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I can't It hurts. The threequel is on its way to me because I am a masochist and I need to know how this goes. Tell my family I love them. My epitaph will read: she couldn't stop looking at the Seaborne train wreck, and then it hit her. View 1 comment. Sweet, the protagonist is an archaeologist!

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And it involves Atlantis!! Then the archaeologist was introduced and I lost still more excitement. Elana is in her mid thirties, feeling pressure from her loser boyfriend to get married and pop out a few kids. She meets Orion and instant lust is shared by all.

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Orion, is arrogant and quite proud of his sexual prowess which we are reminded of constantly , but being with humans is a huge taboo for Atlanteans, so he fights his inexplicable attraction to her. Sort of. Super classy, right? Once was bad enough, but since Orion has all the self control of an eight year old, he sexes her up again and then rewipes her mind. Neither one is particularly intriguing, but they did help distract from the increasingly large plot holes involving time travel, little girls with inexplicable magical powers, Fairies, and missing people who turn out not to be missing.

Sexual Content: Several sex scenes.

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Sexual assault. References to rape. Sep 13, Beth Dawkins rated it it was ok Shelves: Elena is an underwater archeologist, working off the coast of Crete. She took out the boat in some nasty weather, and happened to come across a naked man who she rescued. As the weather turns worse she is thrust into an underwater journey with the naked man who is Orion, an Atlantean prince.

This one is a Elena is an underwater archeologist, working off the coast of Crete. This one is a lot like the first in that a woman falls in love with an Atlantean prince. It does suffer from instant love, but there is some denial at first. Atlanteans have some super powers, and the power of illusion is very strong. Orion decides she will be safe with the fairies.

I really enjoyed the look in the fairy world. It is very enchanting, but this is where the enchantment ends. The book mostly takes place under the sea where they can speak, shoot bows, and use swords. I find this hard to imagine. Instead, I imagine people dodging blows matrix style.

There is an odd time sequence where events happen, and then our hero couple makes time go backwards, and events are changed. There is a war brewing against the evil god of war who is plaguing the coast of Crete. I found the reason for the war hard to swallow. I might have enjoyed it more if I was sold on the underwater scenes. The instant love bothered me, and Elena not asking the important questions made her feel as if she was under some kind of love spell.

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There are a lot of steamy scenes between Orion and Elena, but it never knocked my socks off. May 08, Noemi Betancourt rated it did not like it. Despite my love for the first book I found myself struggling to read this one and actually couldn't finish it. There were just too many things wrong. First, Orion wasn't that interesting in Seaborne so I should've figured an entire book focused on him would be a snorefest. Orion is an oversexed, testerone filled moron who can't help but paw the underwater archeologist who rescued him every chance he gets.

Elaina meanwhile is probably the most inept heroine I've read in a long time. Any time she' Despite my love for the first book I found myself struggling to read this one and actually couldn't finish it. Any time she's in danger her reaction seems to be to freeze, scream, close her eyes and wait for her hero or death to claim her, whichever gets to her dumb ass first!

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I also don't get how someone who supposedly has a stellar enough career to be placed as the lead of an expedition can lose everything because the weather won't play ball all because her father, who also had a stellar career, was declared a nutjob overnight for insisting that he found Atlantis and all his works and efforts are wiped and removed from the field when he disappears.

I also don't get how Poseidon not only forgives the son who was part of a plot to kill him and usurp his throne in Seaborne but actually ALLOWS him to return to Atlantis! Of course he also believes all the accusations that come flying out of his mouth and since apparently no one actually pays attention to any of the king's decrees or orders I'm wondering how he managed to stay king this long.

And don't get me started on the time travel crap! Jun 28, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-by-kiwi. The Review: In this book, we return to the fabulous underwater kingdom known to all as Atlantis. We are this time in the mix of a brutal war and governmental coup of sorts. So things are a bit stressed in the great city. We also spend some time in Crete, where the heroine is spearheading an underwater dig in search of some major archaeological finds.

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  4. Prince Orion is later born than the crown prince, but no less, well no less anything, really. Did I mention he has a twin? Our heroine is underwater archaeologist Elena Carter. For her whole career, it seems that she had to overcome a shadow cast over the Carter name by her father, who was lost at sea on his search for the mystical city of Atlantis, something all humans know does not exist. On the search for something fantastic, Elena happens upon a handsome stranger, saves his life, then he returns the favor. You see, in an effort to protect his race, Orion must wipe her memory after each time they are together, so she meets him over and over again, each time she grows more aware of his nature and what he is actually doing to her.

    Actually, he is trying to save her from the dark force she has uncovered along with that ship off the coast. And in the course of his rescue attempt, he takes her to the very center of the Earth for protection, assuming that the fairies whom inhabit that realm will take care of her. There is a major kicker though.

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    When Orion is refused his request of sanctuary for Elena, he must bring her home with him for her own safety, and there we discover that past events are altered as if we never read them, and the fate of a whole race is changed, some for the better, others not so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as I did the first, especially once I figured it all out.

    All in all, a fitting next chapter in what I still feel is a great series with awesome potential. Notable Scene: Wake up, she told herself. Sheer terror locked her joints and chilled her flesh. It could only be a dream, and yet nothing had ever seemed so real. Still, she found herself unable to move a muscle… until the thing turned and propelled itself through the water toward her.

    Half on hands and knees, half swimming, she fled toward the only refuge she could imagine—the man with sword. The beast shot out of the hole, larger and more terrifying than any demon, and bore down on her, legs reaching, uninjured tentacle poised to wrap around her…to lift her high and plunge her into that pitiless, tooth-filled mouth.

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