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The policy of dialogue and convergence is being replaced with a policy of ignoring and isolating unmanageable risks. Political processes in Russia are ignored whenever the president does not have a vested interest, and conflicts flare up where previously it was always possible to reach an agreement. The Russian regime is less and less like a well-tuned orchestra with a confident conductor, and more and more like a cacophony in which every musician is trying to play louder and get more attention than everyone else.

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No one is focusing on the harmonious sound of the symphony. The regime is becoming active, but the movements of its various elements are out of sync. In the past, if the FSB was pursuing a case, there was no doubt that Putin had approved it and that no change of course should be expected. In the new reality, the president himself is being guided: today a folder might land on his desk that results in an arrest, but later, another folder might cause the previous decision to be overturned.

Every Man for Himself

Previously, Putin orchestrated the overall political context, ensuring political convergence and a single logic dictated from above, even if the system did not always function perfectly. Now Putin is distancing himself from the system that he built, and we are seeing the emergence of a polycentric system with an unpredictable arbitration mechanism: a system Russia knows only too well from the s.

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Unlike in the s, today the wars are being fought under the banner of defending the besieged fortress, in the context of a geopolitical standoff. The pro-Putin rationale is being replaced with an anti-Western logic, and the president has fewer and fewer opportunities to maintain the stability of his own regime. Carnegie Moscow Center. Sign up for Carnegie Email. Experts Publications Events.

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TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Secret Achievement 30 Continue playing to unlock this achievement. Author Solution Small Victories , , On Tuesday, the government fuelled the perception that its heart was never really in the banking royal commission by reversing its commitment to ban trail commissions for mortgage brokers.

The backdown was driven by intense lobbying by an industry which is a core constituency for the Coalition. At the end of the day, why annoy such a constituency and donor source by taking to the election a policy you are unlikely to be around to implement anyway? Best leave it to Labor and try to make some political mileage out if it.

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Against this bleak backdrop, it was unsurprising Labor's demeanour was noticeably upbeat this week, even if it has to keep telling itself the election is not won yet. While the government pulled itself apart over climate change, another Labor policy strength — wages — provided the other platform for discussion this week. Many small and medium business owners are understandably nervous about a mandated wage surge which could all but wipe out already slim profit margins in depressed sectors like retail.

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Labor is promising to consult and not mandate a number like that being advocated by the ACTU. But it doesn't help to label all bosses "fat cats" as Shorten did this week.

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Leave that for the bankers. Following that comment, this column was contacted by a small businessman who is a swing voter and who owns a couple of retail outlets. He pays his 34 full-time, permanent part-time and casual workers the award wage which is pegged to the minimum wage. I do this so as I do not experience a 30 per cent wage cut myself.

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However, this has its own implications as not all the work can get done, so standards in the shop decrease. This always leads to pressure on sales and so the cycle continues," he said. It's not ideological, it is the fear of people who think giving out other people's money will have no consequences. I have moved from thinking about expansion and refurbishment to sale and downsizing. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement.

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News Economy Opinion Print article. Opinion It's every man for himself in rush to Coalition lifeboats While the Coalition tears itself apart, Labor is having to remind itself that it has not won the election yet. Phillip Coorey Political Editor. Alex Ellinghausen The Queensland Nationals, in cahoots with Barnaby Joyce , put the interests of the Coalition behind their own desire to save their skins north of the Tweed by amplifying calls for the government to underwrite coal-fired power in their state.

Sop to the right After Scott Morrison became leader, for months he conspicuously declined to utter the word "Paris" when talking about emissions reduction targets. Instead, he would refer only to "our commitments". David Rowe Everywhere else you look there are signs of abandonment of hope. Bleak backdrop On Tuesday, the government fuelled the perception that its heart was never really in the banking royal commission by reversing its commitment to ban trail commissions for mortgage brokers. In this vein, rhetoric needs to be checked.