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ISBN 13: 9780635102300

I read this with my girl scout troop to learn a little more about Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scouts. We thought it would be a really cute, short read. It took us a little longer than anticipated. But, I think that was our fault mostly. The girls enjoyed it but found the book a little long and too much in detail about Savannah. However, they still enjoyed it a great deal. Jun 07, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. This book is really cute, especially for Girl Scouts.

It does a really good job of weaving the history of Savannah and Girl Scout history together as a story. Jan 27, Sarah rated it did not like it. If this was suppost to make people like Girl Scouts then you failed. I am a Cadett excuse my spelling in Girl Scouts. I read this for my troop's book club. It was torture! I was highly insulted that someone would make Girl Scouts sound so cheasy.

Feb 28, Donna Lewis is currently reading it. May 25, Clair rated it liked it Shelves: childrens , books-the-girls-would-enjoy.

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Think my brownie girls are going to love this! Feb 16, Madi rated it it was ok Shelves: own , mystery. A good read for younger girl scouts. It is a very cute story, and gives a lot of information about Girl Scouts.

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Aug 07, Thaliagrace added it. This book was absolutely one of a kind outstanding! Mother rated it really liked it Jun 22, Debye Baird rated it it was amazing Jun 02, Nancy Householder rated it really liked it Jan 18, Lisa Nowiczewski rated it liked it Nov 24, Maggie Dickie rated it liked it Apr 10, Arden rated it liked it Jul 10, The Breathtaking Mystery on Mt. Everest The Top of the World.

Book Preview: The Giggling Ghost Girl Scout Mystery - Chapter 1: Savannah Bound!

The Mystery in the Rocky Mountains. The Mystery at Area The Ghost of the Grand Canyon. The Mystery at the Kentucky Derby. The Mystery at Cape Cod. The Mystery in Las Vegas. The Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate. The "Goshawful" Gold Rush Mystery. The Mystery at Fort Sumter. The Case of the Hunchback Hairdresser. The Mystery of Biltmore House. The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park. Adventure to a Pioneer Prairie! The Mystery at Mount Vernon. The Baseball Mystery.

The Mystery on the Underground Railroad. Adventure to the Planet Mars! The Mystery in the Smoky Mountains. The Colonial Caper Mystery at Williamsburg. Talk Like a Pirate! The Great Train Mystery. The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaurs. The Mystery at the Maya Ruins Mexico. The Treacherous Tornado Mystery. The Mystery at Jamestown. The Mystery at Death Valley. The Mystery at Kill Devil Hills. The Awesome Aquarium Mystery. The Horrendous Hurricane Mystery. The Mystery at Hollywood. The Ferocious Forest Fire Mystery. The Mystery on the Iditarod Trail.

The Mystery at Devils Tower. The Mystery of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Counterfeit Constitution Mystery. The Mystery of the Lost Colony. The Mystery in the Twin Cities. The Mystery at Mount Rushmore. The Mystery at Motown.

Giggling Ghost Girl Scout Mystery, The (12)

Mystery at the Space Needle. The Mystery of the Haunted Ghost Town. The Mystery at Grizzly Graveyard. The Mystery on the Bayou. The White House Christmas Mystery. The Mystery on the Freedom Trail. The Mystery at Rattlesnake Ridge. Wild Things in the Classroom. And lots of cookies! Equals one delicious adventure! The girls even get a chance to tour a new bakery where cookies are made! But when the girls see a mysterious mix-up at the cookie factory… and notice some of their cookie boxes are missing… and get caught in a dark delivery truck… a mystery really starts cooking!

Who is the cookie thief, anyway? And why?? Tag along with foursome as they try to make sense of this tasty cookie case! This mystery incorporates history, geography, culture and more! Fun activities, and SAT words are in each book. Sleeping under the stars? Roasting hot dogs over an open fire? Telling ghost stories in the moonlight? Waking up to a magnificent sunrise coming over the horizon? Besides having loads of fun, the girls in this story learn a lot about independence, trying new things, getting along with others, and surviving when away from the comforts of home.

And be assured that those experiences will turn into valuable nuggets of wisdom you and every other Girl Scout will take with you along the journey of life!

The Giggling Ghost Girl Scout Mystery (Girl Scout Mysteries)

So, settle into a comfortable chair and join our Girl Scouts as they get outside, get to work, get challenged, and giggle a LOT in the Creepy Campout Mystery! Ella and her friend Kiara are excited about a weekend Girl Scout campout with big sister Avery and her friend Pari. Who took it? Was it another camper, or someone or something! Soon, the girls are drawn into an even greater mystery involving a mysterious madam, a ludicrous legend, and even a freaky, five-legged frog! Cold, filthy, disease-ridden, GlenCastle Prison, was the keeper of secrets, twists and surprises.

It is still standing today and rumor has it that ghosts still roam the creepy halls. Join our characters on their mysterious journey! Read and find out more! The Ghost of GlenCastle Prison incorporates history, geography, culture and cliffhanger chapters that keep kids begging for more!

Girl Scout Mysteries

Fun activities, built-in book club and SAT words are in each book. An orphan named Terry spends the summer with his aunt at her newly-inherited colonial rice plantation outside of Savannah, Georgia.

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What appears to be a long, hot boring summer soon turns into a cool, creepy mystery! Pickpocket Plantation entertains some surprising visitors. The past and the present collide in a strong drama. A boy's body is autopsied on a lawyer's boardroom table. The Weeping Time of slave trading haunts Terry. He is also attacked by an angry bull alligator. Terry and his aunt are forced to confront their past, the future, and one another. A boys tries to figure it all out, and in the process takes a giant step into becoming his own man.

Tabitha, a city girl, has to spend her summer vacation with her professor and Swampmaster father, Mable-a real "swamp thing" of a woman, heat and mosquitoes, but she also helps solve the mystery of why someone is trying to lay claim to Mable's homestead in the swamp. A brother and his sister live practically as orphans in the small coastal town of Thunderbolt while their parents, CDS doctors, travel the world fighting dreadful diseases. When a phone call comes in that their parents are in quarantine for the deadly disease, Ebola, their children are determined to stowaway on a freighter to get to them.

But are they getting help from a couple of kid ghosts? Historic past events soon collide with the present at the Savannah Police Barracks foiling the children's desperate attempt to reach their parents in time! The barrier islands off the coast of Georgia have been host to many a mystery When a young boy and girl lose their way in the maze of islands, they encounter a present-day "life or death" mystery to solve.

First, they must find Eyesocket Island. It does not appear on any map. It can only be seen in the mind, and, as it turns out, by air. Only then does the adventure begin! Come along for a creepy ride at high tide, clues you can't lose, and a solution that will truly shock you! One Hazardous Hurricane. One Sneaky Rat. And Lots of Palyful Pups. Equals one Doggone Good Time! A group of generous girl scouts volunteer at an animal shelter… and end up in a doggone puzzling mystery full of twists, turns, and lots of perky puppies! Avery, Ella, and their two Girl Scout friends decide to show their love for animals by volunteering at an animal shelter.

They have fun giving puppy baths, cuddling canines, and even cleaning cages!