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Stock Image. However, since her imprisonment in Azkaban, it is unlikely that she still wears any of her old outfits, but instead wears the black and white striped uniform of all the prisoners. Dolores Umbridge was an evil woman, nothing short of a sociopath who characterised the worst aspects of political power. She was ruthless, cruel, brutal, corrupt, fascistic, misanthropic, and devoid of a moral or ethical centre. She was depicted using any means to maintain her personal power and the political power of her bosses, often flaunting that power during her time in Hogwarts.

She committed attempted soul-removal via the Dementor attack on Harry , solicited bribes, and tortured children to achieve her goals. Her cruelty was disguised by her quiet, childish, high-pitched voice which both took Harry aback and made the hair on his neck stand up straight, as he had expected a croak , as well by decorating her office with paraphernalia related to kittens , chocolate cakes , biscuits , tea , and other cute things to the point of being sickening. Her personality has been described as "poisoned honey," and it was said on various occasions that the sweeter her voice was, the more dangerous or infuriated she became.

She also tended to give her signature fake cough, " Hem-Hem ," when she wanted someone's attention, rudely interrupting them, as well as usually speaking to people she felt were beneath her in a very condescending tone, as if they were simpletons or very young children. On one occasion, Professor McGonagall brushed off the fake cough by offering her a cough sweet. Although she likes kittens hence her decorations relating to them , she finds that real kittens are too much of a mess to take care of, and instead focuses on decorations.

Umbridge was fanatically prejudiced against part-humans such as werewolves and half-giants , which she called " half-breeds. Her prejudice also led to her mistakenly believe that mermaids and centaurs were part-humans, when in fact they were separate species, and in her haste of prosecuting them she would forgo her usual feigned politeness, and be outright rude.

However, after the incident with the Hogwarts centaurs, she developed a phobia of centaurs. An odd derivative from this prejudice was that, despite her hatred of half-breeds, Umbridge did not seem to hate part-goblin Filius Flitwick most likely due to lack of knowledge of Flitwick's ancestry and his undeniably skilled teaching methods , as Fred Weasley stated that she marked him well on his inspection. Umbridge was a pure-blood supremacist , stemming from her childhood when her brother was discovered to be a Squib. Hating her mother for being a Muggle, Dolores would blame her for being the cause of her brother's lack of magical powers.

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After bribing her father to quietly leave public sight, Dolores lied to everyone that she was a pure-blood, believing it would give her social respect and status, later bolstering her credentials by falsely claiming that she was related to the Selwyn family. She was known to spout very uncharitable views on the non-magical community when intoxicated, to the point that even fellow pro-pure-blood coworkers were shocked by her. While sober, Dolores would put up a facade of politeness for Muggle-born, repressing her prejudice for them to maintain her public image; only when Voldemort took over the Ministry did she unleash her cruelty over them, tormenting them with sham trials and sadistically sending them off to Azkaban.

Her lust for power and social status seems to cause her to have no feeling for genuine love. Despising her Muggle mother and Squib brother as second class citizens while ashamed of her lowly janitorial employee of a father, Dolores would never speak of any of them again while shunning her father with a bribe, and went onto inventing her ancestry to make herself seem more noble to the higher ups. Dolores also attempted to seduce her superiors into marriage, not out of love, but for the social elevation and security it would provide hence she had no preference to any particular individual.

Her lack of true love behind her attempts, however, was clear, as none of her superiors could truly like her due to knowing her nasty personality underneath her hard work and feigned politeness. She placed a blind faith in authority, believing that it could not possibly be wrong, and even after it was proven wrong she did not change her opinion.

This went hand-in-hand with her self-serving nature; [21] she liked power a lot, naturally siding with those who would give her the most authority as was clearly seen when she was loyal to Fudge over Dumbledore, rather than accepting the truth, and then abandoning Fudge when he was ousted from his office. Umbridge was as ruthless in maintaining her power as she was in seeking it. She desired to exercise complete control over everyone and everything around her. Even as a student, she was resentful that the school did not grant her any position of power and responsibility, and felt that she was deprived of a chance to exercise authority over her peers.

From her perspective, free speech, dissent, diversity and multiple points of view could not be tolerated. Therefore, Umbridge also represented the qualities of a totalitarian government. She led not by consensus and respect, but rather by fear and intimidation; she had no trouble using any methods available in order to make people obey her, even attempting to use the restricted Veritaserum and then the Cruciatus Curse on Harry Potter when he would not give her desired information.

Umbridge was known to rapidly resort to cruel and unusual punishments over perceived slights and take great pleasure in such punishments. Umbridge also liked to showcase her statuses, as she arrogantly told the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest of her many titles, and mounted plaques on her office doors to display these titles.

Unaware that she was in possession of Salazar Slytherin's Locket , she falsely claimed it was a family heirloom and proof of her relation to the Selwyn family. When Fudge was dismissed, Umbridge continued to support the Ministry such was her devotion to authority and seemed to try to get to the same position of power she had had with the new Minister Rufus Scrimgeour. Even when the Death Eaters took over, she stood by their side and persecuted Muggle-borns for them. Although she was not a Death Eater , she showed no qualms about indirectly supporting them with her work at the Ministry while it was under Lord Voldemort 's control, and freely espoused many of their virtues even before they gained control of the Ministry.

She showed a particular hatred for Harry Potter, as she violently punished Harry during detentions, and deemed him "Undesirable No. During her year as a professor at Hogwarts, she acted as disciplinarian, insisting the students to greet her loudly and clearly in a monotonous style at the beginning of every class, and answer her questions in the same manner.

Despite or perhaps because of her feigned politeness, the other teachers found her infuriating. Umbridge became more openly authoritative and cruel as she gained influence over the school, especially during her time as the High Inquisitor , as seen when she interrupted teachers with her leading questions, passive-aggressive comments, and disruptive note taking.

She was especially insulting to Hagrid, whom she knew to be a "half-breed," and was blatantly condescending and rude to him during her inspection of his class. She interrupted Dumbledore during his speech at the Start-of-Term Feast , and delivered a very dull speech while being ignorant of the students' restlessness, to the point that Harry speculated that she would have continued with it even if a full-scale riot broke out under her nose. Harry's hand due to Umbridge's punishments with the Black Quill. Umbridge rarely expressed the extent of her anger openly, casually making decrees and handing out torturous punishments with a smile most notably, forcing Harry to carve "I must not tell lies" into the back of his hand with a Black Quill.

She created several new rules and regulations in order to increase control and chances to punish students, despite many of them being ridiculous and unfair. Umbridge occasionally lost her temper, when she did not have things her way, such as when Fred and George Weasley began a rebellion against her during her time as Headmistress. When Marietta Edgecombe 's memories were secretly modified by Kingsley Shacklebolt and she did not tell the truth about Dumbledore's Army , Umbridge physically shook Marietta very hard, and only stopped when Dumbledore pointed his wand at her.

She also had a tantrum when the gargoyle of the Headmaster's office refused to let her in when she became Headmistress, and an outburst against "half-breeds" led her to be carried away by centaurs in the Forbidden Forest. Umbridge often made hypocritical statements, claiming during the Start-of-Term Feast that she assured the students that they would all be very good friends, she admitted later that she actually hated children.

Despite claiming to be a "tolerant woman" who did not stand for disloyalty, she frequently attempted to silence those with whom she disagreed. Her hatred of both "half-breeds" and " Mudbloods " demonstrated her intolerance, while her constantly shifting attachment to the currently most powerful showed her opportunism. Despite her incessant claims that telling lies was wrong, she was perfectly willing to lie without shame when it suited her.

Umbridge was presumably capable and fairly intelligent, as she was high-ranking in the Ministry at a relatively young age, although her general magical knowledge seemed limited. She unreasonably demanded Snape to brew Veritaserum in less than the required month after she squandered an entire bottle on one previous interrogation, although Snape had told her that three drops would suffice.

She also could not figure out how the students were suffering from the symptoms of " Umbridge-itis ," nor how to remove the Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs and the Portable Swamp left by Fred and George Weasley , which Flitwick cleaned up in a matter of seconds. Her style of teaching students was also simply having them read from the textbook, while avoiding any practical lessons and answering students' questions, showing that she was inadequate in teaching, something Professor McGonagall made clear during Harry's Careers Advice ; indeed, Umbridge believed that theories were enough for students to get by exams and mastering self-defence, which in many situations proved her wrong, though she refused to acknowledge that fact.

Despite her wickedness and support of Death Eaters, she was at least known by reputation not to be a Death Eater herself. In what appears to be an ironic twist or inconsistency, she could produce a Patronus Charm. Umbridge also understood the importance of Argus Filch 's knowledge of the school's geography, and made efforts to befriend him in order to advantage herself, despite his status as a Squib, which many would consider a sign of a second-class citizen in the wizard community.

However, she was not above blaming him for her own faults, to the point of irrationality, such as when she stunned one of the Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs causing it to explode, she called him out not to stun them despite his genetic inability to do so in the first place. Umbridge's Persian cat Patronus. Despite her high ranking position in the Ministry, at first glance Umbridge does not appear to be a particularly powerful witch. She had no knowledge of the brewing process for Veritaserum and because she needed it and unwisely squandered a bottle full on one interrogation although she had been told that it was not necessary , it is unlikely that she is a Legilimens.

She could not eliminate either the Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs and their Portable Swamp , feats that other professors easily did which they refused to at first, just to give Umbridge trouble. She was also unable to remove Marietta Edgecombe 's "SNEAK" pimple formation , implying that she may not be very skilled with counter-jinxes although it is possible that no counter-jinx existed for Hermione's spell. Her real magical power and knowledge were mainly focused in offensive and defensive magic, particularly of a darker variety.

Umbridge conjuring ropes, an advanced form of Transfiguration. Dolores was born a half-blood to wizard Orford Umbridge and muggle Ellen Cracknell , and has a younger brother , who is a squib. Under the influence of her father, Dolores blamed her mother for being the cause to her brother being born without magical powers, as well as looking down on said brother. Coupled with Ellen's flightiness and untidiness, Dolores came to hate both her mother and brother. She considered them to be inferior and upon reaching 15 years old, she and her father remained in the wizarding world, while Ellen took her son and returned to the Muggle world, never seeing each other again.

Although her father was the source of influence on her prejudiced views on blood purity, Dolores found him rather irksome for his unambitious nature as a janitorial worker at the bottom of the social ladder. While climbing the ranks in the Ministry herself, Dolores found her father to be a source of embarrassment, and pressured him into an early retirement, disappearing from public sight in exchange for the promise of a small monthly allowance.

With her father silently removed from public, Dolores managed to give herself a better public image. Whenever her colleagues mostly the ones who dislike her asks if she is related to the Umbridge who used to mop floors, she would use her sweetest smile which indicates her suppressed rage to deny all connections, and falsely claimed that her deceased father was an esteemed member of the Wizengamot.

Nasty things tended to happen to people who ask about Orford, or anything else Dolores did not want to talk about, so people who wished to be on her good side would pretend to believe her false heritage. Once Dolores was arrested and sentenced to Azkaban, Orford lost his pittance that his daughter gave him. She then lied to others being a pure-blood, seeing herself as such, and even falsely connecting herself to the prestigious Selwyn family , to bolster her pure-blood credentials and cover her shameful heritage. Harry Potter , her enemy and former student.

Dolores Umbridge did everything in her power to make Harry Potter's life as miserable as possible, and thus, the two of them had a mutual loathing for each other. In the summer of , Umbridge sent two Dementors after Harry and his cousin Dudley. This was an attempt to silence him from contradicting the Ministry's official opinion that Voldemort had not returned.

Umbridge was one of Harry's jurors when he was summoned to the Ministry for a trial of the underage magic he used to fend off the Dementors, and she wanted him to be convicted, but he was acquitted due to the efforts of Albus Dumbledore and Arabella Figg. With Dolores Umbridge as his new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Harry found himself hating Umbridge the moment he set his eyes on her, from her fluffy pink cardigan to her high-pitched girlish voice, despite not having an actual reason at the time.

He often was outspoken in class and suffered for his inability to control his temper; he served detention several times with her during that year in which he would be forced to write lines with his own blood using a Blood Quill. This magically scarred Harry's hand. Minerva McGonagall was highly critical of Umbridge's methods, and warned Harry not to cross her because he would get into big trouble at school, and possibly even with the Ministry.

Using her newly acquired power under the Educational Decrees from the Ministry, she banned all extra-curricular activities and gatherings until they were approved by the High Inquisitor herself ; this meant that the House Quidditch teams were disbanded. Slytherin's team was immediately reinstated while Gryffindor was delayed from reforming for nearly a month after then-captain Angelina Johnson put in the request. As well as making Harry use a quill that would slice open his hand and cause him to write in his own blood, she banned Harry, Fred, and George from playing Quidditch later in the year after they attacked Draco Malfoy though their bans were all lifted following Umbridge's eventual removal from Hogwarts for his cruel insults.

Dolores forcing Harry to write lines with his own blood as ink during a detention. Umbridge monitored all incoming and outgoing mail, and Harry's owl Hedwig was injured on Umbridge's orders. She made it difficult for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to visit Hagrid. Umbridge nearly used the Cruciatus Curse to get Harry to talk before Hermione intervened and together with Harry, tricked Umbridge into going into the Forest to show her "Dumbledore's weapon". This resulted in Umbridge being carried off by the centaurs, whom she had attacked first, due to her hatred of half-breeds.

After the Ministry had finally acknowledged Voldemort's return to power, Umbridge was removed from Hogwarts. However, Harry was furious to learn later that year that Umbridge was still working for the Ministry of Magic. The next year Lord Voldemort took over the Ministry. She branded Harry as "Undesirable No. Enraged, Harry Stunned Umbridge and retrieved the Horcrux.

He also took the eye from her office and buried it. The delight of it extended where she wished that he did not rest in peace but in endless despair in the Voldemort controlled world. Minster for Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Umbridge was Cornelius Fudge's right-hand woman, being his Senior-Undersecretary, and he trusted her greatly to place her into Hogwarts to control it. He granted her many powers through Educational Decrees , and full-heartedly agreed with all of her comments and mockeries against Dumbledore and Harry.

Fudge seemed to be unaware of Umbridge's dark and sadistic nature. In return, Umbridge was loyal to Fudge only because of the power he was offering her, and felt no true attachments to the misguided man. When Fudge was dismissed, Umbridge stood beside the new Ministers instead, even when it became apparent that the new regime established in was morally corrupt which actually fell in line with her true personality. During their respective downfalls, however, Umbridge did not try to stand up for them, meaning that she only served them loyally for the power that she was offered, and felt no true attachments towards any of them.

Some of her equals also respected her enough. In fact, Percy Weasley sent a letter to his younger brother, stating that Umbridge was a "truly delightful woman," and that Ron should side with her instead of continuing to associate with Harry. However, others, like Amelia Bones and Arthur Weasley , didn't appear to like her. Furthermore, some lower-ranking employees tended to talk ill of her behind her back, as seen when she was the Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission , when some pamphlet makers complained about her usage of Alastor Moody's magical eye to monitor them. She mainly keeps up the facade of a respectable official amongst most of her equals and superiors, but has no trouble tyrannising her subordinates.

During her earlier years, she attempted to charm her superiors for a marriage, in order to raise her status and power, but while they valued her hard work and ambitions, they knew her enough that they found her very difficult to like, and refused to have any affectionate relationship with her. After the Ministry was reformed under Kingsley Shacklebolt 's guidance, Umbridge was arrested, tried, and imprisoned for her crimes against Muggle-borns, as not all the Muggle-borns she sent to Azkaban survived their imprisonment during the Second Wizarding War.

Minerva McGonagall. Minerva McGonagall disliked Dolores Umbridge from the beginning, and their relationship only worsened over time. When the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher began to invade Hogwarts with her Hogwarts High Inquisitor position, she did everything she could in her power to circumvent Umbridge's authority without risking the loss of her job. During Umbridge's inspections of McGonagall's class, Minerva tried for the most part to ignore Dolores. This was difficult, due to Umbridge's constant interruptions of McGongall using her signature soft, girlish cough of " Hem hem ".

When forced to acknowledge Umbridge's presence, McGonagall treated her with a cold and harsh demeanour, much to the pleasure of many students. Although Dolores had the authority to put Minerva on probation or even sack her, Minerva was not afraid to show her disgust and hatred of Dolores to her face. Despite this, she understood that Umbridge had a lot of power and that she was reporting directly to Cornelius Fudge , and so Minerva once warned Harry Potter to tread carefully around Umbridge. Even so, she vehemently vouched for Harry during their Career Advice session, claiming that she would coach him nightly if she had to in order to realise his dream of becoming an Auror , after Umbridge's furiously protested that Harry would never become one; during this session, Minerva indirectly claimed Dolores' evaluation as incompetent and would not be taken into consideration.

After Umbridge fired Sybill Trelawney from her post as Divination teacher, Minerva even put aside her mild dislike of Sybill to focus even more on her hatred of Dolores. Even when Dolores took over Hogwarts, replacing Albus Dumbledore as Head of the school, Minerva continued to help undermine Umbridge's reign, preferring to watch her struggle with the chaos that was being caused by the students and Peeves sometimes she even helped with it.

When Minerva attempted to prevent the attack on Hagrid, Umbridge and her cohorts shot her down with four simultaneous Stunners, severely injuring her, requiring her to be sent to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries Dolores was pleased at this, as it meant she had full control of Hogwarts. After Minerva's return to Hogwarts, Minerva did nothing to curb the students' enthusiasm when Peeves chased Dolores from Hogwarts, only lamenting that she could not run after Umbridge herself because the poltergeist had taken her walking stick to hit Dolores with as he followed her from the school.

Fred and George Weasley , her former students. Umbridge was a sadistic woman who enjoyed punishing and torturing students. Almost every resident of Hogwarts at the time hated Umbridge, but she particularly hated Harry Potter , Fred, and George. Fred and George were the only ones who opposed Umbridge. They developed special fireworks and set them off within the castle after Umbridge was appointed Head of Hogwarts.

The fireworks took fantastical forms, such as a monstrous light dragon and Catherine wheels. They also created a Portable Swamp , which was commended by Charms Professor Filius Flitwick as a bit of " really good magic ," in order to anger Umbridge just before leaving Hogwarts.

When she attempted to punish them, Fred and George insulted her in front of the whole school and then fled with their broomsticks, much to her absolute fury, as she ordered her Inquisitorial Squad to apprehend the two, which failed. In response, the twins "strongly suggested" that Peeves " give her hell from us " before flying out of the castle grounds, a departure that would become somewhat of a legend at the school. Some of the Slytherin students as well as the caretaker, Argus Filch , happily supported Umbridge during her reign as the High Inquisitor and later Headmistress of Hogwarts; relating her cruelty and sadism with their own ambitions.

In fact, Filch claimed that Umbridge was the best thing to happen to Hogwarts, falling for her ploy to gain his trust by rewarding him with, for example, permission to use torture as a form of punishment. However, Umbridge was fully aware that she could rely only on herself in the more crucial situations, evidenced in her reaction to Draco Malfoy 's greedy facial expression upon hearing of Dumbledore's fabled "secret weapon" from an apparently distraught Hermione Granger. Umbridge, believing Hermione's bluff, then took it upon herself to discover this weapon first-hand rather than send one of her Slytherin cronies to do it for her.

Severus Snape , who disliked Umbridge immensely. Like Harry, Snape hated Umbridge from the moment he set eyes on her for taking the post of Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. Like his colleagues, he did as little to help her as possible due to seeing her as the spoiled child she was. Because of this, Snape was the only one who could ignore Umbridge's insults and endure her tantrums. He was, however, not above subtle taunting as shown when he merely raised an eyebrow after she told him he was on probation or when he pointed out the foolishness in her use of the entire bottle of Veritaserum which was fake he gave her when she only needed three drops.

Umbridge in turn seemed to enjoy bullying Snape over the fact that Dumbledore always refused him the Defence Against the Dark Arts position. She was also annoyed with his lack of support for her and accused him of being "deliberately unhelpful". In general Umbridge seemed to expect more support from Snape, due to Lucius Malfoy speaking highly of him to her. In an alternate reality in which Voldemort won the war and Umbridge became the official Headmistress of Hogwarts, she kept Snape as a teacher of the school.

Umbridge claimed that she knew of Snape's true allegiance to the Order of the Phoenix for years, but did not act on it at the time; it was only when Severus assisted Scorpius Malfoy in defying Voldemort did Umbridge expressed her regret of not dealing with Snape before. In short, it seems Umbridge kept Snape around for his teaching capabilities while disregarding his loyalty as something that could not bring harm to the new regime.

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Snape, in turn, had no qualms of blasting Umbridge back when she confronted them. He did not hesitate to express how he always considered her an "idiotic woman" and admitted that he never liked her in front of Harry, especially after hearing she foolishly called a herd of centaur "filthy half-breeds ".

Harry, sharing this contemptuous dislike for Umbridge, chuckled at Horace's comment. Umbridge sacking Professor Trelawney and attempting to send her away from Hogwarts Castle. During her time as a student, Umbridge never truly enjoyed her time at Hogwarts, and being denied any position of power i. Prefect, Head Girl made her resent the establishment. Upon being installed by Fudge as a teacher, Umbridge saw it as a golden opportunity to get revenge against the school that did not as she saw it give her her due.

While at Hogwarts as a staff member, Dolores Umbridge was, overall, a highly unpleasant person to be around. As such, she was highly unpopular to most students and teachers in Hogwarts school. In fact, she was despised or feared by many of the other residents of the grounds, such as the Ghosts, Paintings, House Elves, and the Forbidden Forest Centaurs. She would constantly interrupt teachers, such as Dumbledore during his welcoming speech, with her high-pitched girlish cough of " Hem hem " and speak to students in a condescending tone, as if they were simpletons or her inferiors; her personal speech during the Start-of-Term Feast already left a very negative first impression on the school in general, as most students could not be bothered to listen to the "load of waffle", while the teachers and Hermione Granger deduced the meaning that "the Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts", which displeased them.

However, Dumbledore could not do anything about her due to her being appointed by the Ministry, and school life was made infinitely more difficult — for students and staff alike — by her presence. Umbridge, as High Inquisitor, inspecting Severus Snape. The students who despised her cruelty started a massive rebellion inspired by Fred and George Weasley after they set off a Portable Swamp and fled the school.

The teachers and staff, most of whom despised Umbridge's methods and interfering in their classes, did little to support her, and instead allowed the students to run rampant. Madam Pomfrey however looked after her as she would any other following her rescue from the Centaurs.

Umbridge was particularly offensive and prejudiced towards Hagrid , due to his half-giant blood, and to Professor Trelawney , who Umbridge believed was a fraud. Eventually, Umbridge sacked Trelawney and attempted to rudely evict her from the school, only to be foiled by Dumbledore. This also turned even more of the students and staff against her. In fact, the school itself appeared to deny her authority, sealing the Headmaster's office against her. In addition, Umbridge liked to intimidate Snape , despite both of them sharing a dislike of Harry Potter.

Unlike Trelawney, who took these horrible comments to heart and was deeply insulted, Snape rarely took any of her tauntings seriously.

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Besides, the staff, the students, and Peeves, the residents of the castle paintings also regarded her and her helpers with general distaste, swearing and making rude hand gestures at her and Cornelius Fudge when they left the Headmaster's office in pursuit of Dumbledore. Dobby was also terrified of her, warning of her approach to Harry in hysterics, and barely able to say her name. Umbridge especially disliked Albus Dumbledore , as he kept undermining her attempts to wrest control of Hogwarts. She, like Cornelius Fudge , believed that Dumbledore was trying to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and hence usurp the position of Minister for Magic.

Of all, she was the only character in the series who did the feat and mistake of angering Dumbledore when she attacked a student in his front, a thing that even Voldemort himself was not able to do. After Umbridge's departure, the renewed Potions Master Horace Slughorn claimed that he thought of her as an "idiotic woman" and that he never liked her, especially after hearing that she foolishly angered the herd of already angry centaurs.

It's possible that she was a former student of Slughorn's. Dumbledore's Army. Dumbledore's Army was also an organisation founded in order to directly oppose Umbridge and her supporters. When Umbridge found out about the organisation, she utilised the powers of Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four to have them all expelled, but failed due to Dumbledore taking the blame. All of them, aside from Marietta, disliked Umbridge. However, Marietta betrayed the Army to Umbridge, because of her parents' loyalty to the Ministry.

Although Umbridge feigned kindness in encouraging Marietta to do "the right thing," when Kingsley Shacklebolt secretly modified Marietta's memory, Umbridge was furious with the young girl for being unable to answer her questions. This caused the High Inquisitor to violently shake Marietta until Dumbledore quickly stepped in.

Umbridge always had a prejudiced view on those who were part-humans. She used the derogatory term " half-breed ," and treated them particularly horribly. This extended to creatures that looked like part-humans, but were in fact a separate breed, such as centaurs , merpeople , and werewolves , as she either mistook them to be human-animal hybrids or simply found their appearances of being partially human revolting. Regardless of her definition of "half-breeds," she was extremely cruel to them, writing an anti-werewolf legislation so they could barely find employment, and campaigning for merpeople to be rounded up and tagged.

In particular, Umbridge was horrible to half-giant Rubeus Hagrid , treating him like a dimwitted and violent troll , and ultimately tried to attack him under the cover of darkness. Umbridge was also horrified at the appointment of the new Divination teacher, the centaur Firenze. Her prejudice eventually led her to foolishly insult and anger a herd of centaurs who dragged her away, which led her to develop a phobia towards centaurs. However, despite her hatred towards half-breeds, Umbridge did not seem to hate part-goblin Filius Flitwick , judging by Fred Weasley 's statement that she passed him on his inspection.

Although, this is most likely a result of Umbridge's lack of knowledge on Flitwick's ancestry. Alternatively, it is possible that Flitwick's all-around competence led to her being unable to find a pretext to mark him down. One year before she was incarcerated in Azkaban , Umbridge's cruel prejudice extended to Muggle-borns , due to her hypocritical-conformity of the ideology of blood purity. She sadistically interrogated them alongside Yaxley , two prime victims being Alderton and Mary Cattermole. She also published a pamphlet stating the dangers of Muggles and referred to them as " Mudbloods.

Although Umbridge was not a Death Eater, and had no direct contact with Lord Voldemort , she showed that she was fairly in line with their goals. This was due to Umbridge's callous nature, prejudiced beliefs both of which were similar to Death Eater behaviour and her antagonism and disrespect to Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore , whom she tried to hinder or thwart on several occasions.

Umbridge seemed to be on friendly terms with Lucius Malfoy , a known Death Eater who had close connections with the Ministry. Umbridge's duties as the head of this commission involved sadistically prosecuting innocent Muggle-borns who were the enemies of the Death Eaters. However, Umbridge was never actually part of Lord Voldemort's ring of Death Eaters, although it appears that with her Mudblood prejudice leaflet , she supported Muggle-born segregation. While Umbridge was never known to have joined Voldemort, or been aware of his infiltration of the Ministry in , her displayed behaviour suggests that she had no problems with the changes that he introduced.

Dolores is a common Spanish name, although it also occurs as an English name. In Spanish and Latin, "dolores" is also the plural form of "dolor,", which means pain. In English, the similar sounding word "Dolorous" means causing or expressing grief and suffering. Dolor is the Danish name of the Cruciatus Curse. The woman in question returned my antipathy with interest. Why we took against each other so instantly, heartily and on my side, at least irrationally, I honestly cannot say.


What sticks in my mind is her pronounced taste for twee accessories. I particularly recall a tiny little plastic bow slide, pale lemon in colour that she wore in her short curly hair. I used to stare at that little slide, which would have been appropriate to a girl of three, as though it was some kind of repellant physical growth. She was quite a stocky woman, and not in the first flush of youth, and her tendency to wear frills where I felt frills had no business to be, and to carry undersized handbags, again as though they had been borrowed from a child's dressing-up box, jarred, I felt, with a personality that I found the reverse of sweet, innocent, and ingenuous.

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