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The book was only accepted by the publisher because it was prefaced by a fourth former soldier who was better known than his comrades, Maurice Genevoix.

We still find ourselves at this period today. Moreover, many studies are now specifically dedicated to the voice of soldier testimonies thus becoming not only a source, but also an object of history, a subject for doctoral projects, books and articles. Until today, 14 there is an increase in all sorts of testimonies and this undoubtedly will not cease with the turn of the centenary.

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Their publication encourages certain publishing houses to specialise in this kind of text. In fact, by writing this, both historians were certainly not calling for the abandonment of testimonies as a source, but rather to more critical attention in the face of this editorial surge. According to Prost and Winter, the transition from the period of witnesses to the period of historians, from memory to history, is neither progressive nor linear.

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Yet, it now turns out that the public voice of the soldiers has become a highly legitimate narrative of the war and represents a strong voice that the public immediately listens to. An interest has developed at least as much, if not more, for the daily lives of the soldiers, for the shape modern war takes. Now, the voice of the soldiers, responding to a social demand, is considered legitimate. We would be mistaken to believe that it is a marginal phenomenon. A few hundred testimonies, in a broad sense, were published during the war in France. A comparable phenomenon took place in the other engaged countries.

To such an extent that certain historians who took part in the war also judged it useful to write their own war narrative as Marc Bloch did. This was a way to return to a criticism of testimonies from a historian perspective, whilst being preciously ahead of its time, to an analysis of the social function of the circulation of information during war time. The decline in the publication of war narratives ought to be analysed in parallel to historical works pertaining to the conflict.


This was perhaps due to a broader disinterest than just for the conflict itself. Roosevelt in the White House during wartime in May , he did so surreptitiously, calling himself Mr. Show Me More. As they go about their daily business, members of the residence staff function amidst history in the making. One of the most searing experiences for 20th-century White House employees was the assassination of President John F.

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Kennedy on November 22, Seeing the President and Mrs. Kennedy off to Texas on the 21st, hearing the news of the Dallas shooting the following day, receiving Mrs. Kennedy at the White House that same evening, and taking part in the funeral procession, Mass, and burial on the 25th, were a combined experience etched indelibly on the minds and hearts of White House workers.

Still, the White House had to continue to function. The residence staff—as it had done for generations, and as it would continue to do through other trying times—moved forward to welcome members of a new first family and to make them feel at home. When you first go to work at the White House, you are all eyeballs. Honestly, for the first month, your eyes are as big as teacups.

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  • Next The Working White House. For more than two centuries, the White House has been the home of American presidents. A powerful symbol of the The young national capital at Washington, D.


    For more than one hundred years, White House Social Secretaries have displayed a profound knowledge of protocol and society in His oldest sister, Renia, remained in Sweden. The brothers immigrated to the United States in as part of a government program to admit 5, orphans. They chose to live in Atlanta where they attended Emory University.

    Leon became a neurosurgeon. Kent thrived in the export-import business, and he met his wife, Hannah, on a visit to the New York area, where they eventually settled. They had two children and three grandchildren. His wife died in During his visit to the museum, as he moved from gallery to gallery, Mr. There was even a chess set made by an inmate in The box to hold the pieces was once a sardine can.

    At another gallery, he was struck once again by the demonic efficiency the Germans displayed in creating an assembly line to exterminate Jews. Actually it was a killing chamber. Here on display was a rusty canister for the cyanide-based Zyklon B, a pesticide adapted to poison humans.

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    There was an ingenious chute where the pellets, which released the gas, were dropped from portholes in the roof so they could be retrieved by gas-mask wearing Sonderkommandos — workers, usually Jews, forced into these jobs — after the victims expired. Other Sonderkommandos carried out the corpses.

    One display case had metal hatches from a furnace in a crematory where corpses were turned to ash, then dumped in a nearby river. As detailed and accurate as the museum exhibition is designed to be, Mr. Kent said nothing, not even a visit to the site today, can convey the horrors that occurred there.