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A December 8, statement from Gore made no mention of Williamson at Carter's workplace. But another statement from Gore, this time undated and unsigned, suddenly claimed that Williamson was present that evening.

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The series shows in Episode 5 that Gore later signed an affidavit where he claimed he felt pressured to name Williamson as being there, even though he was unsure if it was true. Williamson and Fritz were sentenced. Court documents state that Gore's preliminary hearing testimony was read at trial.

In his statement, Gore claimed to have seen Carter and Williamson talking. Gore claimed that Carter asked Gore to dance with her to get her away from Williamson. The series shows that this, in addition to faulty hair sample comparisons and jailhouse informant testimony, ultimately resulted in Williamson and Fritz being wrongly convicted. Court records state that Williamson was given the death penalty, and his friend Fritz was sentenced to life in prison.

Williamson and Fritz were freed. Both Williamson and Fritz maintained their innocence throughout their decades-long incarceration and filed appeals. The same court records state that, years after their convictions, as part of preparation for a possible new trial, Fritz and Williamson submitted DNA samples for testing. Advances in technology not available in were able to rule both Williamson and Fritz out as suspects.

The New York Times reported that they were freed from prison in and finally able to move on with their lives. Gore became a suspect. The DNA testing not only freed two innocent men, it also helped law enforcement find the real killer. Suddenly he went from star witness to primary suspect. When that information came to light, Gore was already serving a year prison sentence for burglary, kidnapping, and shooting with intent to injure.

As seen in the fifth episode, he escaped during a prison work detail and fled. A week later he retained a lawyer and turned himself in. Gore's case was tried. In , Gore was convicted of Carter's murder and sentenced to death , per The Oklahoman. The Ada News reported that he appealed this and was granted a new trial, but was convicted again in He's now serving life in prison without parole, according to Oklahoma inmate records.

Prosecutor Bill Peterson offered no apologies.


Carter's aunt said in the final episode of the Netflix series that she can't forgive prosecutor Peterson because he allegedly never apologized to Carter's family for not getting the right man at first. A clip of Peterson was then shown explaining that he had no plans to apologize even to the two men he wrongfully convicted.

That's not going to happen. The Oklahoman reported that Peterson retired in and always maintained that he'd done the best he could. I'm not embarrassed. I did my job to the best of my ability.

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I was convinced they killed Debbie Carter. If that was your mother, your sister or your daddy who was killed, you wouldn't want a pansy prosecutor. You would want someone passionate. Carter's mother wrote a letter to Gore. In a quest for answers that she's never gotten, Carter's mother revealed in the last episode that she penned a letter to Gore. She pleaded with him to tell the truth and explain what happened that night and why he went after Carter. Gore has yet to answer. Read our recaps of The Innocent Man. Not long after The Bachelorette's Jed was exposed by his ex-girlfriend for allegedly dating her while filming the show, accusations from another.

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Is anyone else thinking that maybe Peter is guilty? I keep going back to that theory, too. But as Mackenzie implies, Peter may have been motivated because he wanted to be a somebody, and making this movie turned him into one. But I do think that Peter is guilty of something else: engaging in really shoddy journalism. During the post-prom party, after Sarah rips into Peter, he says he realizes he needs to do better. But then a few seconds later, he records audio of a private conversation between Gabi and Sam.

In addition to being a true-crime spoof and a high-school dramedy, then, American Vandal is also a commentary on the navel-gazing consumption of media and the eroding of ethics in modern journalism. Again: kind of a lot for a show that seems to be about doodles of male diddles. The presence of ball hairs: also often used to distinguish the work of Banksy. But when Dylan goes to Mrs. Going hairless was a way for him to credibly deny that did it.

Which turned this bro-doofus into a legitimately tragic figure. There are, including the following:. She disrobes for the benefit of some guy on Twitch and suggests she plans to see him later, but we never find out more. Especially the members of the staff and Mackenzie, although feelings of guilt might explain the willingness in her case. Aside from Kraz, who is an idiot, I think most teachers would have declined to speak, especially once the documentary turned into such a hot-button disciplinary issue. But it was necessary from a storytelling perspective. Netflix has not announced one yet, but Perrault and Yacenda told Mashable that they would love to keep the show going.

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