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Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. After a few hours the sixty-six Americans in the embassy could not hold out any longer and room by room they were captured. The hostages were told that they would be released when the shah came back to Iran to face trial for the crimes he had committed against the people of Iran.

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President Carter decided that since diplomacy was not working he would use force to get the American hostages out of Iran. A Delta Force of ninety-seven soldiers and eight helicopters was assembled for a mission on the morning of April 25, to take control of the embassy and free the hostages. Problems with the rescue mission started to occur once the team landed in Iran.

Two helicopters malfunctioned before reaching Iran and one helicopter blew a hydraulic pump while in Iran and was unusable in the mission. When the Delta Force was down to only five helicopters it was decided that the rescue mission should be aborted. The disastrous mission did not end there. The Delta Force loaded into the remaining helicopters to return to base when they were caught in a sandstorm. Two helicopters collided and eight of the Delta Force soldiers were killed in the crash.

President Carter had to address that nation that night and disclose the failure of the rescue mission. Most Americans felt that Carter was incompetent as a leader, in general, as well as in the crisis situation. Every night news stations broadcast how long the hostages had been held, pointing out how incapable Carter was as a president.

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Four events unfolded that brought an end to the hostage crisis. First, Ronald Reagan won the election of and promised to end the Iranian Hostage Crisis by any means necessary. This pledge surely made the Iranian militants question how long it would be before another squad of Delta Force soldiers were on their way to the embassy. This meant that there was no reason to hold the hostages to force any illegal political changes in Iran. Third, Iraq and Iran became involved in a war.

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Iranian assets had been frozen in the United States and they now needed access to the money or they risked losing their entire country. Finally, the shah died in July in Egypt where he was living. Now, what the students of Iran truly wanted, the shah stand trial in exchange for the hostages, was impossible. The hostage situation was a major campaign issue that cost President Carter millions of votes. Many Americans viewed Carter as a president that was unfit in times of crisis.

Others stated that he did not exhibit strength in the situation and made the United States look weak on a world stage. A deal was struck between the United States and the Iranian terrorists holding the hostages. Finally, on January 20, after days in captivity the American hostages were freed, the day before Ronald Reagan took office.

The United States has tried to stay ahead of militant and terrorist groups around the world, not just those in the Middle East, with varying degrees of success. But, since the Iran Hostage Crisis it has been evident that the Unites States has to work with other countries, rather than control them. Can the United States truly make this change from dominance to cooperation still remains to be seen, for if the country and its leaders cannot, more acts of aggression and terrorism seem eminent. Paterson, J. Garry Clifford, Shane J.

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Maddock, Deborah Kisatsky, Kenneth J. Hagan, eds. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, , This terrorist act triggered the most profound crisis of the Carter presidency and began a personal ordeal for Jimmy Carter and the American people that lasted days. Robert C. They were held for a total of days and finally released, after lengthy negotiations, on January 20, Has this position changed over time?

What could force a change in how the United States deals with terrorism? Procedures: 1. This Activity works best if RS are printed as packets for each student. Students will be going back and forth between this graphic organizer and the primary documents. Allow students time to decide which documents are more important than others. Ode Diary 3. Ask students to discuss with another student or the class how close their interpretation of the events of the Iran Hostage Crisis was to the actual event.

Closure: Discuss with the class how the Iran Hostage Crisis affected the view of the American military. Also ask the class how this event affected the election of Finally, ask the class to draw parallels between this act of terrorism and more recent acts of terrorism. Ask them how terrorism has changed since this crisis. Assessment: Students could be asked to research one of the hostages from the document that lists the names and where the hostages were from.

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Try and find out what happened to these brave men and women after the ordeal was over. Start the next class with brief presentations of where these former hostages are today. Extension Activities: 1. Students could be asked to incorporate the documents they excluded from their Debriefing to the CIA.