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Test Your Vocabulary. To combat this effect, organizations must develop into dynamic learning organizations where inspiration and learning are staples of their daily activities.

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These types of organizations facilitate an environment that not only ensures leaders can practice innovative techniques to increase customer service and profits, but also allows personnel to be the driver of the needed change to do so. He turned a blind eye to new leadership, development, and learning activities. This proved to be a monumental mistake for David.

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Finding this new positive attitude has changed every aspect of his life. More importantly, it has increased his ability to connect with others as many can relate to the pain a tragic occurrence causes and the crisis it creates.

David has been on both ends of the spectrum. From resisting learning and change in a dramatic way, all the way to producing scientific research through his doctoral studies focusing on the importance of organizational learning. Synopsis: An attempt to catch the graffiti artist who's been leaving his mark all over town, leads to a forest fire in the woods.

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Synopsis: Stephanie's competitive side gives the girls a front-row seat to a cheating scandal and the group out to expose it. Synopsis: The girls give Hazel's shop a makeover, but can they stop the shops in the Arts District from being demolished? Synopsis: Andrea's quest to be a pop star takes her to new heights, and the girls catch a bad guy in the act.

Synopsis: Andrea's temper turns the girls' new racing hobby into a competition that fuels them to put Dr Alvah in her place. Synopsis: When the girls learn of Dottie Rae 's long-lost love, they try to bring him - and their shot at the Grand Prix - back to life.

Synopsis: A fun day at the resort gives the girls a bird's-eye view of a trash island. Can team power solve the problem? Synopsis: The ugly truth makes Andrea quit the race team - but when Mia gets in trouble, will all her friends come back to help?

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  • But their break is quickly spoiled by something lurking in the lake. Synopsis: The racing team's desperate need for a pit crew boss causes an old rivalry to be reignited. Synopsis: A production flaw with the Alvahbots results in major malfunctions and even more major mayhem. Synopsis: The day of the Grand Prix has arrived, but Dr Alvah is still as determined as ever to prove her Alvahbots are superior to humans in every way.

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    Synopsis: A series of calamitous mishaps beset the girls as they attempt to perform a play about the founding of Heartlake City. Synopsis: While out horseriding, Mia finds a treasure map and goes to find the treasure. Meanwhile, Ricky and Joey are searching Heartlake City for the treasure map of the explorers on Carter Greene's orders, despite Dr Alvah insisting no such map exists.