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You need to go through the steps outlined in the previous section to demonstrate this. As noted above, if you are satisfied that you do not need to stop processing you should let the individual know. You should provide an explanation for your decision, and inform them of their right to make a complaint to the ICO or another supervisory authority, as well as their ability to seek to enforce their rights through a judicial remedy. The GDPR is clear that you must inform individuals of their right to object at the latest at the time of your first communication with them where:. You should present this information clearly and separately from any other information.

If you are processing personal data for research or statistical purposes you should include information about the right to object along with information about the other rights of the individual in your privacy notice.

Smart Ways to Handle Objections

Where you have received an objection to the processing of personal data and you have no grounds to refuse, you need to stop processing the data. This may mean that you need to erase personal data as the definition of processing under the GDPR is broad, and includes storing data. However, as noted above, this will not always be the most appropriate action to take.

Erasure may not be appropriate if you process the data for other purposes as you need to retain the data for those purposes. For example, when an individual objects to the processing of their data for direct marketing, you can place their details onto a suppression list to ensure that you continue to comply with their objection. However, you need to ensure that the data is clearly marked so that it is not processed for purposes the individual has objected to.

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You can also refuse to comply with an objection if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, taking into account whether the request is repetitive in nature. You should base the reasonable fee on the administrative costs of complying with the request. If you decide to charge a fee you should contact the individual promptly and inform them.

You do not need to comply with the request until you have received the fee.

Handling and moving – Collections Trust

There are other exemptions from the right to object contained in the DPA These exemptions will apply in certain circumstances, broadly associated with why you are processing the data. Please see our guidance on the application of these exemptions. You must inform the individual without undue delay and within one month of receipt of the request.

You should also provide this information if you request a reasonable fee or need additional information to identify the individual. The GDPR does not specify how to make a valid objection. Therefore, an objection to processing can be made verbally or in writing.

Overcoming the "It's too expensive" objection

It can also be made to any part of your organisation and does not have to be to a specific person or contact point. A request does not have to include the phrase 'objection to processing' or Article 21 of the GDPR - as long as one of the conditions listed above apply. This presents a challenge as any of your employees could receive a valid verbal objection. However, you have a legal responsibility to identify that an individual has made an objection to you and to handle it accordingly. Therefore you may need to consider which of your staff who regularly interact with individuals may need specific training to identify an objection.

Additionally, it is good practice to have a policy for recording details of the objections you receive, particularly those made by telephone or in person. Then he draws you in with examples, stories, and lessons that teach powerful human-influence frameworks for getting past no —even with the most challenging objections. No other resource offers such extensive coverage on the single most performance-crippling challenge to sales professionals. And, with this newfound confidence, your success and income will soar.

As a sales acceleration specialist, he helps sales organizations reach peak performance fast by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design.

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Context matters. Complex sales are different from one-call closes. B2B is different than B2C. Prospects, territories, products, industries, companies, and sales processes are all different. There is little black and white in the sales profession. Except for objections. There is democracy in objections. For as long as salespeople have been asking buyers to make commitments, buyers have been throwing out objections.