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The Firefly thing. Owns the DVDs, talks about it all the time, etc. Am I just completely missing something here?! Never heard of those movies oopsies! I thought I was trying to be healthy! Wait, dark chocolate IS healthy. Go get some! The pictures of that bar are mouth-watering. The pictures are amazing though, I love the close-ups on the sticky, golden caramel.

Awwww now I am really craving Whittakers caramel, magnified by the fact that it would be no more than, say, forty seconds to the nearest shop to buy some. Oh, I am so envious of you right now! It was good enough, though! Oh I just bought a block of the whittakers dark chocolate with almond and I love it! I will have to try the other variaties. I am not a big soft centre chocolate lover, but I do love caramel. Can you get this one in Australia? Writer, editor, firm believer in socks, gin, laughter, buttered toast, cheesecake, and semicolons. Currently back in Canberra after two years living in Canada; heart tingling to see what happens next.

Website by Lion Face Studio. Wayfaring Chocolate. And the winner is… Gena of the fabulously creative and always immaculately-proofread blog Choosing Raw! Life is stupid sometimes.

Hannah March 10, at pm Permalink. Casey Insatiably Healthy March 10, at am Permalink. I feel no shame. Chocolate cravings are the key to a happy and healthy life. Ashley Thefitacademic March 10, at am Permalink. Margaret March 10, at am Permalink. Yes, I heard about the Canberra store a few months ago! Very exciting! Agnes March 10, at am Permalink. Angela the diet book junkie March 10, at am Permalink. Errign March 10, at am Permalink.

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Calliope Gifts. Callooh Callay Bar. He interviewed tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand on "60 Minutes". In this replaced St. James's Palace as England's official royal residence. The 2 most famous battle cries during the Texas War of Ind. Last name of Sonia, who was poised to become prime minister of India in but declined the post.

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The defiant cry "Camerone! In this American divorcee became the first woman named Time magazine's Person of the Year. He played the title detective on the long-running series "Mannix".