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Sometimes, the real world can inspire cover ideas. Their impact and design elements make them among the top price-getters when it comes to collecting original art.

Never mind that cover art is likely to have added material that can degrade more than the image on a simple inked page. I have a terrific never-used cover—terrific except that it has a number of little images that were rubber-cemented onto the art: images that are now falling off the art.

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But I digress. Good Girl Art cover! Bondage cover! I detect a theme in itself.

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I finally gave up the right to sneer at such goings-on when I realized that I had to buy all the Walmart special DVD versions that featured variant Deadpool packaging. Sigh …. Gaines, Agent, Inc.

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Some covers wordily introduce an entire cast and its challenge. Some of the most successful covers are the ones focused on the design that has the greatest impact. They are classic. There are situational teases. There are also covers designed to function as stand-alone gag cartoons. One of the champs in the s was E. Back In The Day, they were used to test buyer reactions in specific markets and kept as much of a secret as possible.

That added nickel was an investment that paid off for those who paid it. Then, variants came to the rescue when DC found itself with a problem. You can rescue him by answering a few math questions.

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Then pick a level Easy, Hard, or Extreme. Each question you answer correctly will get you closer to rescuing Dude.

Maggie's World!

Maggie has forgotten the password for her trunk and needs your help. Guess consonants and vowels to create a Spanish word. Each word you get will help open a lock, and five words will open her trunk. Maggie needs help fixing a short circuit in her computer, and she needs your help.

Maggie's World

By linking the prefixes and suffixes to their meaning, you can really help her out. Are you ready to fishing for words? Use fishing rods to catch the correct words in the water. Do you need to double the consonant or change the Y?

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Dan needs your help in editing his news report. You can pick Level 1 for capital letters and final punctuation or pick Level 2 for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes. Spanish-English Cycle Race Race your way to the finish line! Around the World in 80 Seconds!

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Super Match Game Do you have good memory? Short Circuit Maggie needs help fixing a short circuit in her computer, and she needs your help. Clean Up Your Grammar The beach is getting dirty with bad grammar, and we need your help to clean up the beach. Go to our Donation page for more information. Maggie's Books Teacher's Guide Lights!