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Keep an open mind. Many of my friends mostly girls prefer mellow songs and love to practice their singing technique. When hanging out with my bffs, My Chemical Romance is always the first choice! Playing dice and other drinking games is a standard for Chinese KTV nights. Although KTVs provide food and drinks, keep in mind that they usually are quite expensive.

Over 6000 Songs To Be Taken Down from China’s Karaoke Systems

As college students, my friends and I would often sneak our own drinks in. We all have that one friend who sings one song after another.

Depending on the context, it could be taken as a joke or a compliment. It will automatically remember and position chosen songs.

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Frequent pick tunes will be ranking top 1. You may easily find the most popular selected songs. It will always count every single time you use the device — score function: Screen score following singing. When you add music into the device, it will automatically place them as fresh, and you might quickly get them from the brand new song listing.

Select tunes: Support picking songs via wireless mouse and keyboard, a cellular device like a mobile telephone, Ipad. Super fever professional sound decoder processor Six-layer PCB layout, long-term stable performance. The actual 3D effect, super visual pleasure! Acesonic KOD dual screen capability. The multimedia jukebox is user-friendly and straightforward to maintain.

Karaoke in China - Hutong School

High-quality steel frame provides its durability for heavy-duty functionality. Dual hard drives can store up to 24TB of tunes you love. Comes in English and Chinese User Interfaces.

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Supports handwriting, Pinyin, numerical, and alphabetical entries. Fully control and hunt tunes through your iPad and Android tablets! The features of the machine: Own reverb, rising-falling tone, plug in a microphone directly. This karaoke player works on Android operating system. Connect player with your HDTV and audio gear, begin singing straight.

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No need installation, no need computer skill, no need karaoke discs. All tunes are preloaded to the machine to your choice already. Directly select songs from songbook are coming together with the machine. Select music via remote control or use a smartphone or tablet computer as a fully functional remote controller to navigate and search through accessible songs. Select tunes: Support picking songs via wireless mouse and keyboard, mobile device like cellular phone, Ipad.