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For the third successful Community Challenge you take part in, you'll receive the Shield of Aaru. For the fourth successful Community Challenge you take part in, you'll receive the Assessor of Ma'at bow. If you earn all four rewards, you will also automatically receive the Radiance of Anubis outfit. The rewards will be available in-game and can be equipped through the Gear menu.

Check the XP rewards on all available quests to get the most bang for your buck

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By continuing to use this site you agree to accept these cookies. The player needs to send Friend invites after Contract missions. The player does not need to use the Hireling Active Skill -- bringing the new Hireling on the mission is enough. It is not even required to successfully complete the Contract mission; the assassin can be killed or otherwise fail the mission, return to the Animus, send out the Friend request, and still be credited. Note that sending out a Friend invite must be handled carefully if the player successfully completes the Contract and wants to save the Contract.

The player can successfully complete the mission, then immediately replay it and deliberately fail the mission and return to the Animus. The player will be credited within a few seconds after sending the invite -- the other player does not have to accept the Friend invite. The short delay is likely due to the fact that the invite must be sent through Ubisoft's servers. Players need to be aware of the 90 Friend limit, which includes pending Friends. A player may want to unfriend players who do not appear to be active.

Players can withdraw invites to pending Friends by unfriending them. The player may want to strategically have both Trial Tracks on the Hireling Trial at the same time, because the player can be credited for both Trials at the same time. There are some Contract missions with a surprising number of a particular type of enemies. For instance, a player might find that a Contract mission has 10 Agiles spread out all over the map. These types of missions are useful for fulfilling a Kill Enemies Trial.

Be aware that hunting down these enemies can be very time-consuming. Also note that certain Kill Enemies Trials involve killing rare types of enemies. For instance, Champions rarely show up in Contracts and Wolves only appear in Roma: Colosseo, but both have shown up as targets in Kill Enemies Trials. This is another case where it may be helpful for a player to save a Contract indefinitely. This Trial appears easy but is very deceptive. Based on the description, a player can attempt to get the assassin killed and simply Revive the assassin by any means.

However, the description should actually read "Revive times by watching a video advertisement.

To make matters worse, players can usually only Revive by watching a video a few times a day, and only at certain times during a day. This makes accomplishing this Trial very difficult. The only fortunate thing is that the Revive Trial has generally been on a "slow" Trial Track, which is not worth as many Stars. After being Revived by watching a video ad, the assassin must successfully complete the Contract mission to be credited. If the assassin is killed again and does not Revive, the player will not receive credit and it is possible that the player will not be able to Revive assassins by watching video ads until the next day.

Players who want to attempt to be in the top 10 should note that it can take a considerable amount of effort to achieve this. Getting to the low end of the top 10 will probably take at least a couple of hours of play per day to the Special Event, although good strategy can help shorten this. However, getting near the top of the leaderboard will require much more intensive effort. Players who do not have much Inventory space may need to manage Inventory carefully in Special Events.