Marton is a fairly new author to me, the only novel of hers I'd read until now was the first book in her Mission Recovery series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but Threat of Danger absolutely knocked my socks off as an excellent, well-written, and well-plotted novel of romantic suspense and it get 5 stars from this reader. Ten years ago, teenage lovers Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were losing their virginity to one another in a small, abandoned cabin in the woods, when they were abducted by a m Dana Marton is a fairly new author to me, the only novel of hers I'd read until now was the first book in her Mission Recovery series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but Threat of Danger absolutely knocked my socks off as an excellent, well-written, and well-plotted novel of romantic suspense and it get 5 stars from this reader.

Ten years ago, teenage lovers Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were losing their virginity to one another in a small, abandoned cabin in the woods, when they were abducted by a masked, sadistic madman, brought to his camper, and in the case of Jess, stripped, bound, raped, beaten, starved and tortured, while Derek's role was to watch helplessly and impotently from the sidelines, also tightly bound. After 3 days of horror, Derek managed to get loose, save Jess, and in the ensuing chase, drown their captor, or did they? His body was never found, and Jess and Derek were forever changed and haunted by what happened to them, but they refused to be victims.

After healing from her overt wounds, Jess fled her family home in Vermont and went to the other side of the country, Los Angeles, where she became a strong, talented movie stuntwoman. Derek entered the military, eventually becoming a Navy SEAL, until 6 months of capture and torture at the hands of insurgents ended is military career, leaving him with scars, a limp, and PTSD.

Ten years later, Jess is finally back in Vermont, somewhere she didn't even visit for her father's funeral. This time it's her mother's broken hip that brings her back home. Derek is already there, waiting to appear at his hometown bookstore with the release of his latest bestselling novel.

He's never forgotten what happened 10 years earlier, and he's certainly not forgotten Jess, although the Jess who returns to Vermont isn't anything like the Jess who left, and Jess is shocked to discover that Derek is still around, living in his hometown rather than glitzy New York. She's prickly as all get out, and seeing Derek again brings back memories of their horrible experience and her shame that Derek witnessed her at her worst.

It also revives Derek's feelings of helplessness and guilt at being unable to stop their attacker, and the suspicion that since his drowned body was never found, that he's still among them, hiding in plain sight, because every two years or so, another teenage girl disappears. I loved that Ms. Marton set the novel in my adopted state of Vermont, and that Jess's family has long been in the maple sugaring business. The author nailed everything about the process so well, that I could practically smell the maple sap boiling. It's a harsh setting in March--gray, cold, dark and snowy and that atmosphere is something I know so well, and it added a touch of realism to this stark story.

I also loved the fact that Jess and Derek didn't immediately fall into each others arms and that both had tried to deal with what they experienced 10 years earlier in their own way. I also liked the strained relationship with Jess and her mother, and her shock at discovering that her mother was now seeing her former high school principal. There's a lot more going on in Taylorville, Vermont than first meets the eye, and as far as romantic suspense novels go, this one is a real nail-biter, and it grabbed me from from the very first page and kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning.

I loved the tension, I loved the mystery, and wow, what a climax that I never saw coming! It was a great read, it cemented my Dana Marton fandom, and as long as the issues dealt with in this novel aren't triggers for you, it's one I highly recommend.

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I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own. Jun 09, E-Reader Addict rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. Dana Marton is one of my favorite authors for romantic suspense. She does a great job of balancing the suspense AND the romance in her books - which is good because I want both!

Dana Marton - NYT Bestselling Author of Romantic Suspense and Fantasy

But Threat of Danger was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Derek and Jess endured a horrific event when they were younger. They each coped in different ways: he joined the Navy and became a SEAL, she became a badass stuntwoman. Now, ten years later, by all accounts both seem to be doing well. At least on the outside.

When Jess Dana Marton is one of my favorite authors for romantic suspense. Things get complicated quickly when Derek shows up, and then another missing girl is discovered dead. I love second chance romances. But in order for them to work for me, I need to understand what the hero and heroine meant to each other, I need to know what went wrong, and I need to feel their anguish about being separated. It would also be great if I could get all that pretty close to the beginning of the book. At 40 percent into the book, you know a little about what happened after Derek and Jess were abducted, but only a little.

And instead of it building suspense, I had a hard time holding my interest in the story. Something exciting needed to happen, and at that point there was mostly filler - introducing all the characters there were a bunch - I loved them all, especially best friend Pam! If this is a romance, I need more interaction with the hero and heroine! Finally, at 46 percent the suspense part of the story arrives.

From then on, I had a hard time putting this book down. It became the type of book I expect from Dana Marton, with its quick pace, excellent dialogue and clever plot. She even surprised me with who the bad guy was! I loved both Jess and Derek - as themselves.

Death in Grand Canyon

Jess is strong and determined, and Derek is kind and caring to everyone around him. But I still had a hard time seeing this as a second chance love story. For once, I would have liked a little more internal monologue that revealed how they felt, what they were thinking. We know Jess had been pining after Derek for years, but what made him finally give her a chance?

We do get some of that, but only a couple of sentences at the end of the story. So yeah, really mixed feelings about this one. The first half took me a couple days to read whereas I usually plow through romantic suspense in under 24 hours , but the last half was good. Also, I'm a little confused why this book is part of a series - a single, short paragraph about the couple from the first book is all that connects these two books. Seems like these books should just be stand-alones. It was a nice combination of edgy fear and hometown comfort blended together to make a smooth flowing story.

Jess and Derek not only had to deal with the psychological impact of their past trauma, rekindling their old relationship, and real-life issues — there was a serial killer on the loose. It all came to a boiling point that had me clenching my teeth. I loved this romantic thriller. A prologue that leaves you with fearful apprehension. The unease you feel as you wait for the author to fully explain what happened ten years ago to the main characters. Jun 16, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Dana never disappoints This book was full of action, suspense, lust, love and heat.

You really should read it right away. A good, quick read with lots of good feels. Jul 25, Davia rated it it was amazing. Love this book! I have read it twice now. The plot and characters are so intriguing you are immediately involved in what is going on. You absolutely can't help yourself. This is a darker story and does have a happy conclusion but the road to it made me cry.

Bravo Dana Write On! Jun 07, Literati Literature Lovers rated it really liked it. Good but with continuity issues. This book only made a minor reference to a character in the first book. Now I feel like the wicked witch of reviewers writing this review, as the was a solid romantic suspense mystery.

It has an intriguing plot, and I do recommend it as a edge of your seat suspense. I had read the author early on Good but with continuity issues. I had read the author early on in her career and she truly has increased her skills as a story teller. She writes a nice tight story, with plenty of character depth and emotions. Plus the author in this story had enough good red herrings to keep me guessing until the end, but the book has continuity issues. Spoilers ahead in the examples.

There are three major sexual encounters in this book. The reason given for the lack of penetration is they have no condoms. There are continuity issues with the extent of the limp Derek has, and his mobility. Then the limp in another chapter holds him back. I could point out other issues, but I believe these two instance show why a book that could have been five stars is only four. May 30, Avid Reader rated it really liked it.

Jess and Derek have a shared traumatic experience. They were just teenagers, but it left a mark on both of them so deep that they both had to get away. Jess ran as fast and as far as she could - despite her family choosing their business and their way of life, Jess knew that if she stayed, she'd forever be known as the victim. Derek ran, but in a much more "save the world" type manner. After joining the armed forces, he realizes that he is much better off writing and entertaining. When Jess' mom has a bad fall, she has no choice but to return to the town that is in each of her nightmares.

However, once there, she realizes that she can fit in both worlds. Despite having a horrible experience in her young life, coming home does have a certain comfort. Derek is trying to live his life, but when he realizes Jess is back, sees that there is still a major attraction there, he can't help but see if he can rekindle what could have been. He is now a successful author and a part of Jess' family - since she was gone so long.

These two dance around the mystery of their abduction and torture - is the killer truly out there? Will anyone believe them this time? Who else must go missing in order for their story to be taken seriously? Both Derek and Jess believe that their kidnapper is still at large, however, the evidence to support that is thin. This story kept you guessing and didn't disappoint.

The secondary characters were also well developed and added a great depth to the story. I can't wait for more. May 28, Sarah rated it really liked it. A second chance romance and a second encounter with a serial killer combine in a story set in a small town in Vermont. The result is alternately sweet and terrifying.

Guardian Queen (Hardstorm Saga Book 3)

It is an exciting read with well developed characters and a beautiful sense of place. After a terrifying incident in college, Jess made sure she would never again be a victim. Ten years later, she is a successful and fit stunt woman with a pretty scary 4. Ten years later, she is a successful and fit stunt woman with a pretty scary skillset. I loved the contrasts in this book. Jess and Derek are kinda perfect together. I love that the conflict between them is about the past events Jess still associates with Derek - leaving their relationship free from unnecessary angst.

They feel like adults and they communicate like adults. The thriller part of this book starts slow and explodes near the end. Parts of the story were crazy scary. I really enjoyed this book. Jun 02, Julia David rated it really liked it. A great second chance story. Jess and Derek are great together, if they would only be in the same state at the same time. After a tragedy 10 years earlier, Jess hadn't been home. She has barely talked to her family. Now her mother has a broken hip and she goes home to see what she can do.

Her life is on the other side of the US and she really didn't want to go home. Derek has come home after the Navy and is a writer. Now isn't the time for Jess to be there. He wants her just as much now as he di A great second chance story. He wants her just as much now as he did 10 years ago, but now isn't the time for her to be there. As Derek is trying to draw out the man who made their life hell, Jess is trying to just keep it together and not remember all that had happened to her.

Can Derek keep her safe this time? He wasn't able to the last time. I really would like to see Kaylee get her own story. Jun 19, ButtonsMom rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , purchased. A thrilling, suspenseful story from beginning to end! My words just can't do justice to describe how fantastic I think Threat of Danger is. I'm a big fan of Dana Marton's work and I think this book is her best one yet. It's gritty and compelling and so suspenseful that I found myself holding my breath in places. It's also romantic and a wonderful second chance story.

The blurb is really good and it would be stupid for me to go on and on about this book — it's so, so good but I don't want to give a A thrilling, suspenseful story from beginning to end! The blurb is really good and it would be stupid for me to go on and on about this book — it's so, so good but I don't want to give anything away.

Dana skillfully kept her cards to herself and when all was revealed — WOW! I should also mention that while it's the second in a series the only connection I saw to book one was a brief reference to the main couple from that book. No worries at all about reading this as a standalone. May 24, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: wicked.

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. That's what happened to Derek and Jess. They survived but it changed them. Some people believed they made up the entire thing, others believed them but were accusing all the same. Jess begged her paren I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. Jess begged her parents to sell the land and move, but they refused, so she left and never looked back. She never wanted the notoriety or the publicity and every time a story ran in the local paper about what happened, she turned inside herself a little more.

She didn't even return to town for her father's funeral because of her fear of the local press. Derek has lived with the guilt of not being able to save Jess from the torture and rape. Not only could he stop it, he had to watch it. He was to live to tell everyone what had happened there, in that tiny camper. Except they got away. Ten years later she's back because of her mother's failing health and she really has no choice.

Over the years, both she and Derek have matured but have never forgotten that fateful night that changed everything for them. Although they suspect the killer is still out there, they just don't realize how close he really is. A very good book that keeps you guessing until the very end. May 08, Dawn rated it really liked it. I really like this series. I really like this book and the characters. This book is full of angst, mystery and love. Jess and Derek have something besides a teenage crush tying them together and it's not good.

When Gaius begins to build a road into the Forbidden Mountains to physically link all of Mytica, he sparks a long-smoking fire in the hearts of the people that will forever change the face of this land. For Gaius's road is paved with blood, and its construction will have cosmic consequences.

This is a spoiler-filled section. It is meant to be used more as a reference for those who have already read the book and desire a refresher on the story line or need the information for some other means. By no means is this meant to be an alternative to reading the book. The book is infinitely more complex and its majesty cannot be captured in a simple, short summary.

The book is excellent. If you haven't already, go read it. King Gaius of Limeros has taken over Auranos and Paelsia. Cleiona Bellos , princess of Auranos, has been taken captive. The king, who pretends that Cleo has been accepted lovingly into the family, announces that rather than marrying Lord Aron Lagaris , Cleo shall now be marrying Prince Magnus Damora , the king's son, as a sign of unity between the kingdoms.

The king announces construction on a new Imperial Road that will run through the three kingdoms. He says that this, too, shall join the nations together. The king is a real smooth talker and has most of the Auranian people convinced that he will be a great king. Jonas Agallon , a Paelsian rebel, and his friend, Brion Radenos , have created a group of rebels to oppose the king.

On one of their missions they meet up with a girl named Lysandra Barbas who has been separated from her brother and wants to join the rebels. Meanwhile, Princess Lucia is in a deep slumber thought to be caused by the force of the magic that she used in the attack against the palace. The king anxiously waits for her to wake.

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He was told by a new adviser that Lucia will be the key to finding the Kindred. She tells him that if he does what she says, he will one day discover magic that will make him an immortal god that will rule over all of the world, with her at his side. Gaius is constructing the road to find the Kindred, which are supposedly located in the Forbidden Mountains.

Spilling blood on the road has an effect on the elementia in the world and causes great disasters. Melenia has a follower, Xanthus , who is an exiled Watcher with earth magic. He is the head engineer for the road. In her dreams, Lucia meets a Watcher named Alexius who tells her she is going to help restore the Sanctuary , the world of the immortal Watchers where magic has been fading since the death of the last sorceress, Eva. They meet many times and develop feelings for one another. Queen Althea of Limeros has been giving Lucia a special potion to keep her asleep.

The queen has been getting the potion from a witch who used blood magic to see the future, a future where Lucia causes much damage with her magic. On a trip to meet the witch, the queen is murdered by a cloaked figure. Jonas kidnaps Cleo when she is away from the castle for a wedding dress fitting. He takes her back to the rebel camp and leaves a note, telling Gaius to stop construction on the road and free the Paelsians, or he will kill Cleo. Jonas does not really intend to kill Cleo, but the king is not concerned over the threat. He sends a search party to find Cleo, but if the rebels kill her, it will only turn the Auranians against the rebel cause.

Cleo agrees to help the rebels. Guards find the rebel camp, but Cleo and Jonas escape. As they hide out in a small cave, they kiss, and most of the previous hatred they felt for one another is brushed aside. Cleo suggests that she should return to the palace and pretend to go on with the wedding, and the rebels can attack at the ceremony and attempt to assassinate the king and the prince.

On the day of the wedding, the rebels attack. They are disguised as guards, and right before Cleo says her vows, they attack. However, the king had guards disguised as citizens in the congregation, and they swarm the rebels killing everyone, except for Jonas, who barely manages to escape. Blood hits the floor, and a massive earthquake splits the ground. He slaps her and nearly suffocates her before forcing her to continue the wedding ceremony. He is interested in learning about the legends of the Kindred, but Cleo gives him no answers.

Back in the Sanctuary, Alexius and Melenia meet with one another. Alexius has been working for Melenia. Lucia, having woken up for good now that the queen is dead, feels a beast inside of her and a darkness surrounding her. She finds herself constantly on edge and enjoying the fear she can evoke in others with her power. A friend of the king gives them the gift of a large stone wheel. These wheels are supposedly used by Watchers to transfer between realms.