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Free admission: gratuitous tickets are available at the Community Centre. Deus in nomine tuo Concerto a 4 for bas, two violins, bassoon and basso continuo? Benedictus from? Missa Pastoralis? The participants of the festival were able to experience music directly connected with the German Baroque virtuoso Johann Sebastian Bach and the era in which he lived and created music. Suite from the opera Tancr? Les Sauvages? Concerto Comique nr. Les Indes Galantes? The Katowice-based ensemble will perform at this year? Turning Points?.

The programme consists of instrumental music of the 18th Century: compositions written by Georg Muffat and Arcangelo Corelli. It has been held since and it has become a celebrated venue for the presentation of early European music in new arrangements performed by world-famous soloists and ensembles. The choice of artists, excellent acoustics of the interiors and the charm of the town create the special atmosphere of the Festival, winning it many truehearted friends. Corelli, G. Ouverture - Air?

Gigue I? Gigue II - Menuet? Arcangelo Corelli : Concerto grosso in D major, Op. Adagio - Allegro? Vivace - Allegro? Corelli: Concerto grosso in F major, Op. Muffat: Armonico Tributo: Sonata No. May 24, , p. Academy of Music in Katowice, Zacisze Street 3? Arminio - forgotten opera? May 23, , 7 p. May 14, , p. Katowice, The Evangelical Church J. Bach "St. March 16,, p. French horn Eva Harmuthova, Tereza Pavelkova? March 11,, p.

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March 6,, p. Concerto in c minor for violin, strings and basso continuo? February 2,, p. The concert was broadcast live by Polish Radio Channel 2? Violin Concerto in G major Joseph Haydn? Duet for two violins Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? It was a chrismas gift for all the residents of Katowice. The repertoire included works of French Baroque composers as well as traditional French Christmas carols from that period.? Couperin Sonata La Sultanne for two violins, viola da gamba i basso continuo M-A. Leclair - Sonata I for two violins M. Marais - Pi?

Soloists Laila Cathleen Neuman? In line with music lovers expectations, NOSPR will present a series of early music concerts for the first time in its history. The wide-ranging musical diversity of the concerts will share historical peformance practice as their main feature. The performances will explore ancient instruments, soundworlds, music interpretations and the spirit of the old times. The golden combination of the splendid acoustics of the NOSPR concert hall with the subtle sounds and undertones so typical of early music will guarantee an exceptional experience.

Suite in e minor, TWV e4. This time, we performed Haendel? We also presented a few concerti grossi of the relatively unknown composer Francesco Scarlatti. The repertoire also included the Professor? Organ Concert in F major,, op 4 nr 4 F. Scarlatti l - Concerto grosso nr 3 a-moll Gembalski - Improvisations. Scarlattil - Concerto grosso in F major Joseph Haydnl? Concerto per l? The 8th edition of the All? The Festival will host numerous outstanding musicians from all over the world, many of whom have not performed in Poland before. Those artists use original early instruments or their exact copies, concentrating nonetheless on the universal appeal of improvised music, which finds its reflection also in jazz and world music.

One of the main aims of the project is the popularisation of early music realised through lectures and Q and A sessions. Didone Abbandonata is the first libretto written by Pietro Metastasio , one of the most famous authors of operatic texts of the Baroque period. This work started his brilliant career, during which he wrote librettos for such marvellous opera composers as Vivaldi, Haendel and Mozart. Domenico Sarri? After three centuries, the artists are staging this opera as an image of the culture of our ancestors seen through the eyes of contemporary artists.

The set design, which combines a modern approach with Baroque tradition, allows for easy transportation of the production, and consequently, for its staging within diverse spaces.

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Didone Abbandonata is an opera that appeals not only to connoisseurs, but also to a wider audience. Dydona Armin Gramer Austria? Eneasz Roman Hoza Czech Republic? Iarbas Dominika Doniga Slovakia? The work staged was the first musical setting of Pietro Metastasio? The opera tells the story of Dido and Aeneas, which appeared for the first time in Virgil? Diddone Abbandonata was premiered in Naples in and, in , the opera was staged in the Czech city of Brno.??

149 Paintings You Really Should See in Europe -- Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic

During the Feste Teatrale event, the artists performed Domenico Sarri? Silesian music lovers may remember last year? After the performances in Valtice, which will take place on 12th and 13th September, the whole ensemble will embark on a concert tour, visiting Brno, Gliwice and Warszawa. On 24th July at the All Saints? Church in Gliwice, the ensemble took part in the 16th edition of the Gliwice Bach Festival, performing a concert entitled??

The title can be seen as a paranomasia, since the concert was intended as a journey through Baroque music with the traverso flute. The orchestra performed with the magnificent flautist Alexis Kossenko, who is widely acclaimed for his renditions of Antonio Vivaldi? The concert at the All Saints? Church in Gliwice was a unique opportunity to experience the musicianship of this wonderful artist live.

Alexis Kossenko performed one of the virtuoso concertos composed by the Potsdamer Bach, as well as the brilliant and exquisitely beautiful secular cantata entitled? Non sa che sia dolore? The interior will be a real treat for all the modern architecture fans — even if it recently underwent the renovation the place remained with style and is still using original furniture such as the concrete counter or heave steel chairs.

I was almost hyperventilating when I saw it as I have a soft spot for this kind of architecture! There are just tons of them! Every place that was even slightly important in the time of Habsburg Empire now seems to be the prettiest. But Liberec is more than just that.

Besides the stunning buildings I found so many little quirks and interesting spots around that made me fall for the city so much! But my biggest highlight of Liberec quirks if not of the whole city was the giant face located in the Babylon Hotel. The complex is well known in Czech Republic as a huge aqua park but not many people know that it also hides this amazing piece.

The giant head, incorporated into the door, is the most hilarious and absurd thing you will see. Someone was clearly inspired with South-East Asia when coming up with this idea. To make the place even more ridiculous you will find some animals around, including giant python or small monkey…. As much as I adore Czech Republic I was always surprised how come every city and town, besides Prague and Brno , is deserted in the afternoons and evenings. People just disappear, there is hardly anyone to be seen around. I was slightly afraid this will be the case in Liberec too but to my huge relief the city surprised me!

During my visit the main square turned into the stage — one day the local theater showed a ballet play, on the other there was a jazz concert. I follow Visit Liberec on Facebook and Instagram and I can see almost every weekend there is something going on in the center, right now the main square is turned into a beach and you can relax on the sun bed and soon the square will be used as a dance floor.

They are inviting, cozy, a little bit hipsterish and serve delicious goodies. Some of them have an interesting background like Kino Varsava Cinema Warsaw located in the foyer of the building of the cinema designed in art deco style and opened in you can read the whole story here. However, the most beautiful cafe in Liberec — Kavarna Posta — is closed.

It was built at the end of 19th century in the grand style of Viennese cafes with elements of art nouveau decor. These days the building where it was located belongs to the police and every now and then some events take place inside so it is possible to see the interior if you are lucky.

In the evening the hub of the nightlife is concentrated around Siroka street. When the weather allows you can grab a drink and head outside to enjoy a warm night and the lively atmosphere. This area is also full of street art, especially little animals made of the little squares. And I bet you would love it as much as I did! The best way to get to Liberec from Prague is with Student Agency bus.

You have to buy the ticket online in advance. When travelling and crossing borders in this area I suggest you checking out the EuroNysa ticket! I stayed in Grandhotel Zlaty Lev and it was beautiful and with the perfect location, next to the chateau and few steps away from the main square.

The interior was pretty amazing with all the art nouveau details! Click here to check more details and prices in Grandhotel Zlaty Lev! During the third visit the waiter asked me and my friend if we want to order our usual. I did my best to explore the local cafe scene and I can say there was no place that disappointed me.

Here are the places I can definitely recommend:. The ticket for the tram is 20CZK one way. You can find the schedule here. The best source of information is Visit Liberec website , you can also check there the opening hour and tours in the town hall. Once you arrive to Liberec you should go to the tourist information to get the maps and learn all you need about the city. It is located just behind the town hall, on the left side. Click here for more info and best rates on travel insurance at World Nomads! If you enjoyed that post why don't you share it with your friends?

That would mean so much to me! Also be sure to join If you don't want to miss new posts sign up to my newsletter or follow on Bloglovin! Kami, Your information is thorough and informative. I am so impressed by the amount of detail and wonderful photos included in your travel journal.

Always anxious to read of your visits. Serious thinking of travel to Czech Republic. Know the Astronomical Clock is in repairs. Nice report on Liberec. Who knew?

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