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Mundo Real uses lively and compelling content, images, and video to teach real-world language. Each unit opens with a dynamic image that provides a visual introduction to the unit theme. The discussion questions act as a springboard for students to begin using the language, activating prior knowledge, and communicating in these new situations. Learning objectives are clearly displayed allowing students to take an active role in their learning. The organization of each unit of Mundo Real is consistent. The lessons are sequenced to maximize the production of language and communication in the classroom, allowing students to develop a familiarity with the rhythm of the unit while teachers can maximize class time.

This research-based methodology ensures students retain the language they learn. Mundo Real Media Edition eBooks are fully integrated audio and sealess connection to online video content. For more information on ELEteca, turn to page This additional digital resource is accessible from any tablet or computer.

Objectives for the lessons Each section starts with a list of learning objectives that teachers can use as an organized tool. Teachers can use them to preview what students will learn in this section, and they serve as a way to assess whether students have mastered the main ideas and skills.

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Standards 1. Help students access meaning by making frequent use of gestures or visuals.

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Slower-paced Learners Encourage students to recycle and retrieve vocabulary, including verbs, and structures mainly, the present tense from previous units. En clase de Arte siempre preparo un regalo hecho a mano. Mundo rEAl, nivEl 1. Research has shown that exposure to languages at an early age leads to faster learning.

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Activity Book Includes a variety of fun and interactive activities that extend the learning in the Student Book. Hola Amigos! An interactive digital course that engages young students through gamification to ensure they are actively engaged in learning. Continued on next page This eleven-part series is perfect for young learners ready to move beyond the basics. The Lecturas Gominola reader series provides intermediate and advanced language instruction in the form of imaginative illustrated stories. Alejo y su pandilla is a series of graded readers for young adults and teens, following the adventures of Alejo and his friends as they travel through Spain and Latin America.

This eight-part series offers engaging, fast-paced mystery stories for intermediate, adult and young adult learners.

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Decorate your Spanish classrooms with this collection of activities and posters with vibrant illustrations that practice key skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Communicative, experiential learning reminds us that the purpose of language is to connect with ourselves and with our communities, both locally and globally.

Even more importantly, this kind of instruction can make us forget that Spanish is a vital language that is spoken creatively and individually by people all over the world.

The research shows that students need to engage emotionally, experience learning firsthand, and be able to reflect on their learning to be successful. All Cambridge Spanish programs are based on a communicative experiential learning approach that helps students process and successfully retain what they have learned. When students learn by doing — by following their own initiative and direction — they associate the things they have learn with specific feelings and experiences, which help them comprehend and retain new language.

Communicative Experiential Learning is self-directed and constructed according to the unique styles and needs of each individual. DISCOVERY Communicative activities engage students with the language before studying formal grammar presentations Integrated videos model language in context, and research activities encourage students to think about Spanish as a living language that extends beyond the classroom. Learning by doing naturally encourages cooperative learning strategies, and rewards an open exchange of ideas and experiences. Learning is more than just memorizing vocabulary words.

Studies show that languages are learned best when the student is immersed in situations where they can go through Discovery, Exploration and Reflection. They need to be connected from home or in a blended classroom, and stay motivated through vibrant multimedia content. The digital resources offered with Cambridge Spanish courses allow students to engage with Spanish in the same multifaceted manner they engage with the world outside of the classroom.

Access to all video content, including the narrative video from the Student Book, cultural videos, and grammar presentations and tutorials with both scripted and unscripted content. The interactive game uses the appeal of an online game to engage learners. Students are in the hot seat, competing for a prestigious internship. Content is organized in an interactive, dynamic format that connects academic achievement to gaming success, encouraging students to take an active role in their learning.

The eBook and print Student Book help keep class materials close at hand in the classroom or from home. Available online and off-line, these readers feature embedded media. This video series provides a compelling ongoing narrative, that aligns with each chapter of the Student Book. The cultural videos, grammar presentations and tutorials model and synthesize the communicative skills of the text to help lessons come to life. Explanations and examples are all in Spanish, encouraging critical thinking in the target language.

These videos feature a wide range of language varieties and dialects. Games play an important role in learning during both childhood and adulthood. Play is a meaningful and frequent activity common to all cultures Huizinga, Games generally share similar characteristics: they are voluntary activities with established time limits and a series of rules which induce tension, serve as an incentive, and engage participants. According to Mora , play is a form of disguised teaching, an important means to arouse curiosity, focus attention, and enhance memory, thereby promoting learning in the classroom.

Play and learning share many common elements. Marina has stressed the importance of guidance and clear objectives in order to generate motivation. Thus, play is often used in the teaching of second languages as a source of motivation and an incentive to practice the language. Games have always played a role in the Spanish language classroom.

Many teachers have long recognized the value of games in second language learning; they are a source of fun, improve attention, help to modulate the mood of the classroom, and provide breaks when teachers detect learner fatigue. In fact, play can be a very serious business, offering an excellent solution to a problem that teachers and learners face in classrooms all over the world: boredom and detachment.

Gamification does not refer solely to play. The term gamification emerged at a time of great advances in the fields of video games and animation.

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Although the essence of gamification certainly existed in a pre-digital world, the immersive quality of digital games has spurred tremendous innovation in the study of learning mechanisms. Many researchers and innovators in this field have borrowed the features of digital games to absorb the attention of students, increase their motivation, stimulate a sense of control, encourage their engagement and provide a sense of linear achievement. In the field of education, research carried out in schools and universities has also indicated the value of gamification in teaching and learning processes see the NMC Horizon Report on Higher Education, Many studies have highlighted the increased engagement of students in activities that, taught in a different way, could be seen as boring or difficult.

In many cases, gamification generates greater involvement and better performance in learners, who are motivated by the rewardand-feedback systems that characterize the experience of play. Play is often used in the teaching of second languages as a source of motivation and an incentive to practice the language. Niv el A2. P es las ca de selecc tas. El u d es e r su cali li ia s pa reflex o se pon na form d inte rticip nclusion ntes los bro de en en te ionan rese ad o es a q ativ s de. Ni los Cervan to nados tu l Insti cular de.

Entornos, an introductory Spanish course, helps learners develop the language skills and 21st century learning strategies they need to connect to real-world, practical issues. The engaging and relevant cultural coverage, with exciting videos and cutting-edge technology, brings the Spanish language to life. Entornos supports key competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving to help learners thrive in and out of the Spanish language classroom.

This flexible program supports hybrid and online academic programs. The wide variety of integrated components, print and digital, work together seamlessly to ensure students have access to meaningful instruction and practice to support their learning. However, the method of isolated language learning does not always work. It can be difficult for students to use the skills they have been taught when it comes time to express themselves or understand something new.

More importantly, this kind of instruction lets students forget that Spanish is a living language. Entornos provides a new approach for these students who have a desire to learn, but require material that captures their interest and engages them throughout their language journey. A vibrant image provides a visual introduction to the unit theme.

Each unit theme focuses on everyday language and. Luann Hughes rated it really liked it Mar 11, Geraldine rated it it was ok Apr 28, Vane rated it it was ok Oct 16, Annie rated it it was ok Feb 19, Georgina Arrieta rated it it was ok Oct 03, JfCr rated it liked it May 20, Danae rated it really liked it Dec 08, Miniee Jimenez rated it really liked it Dec 16, Lilli rated it it was ok Jun 20, Tamis rated it it was ok Aug 22, Sandra rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Heather Peterson rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Cindy Siegelin rated it liked it Nov 19, Cynthia rated it it was amazing Mar 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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