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The main global initiative in this direction is Treatnet. UNODC promotes within different countries the development of strategies of attention to drug use, based on scientific evidence, using an approach that prioritizes respect to human rights and the real needs of the services' users in their clinical, motivational and social aspects.

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UNODC publishes annually the World Drug Report , which gathers the main data and trends analyses on production, traffic and consumption of illegal drugs worldwide. The data are compiled by UNODC from questionnaires sent to the Member States and compose a reference document to guide global policies on drugs.

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The programmes designed to prevent the inadequate use of drugs are always considered the most important intervention and have as their priority target the youth. UNODC's work in this area is based on principles that call for the establishment of community-based action, with wide incentive to the participation of the youth; activities of extended perspective regarding different types of substances, with focus on people and social interactions; and the guarantee that other groups that can influence the youth's life conditions are considered in the programmes developed.

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UNODC has been working on the identification and dissemination of good practices and reference documents, with the contribution of community and youth institutions, through two projects: the Global Youth Network and the Global Initiative on Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse. With the help of the youth, members of academic institutions, professionals working in the area and other UN agencies, UNODC has been identifying what works better for prevention.

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Towards this end, the participation of the youth in this process contributes to more effective and lasting results. UNODC's action UNODC's approach to the drugs issue is multi-faceted and encompasses the most diverse aspects of the subject, with orchestrated and specific actions in the areas of health, education and public safety, among others.

Youth and Drugs The programmes designed to prevent the inadequate use of drugs are always considered the most important intervention and have as their priority target the youth.

UNODC processes data to increase data comparability and to produce regional and global estimates. Further information on statistical standards developed by UNODC in the field of crime, criminal justice and illicit drugs is available at:. Terms and conditions of use.

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