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When your child develops the necessary skills for proficient spelling, it naturally leads to more confident reading and writing. Hooked on Spelling will help your child develop a solid foundation in spelling rules and patterns because it was designed with the knowledge of how kids learn best: by combining fun, computer-based lessons with workbook practice and real-world activities.

Hooked on Spelling System Requirements: Windows or later. Mac OS X v.

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Malikah — December 5, I started reading to them in my womb. When they were 2 and 3 years they were able to read stories and pronounce so many words. My son received valedictorian for Kindergarden and first grade. They teachers were just so amazed. The reason for the late store is that my sons now have children of the own. My 23 month old is grand daughter is just like her dad. So he wants her to start now and see where it takes her.

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My other son said that his daughter is a little lazy. And he declare that hooked on phonic is the key to his problem. I ordered this for them for xmas. My sons first memory of fun learning was hooked on phonics.

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Julie M. Easy to understand! I ended up getting this set for my daughter who was not interested in wanting to read. She thoroughly enjoys doing the work book and earning her star stickers.

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This is a great value, each level comes with books to read, cards and DVDs. We homeschool and this will be used for all of our kids. I definitely recommend this program!

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Jessica K. All she wants to do is read and learn more. A must have for any parent starting to teach their child to read. Tammy H. Thank you Hooked on Phonics! My 5 year old boy successfully completed the series and is reading like a BOSS! Toya C. This program is the best program I have used!

Thanks to Hooked on Phonics my daughter was reading at the age of 4 on a second grade level and now in gifted classes in her school. In the UK, book bandsare used across different reading schemes to indicate the reading level of each book. You will see our Oxford Levels alongside the equivalent book band colours on the back of each Oxford Reading Tree book. Age 4—5. Age 5—6. What are reading schemes? A reading scheme is a series of books that have been carefully written to support the process of learning to read and to help children make progress as readers.

What educational researchers know about how children learn to read — and how best to motivate them to learn — is changing and improving all the time. The best reading schemes reflect this research and help teachers to deliver the best teaching in order to improve outcomes for children.

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Keeping children reading beyond the age of 7 can be a challenge so the earlier they develop a reading habit, the better. All reading schemes have a careful structure designed to support the teaching in class and to ensure that when a child takes a book home they can read it successfully, build confidence and make progress. However, the most commonly used structure in schools is Book Bands because this is a system that has been applied to lots of different reading schemes and other books.

Book Bands consists of a series of coloured bands that reflect progress in reading from early phonics through to fluent, competent reading around the age of 7 or 8. There are also Bands beyond this, but these are much broader and more about age-appropriateness than reading ability. Generally, a teacher will want to know that a child is secure and confident at a given level before moving them on. In the first few years of school, the steps of progress are fairly small, and children will move through a number of levels quite quickly.

This is a fantastic achievement to be celebrated and means your child will be able to choose their own reading book from a much wider range. To this end, we have a magnificently renovated library which is both now inviting and well-resourced.