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They're vegan and so goooood! They're loaded with dried edamame, carrots, and greens that rehydrate with boiling water. Posted by Bianca at PM 1 comment:. Wednesday, June 19, Vegan Food at Bonnaroo Since we started going to this massive music fest in Manchester, Tennessee, in , vegan options have always been readily available. But the offerings just get better and better every year. I actually look more forward to the vegan food at 'Roo than the musical acts!

Tonight, I'm posting about all the food I ate in Centeroo, the main festival grounds. Since we camped at the fest, I had plenty of meals back at the campsite too. But I'll save those for a post tomorrow. We arrived on Thursday morning, but we didn't venture away from the campsite until mid-afternoon. There was a new EDM stage called Where in the Woods, located in the general camping grounds we stay in guest camping since I'm there to work as media , and we wanted to check it out. So we made the couple-mile trek to general camping.

I tried their beet philly in , so I wanted to try something new this time. I made a great choice with this Beet Burger! The patty was made from beets and other veggies, served on a buckwheat blini with sunflower aioli and beetchup! Every year, there's a doughnut vendor by the Which Stage handing out free samples, but they're not vegan. Still, I had to pose with their doughnut! The next day, I ate breakfast at the campsite, but we had to get out fairly early for Yoga-aroo! I've been doing yoga at Roo for years, and last year, I finally convinced Paul to do it with me. He had a great time!

After yoga, we had to pick up our bibs for the annual Roo Run 5K set for Saturday morning. The bib pick-up was held in Plaza 2 in general camping, so it was another long walk from our campsite. I've seen Solar Cafe on Bonnaroo's food vendor list on their website for years, but I've never made it over there. It's so far from where we camp, so when I saw it, I knew I wanted to stop! But I didn't realize that everything there is made to order, so my wrap took about 30 minutes. We were standing in the hot sun the whole time, so that was kind of a bummer.

But when I finally got my food, it was worth the wait. Noochy sauteed tofu with broccoli, beans, salsa, spinach, and other veggies! I shoot photos of musical acts for the Memphis Flyer when I'm there. That's my old job, but I still cover Roo for them! I had a few acts on the list to shoot Friday night, including the Avett Brothers and Griz.

But I wanted to get something for dinner first. Luckily, these Chana Masala Fries were hot and fast! What a great idea! You can see the pics I took for the Flyer here , and here's a fun crowd shot at Griz! Saturday morning was Roo Run time! Paul has been dealing with an achilles injury, but he managed to get 3. It's a hot race around the Roo farm with very little shade.

My fave thing about this race is that it's hosted by ultrarunning legend Charlie Engle! I got a high-fave from him after the race. These were amazing! Topped with a homemade noochy cheese sauce, beans, sweet potatoes, salsa, and lettuce. On Saturday evening, like am so technically Sunday morning , I saw my favorite act this year — The Lonely Island Andy Samburg's comedy rap group. We planned to leave mid-day Sunday so we could get home by the end of the night.

Manchester is about six hours away from Memphis. But we took one last stroll through Centeroo to shop for souvenirs and get our last taste of festival food. For me, that was a Vegan Arepa with guac, roasted red peppers, and caramelized onion from the Alma food truck.

Easy Pasta Salad 3 Delicious Ways

This Venezuelan corn cake sandwich was delicious, but it was more snack-sized than meal-sized. Luckily, I knew just the thing to make it a meal! No Roo is complete without a basket of hot, starchy yuca fries. What a perfect way to end a lovely weekend. Posted by Bianca at PM 3 comments:. To commemorate these animals, FOUND has developed , glass bottles of the brand's naturally sparkling, infused mineral water to sell and raise money which Oceana will use to protect the oceans and their wildlife.

Each of the , bottles is individually numbered, so you can get a better feel for the impact of plastic on wildlife. They sent me the Cucumber Mint, and it was fantastic! Just the right amount of bubbly carbonation with a refreshing cucumber flavor and hint of mint.

Learn more about how you can support the K Initiative here. Posted by Bianca at PM 2 comments:.

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photographs: Philadelphia Subjects, A-I

One a few weeks ago, I brought a salad to work for lunch, but it just didn't feel like enough food for a proper lunch. I don't know what three beans are in this house-made hummus, but it's delicious — especially with that warm grilled pita. Friday was National Doughnut Day!

There's currently nowhere in Memphis serving vegan doughnuts on the regular — only occasionally at Imagine Vegan Cafe and the cafe at Crosstown Arts. So I had to make do on my own! I went to bootcamp Friday morning, and then I followed that with some FitQuick Protein Doughnuts made from the chocolate brownie and orange cream bar waffle mix and topped with chocolate peanut butter and plain almond butter. I used to eat FitQuick waffles and doughnuts all the time! But I got a little burned out.

Luckily, I still had some mix in my freezer. These were a little healthier than fried doughnuts, so I felt pretty good about eating two. Such a simple and healthy meal! I had to recreate it at home, and I think I nailed it — brown rice, garlic kale, pinto beans, and grilled tofu topped with garlic aioli. For the aioli, I thinned out a few tablespoons of Vegenaise with water and then added a few grated cloves of garlic.

Here's another yummy — but not as pretty — bowl with roasted butternut squash, chickpeas, kale, quinoa, and tahini sauce. On Mother's Day, we made naan pizzas at my parents' house, and my dad had the foresight to suggest I make an extra one to take home and freeze for a busy week night. I just re-heated from frozen it in the air fryer, and it was perfect. My dad is so smart! Served with my favorite Food Should Taste Good sweet potato corn chips. We'll end this post with CAKE!! The party was kind of late on a week night, so I ate cake at 9 pm and then went to bed at pm.

Not the best idea. Definitely affected my sleep, but it was worth it. Posted by Bianca at PM 5 comments:. I know this is a food blog, but for me, running and food are SO interrelated. May 11, at PM. Krista C. September 26, at PM. April says. May 14, at PM. Meaghan says. I love this idea!!! Your fabrics are always so beautiful.

Emily says. Kathi Kraftyzales says. May 8, at AM. Christie says. MaryJanes and Galoshes says. May 12, at AM. VickiT says. Awesome tutorial! And, in my opinion you got THE best color. Kristin says. Andrea says. Michelle says. May 12, at PM. Our Seven Dwarfs says. May 13, at PM. Jill of oursevendwarfs. Kay Whitt says. May 17, at PM. Alicia says. Syspil says.

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