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As a result, a lot of people get frustrated and upset when they can't find the answer. However, we forget that finding yourself looks different for everyone. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it. You aren't expected to have it all figured out, nor should you. The path to finding yourself requires that you commit to becoming a better version of yourself. It's not a linear process. There will be highs and lows. That's just how life works. People become so fixated on the final outcome that they forget to enjoy the journey of becoming. As a result, when they don't get to where they want to go, they lose faith.

In order to continue leveling up our lives, it requires that we do a lot of inner work to uncover painful emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding us back in life. If you are ready to engage in some deep soul work, you can expect to come across aspects of yourself that may be difficult to accept. However, it is during the dark times that we find our light. If you feel lost, have you ever sat back and observed what that feels like in your body?

Everything lost is meant to be found, but it's our job to figure out what that looks like. How to find yourself when you lose yourself? Try feeling.

Sounds easier said than done, right? The natural response is to suppress negative emotions because they don't feel good. However, you can't climb out of a hole and find your light if you don't face the darkness first. Your emotional state is your compass; it answer's life's most difficult questions and guides you in the direction of your dreams.

If you feel lost, go inward and listen to your feelings. Your intuitive self never lies. When you tune into what matters to you, you live in alignment with your soul's purpose. Make the effort to know yourself more and become comfortable enough to live as that person. It is enough. You are enough. Technology has offered us many opportunities. However, it has also disconnected us from ourselves and others. If you are constantly trolling on social media and focusing on other people's lives, you won't be staying in your own lane, so to speak.

Technology can drain our energy and send our inner critic spiraling.

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Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram provide so many ways for us to compare ourselves to others. Sources like these only take people farther away from their own happiness. Try taking a weekend and unplugging from social media and technology. Tap into your creativity, do things that make you happy and connect with people on a deeper level. You will be surprised what a powerful impact this can have on your emotional and mental state.

This is one of the most powerful tools for learning how to find yourself.

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One way to fall in love with your essence is to join with it through the process of meditation. As you meditate, you clear your mind and are able to cleanse yourself of worry, doubt, and fear. In this place, we are able to connect with the purest form of self-love. All you need to know is within yourself, seeking it externally in the world will only take you so far.

You need to look within. Research shows that tapping into our ability to turn our attention inward has the ability to empower and heal us. In particular, it can help soothe anxiety and increase our overall well-being. Oftentimes, when people feel lost, it's their mind that is telling them they're lost.

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This is why it's important to go inward and find stillness. Doing so allows you to separate fact from fiction. However, it's not about ignoring your thoughts. Rather, it's about being present with yourself. When thoughts come up, notice them and then let them pass. Since I started meditating I feel more empowered, on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. This ensures that I don't ever feel lost because I know that I am connected to something greater than myself. If you are feeling lost there is a chance that you are looking for a change in life.

It's easy to lose yourself when you feel bored and uninspired. When we stay inside our zone of comfort, we disconnect with what makes us come alive inside.

I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. How can you modify your daily routine? Is there a new activity that you've been wanting to do or a new skill that you want to learn? Switch it up and reinvent yourself! You may learn something about yourself that you never knew before. Don't be afraid to take some risks and do something that scares you. Change requires a letting go and trust that there is a second and third base and that I can make it there. It is about trusting myself and God and the universal laws to unfold a new reality for me.

It is knowing that my vision, prayers, visualizations, affirmations and wishes will come true. Too often the test is right to the eleventh hour, where I must totally give up and let in the new. To make it worse, everything seems to go wrong at the same time. This is a place where my life turns upside down. When I was in the consulting business, my heart wanted to move into the personal development and education field.

As I was planning this process, my client offered me a phenomenal opportunity, with substantial equity in a company in the personal development field. It was like falling in love--the infatuation, the fantasy, the excitement. My mind was full of ideas. After a few days, I sat down with myself and analyzed it more closely. Something was saying it wasn't the right move.

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But I kept the door open on the opportunity and was getting pressure for a commitment. During this time, my mind was in a fog. I was torn between what looked like the offer of a lifetime and what my heart wanted to do--my own programs, not someone else's. And I did not want to let my friends down. This fog brought on tears yes, men can cry. It was scary to be unable to break out of my stuck thinking patterns.

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My mind seemed dead to new ideas and everything in my life was going wrong or stopped flowing. Finally, I had to make my stand. I did not join their group. Making the decision relieved some of the fog, but it was a few weeks before the dust settled and I was fully functional mentally. During that time, I was gentle with myself, not creating too many pressures or new decisions. I soon realized a new level of commitment to creating and delivering my own programs and taking control of my life.