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Some are material — like the size of the diamond or gemstone and expense — and some are emotional.

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Simply put, you give or get an engagement ring when you want to spend your lives together, after the proposal has been enthusiastically accepted. The reasons for giving and getting promise rings vary, and often only the wearer and giver know what the promise is. What the promise ring symbolizes between couples is highly individual, but most often it represents love and commitment. Promise rings are gaining popularity among couples that may not feel the need to put a label on their relationship or stick to a timetable.

For them, a ring is an outside symbol to people who move in together and have no immediate plans for marriage but are clearly in a committed relationship.

Promise Ring Meaning

If an engagement ring comes along in the future, the promise ring often moves over to the opposite hand. Promise rings can be exchanged between friends, pledging friendship forever. They can be worn as a promise of anything, really, like a commitment to faith, to a goal, or a pledge to break a bad habit. Promise rings typically are smaller and subtler than engagement rings, and may or may not be worn on the traditional wedding band finger.

What Does a Promise Ring Look Like?

Diamonds are popular, but in smaller sizes or clusters, or with gemstones — usually the focus is not on the diamond, but on the overall design. Metals, too, are often different. While 18K and 14K gold and platinum lead the way for engagement rings and wedding bands, 10K gold or sterling silver are more affordable and popular options for promise rings. You can find a wide selection of promise rings at both Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and Kay Jewelers.

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Exactly how young is young? Technically, a promise ring can signal your intention to marry sometime in the distant future. However, as with most high school commitments, promises made on promise rings usually fall victim to the annals of time. You can chalk this ring up to a sincere, if ephemeral, gesture.

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A commitment ring, as its names suggests, indicates that you want to commit to another person. Couples who chose not to marry might also wear commitment rings to commemorate their partnership.

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  8. In some ways, the commitment ring is the grown-up version of a promise ring. Usually, a pre-engagement ring is given before an engagement ring — not in place of one.

    Promise Ring Meaning

    Of all the non-engagement rings, I find this one the most practical. Maybe one of you lost your job. Maybe you just want something tangible to set a legitimate intention for the future.