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Many brands now integrate this technology into the in-store experience to better fuse the online and offline worlds. For example, fitness retailer Under Armour allows shoppers to scan barcodes on products to find out additional information.

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Geofencing can be another valuable element of brand apps, further enhancing the experience of browsing and shopping in a physical location. Home Depot is one effective example, first rolled out in By using location-based technology, the app automatically detects which store the user is in, giving them a map to specific products based on their exact position. However, both demonstrate the unexpected value geofencing can bring. While shoppers are unlikely to expect this type of technology, the help and added convenience can certainly enhance the customer experience as well as make it less mundane — which is also likely to stick in the mind of the consumer when they think about the brand in future.

Image via Virtual Reality Times. Another way geofencing can enhance CX is to improve logistics, leading to greater convenience for both brands and consumers. In , Mcdonalds started testing geofencing in its mobile app to optimise food preparation time.

Across Channels, Across Teams: 10 Keys to a Cohesive Customer Experience

In order to avoid long wait-times and the potential for cold food, the app detects when a customer is getting closer. Staff are then alerted when they should start preparing the order, theoretically meaning the customer will arrive at the perfect time to receive it.

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Do customers really care enough about this feature for it to have any real impact on CX? Single flow Due to their design, the entire conversation between a brand and a consumer is kept in a single place, and can be easily accessed and referenced. There is no need to check other systems for information on previous interactions — it is all in one flow.

Permanent link When you end a phone call or chat session, the connection ends, and the history of the conversation disappears. With messaging apps, brands have a permanent link to a consumer that can be used to build a lasting relationship. Distributing workload Consumers are frequently on their messaging apps, meaning that questions and requests are likely to come in on a constant basis. This means there are less of the peaks that you get on other channels such as phone calls at lunchtime or emails on the way to work , allowing brands to plan their resources more effectively.

How customer experience has changed in the past ten years

Also, given how often they check their messaging apps, consumers can be happy to wait for a response, rather than expecting an instant answer such as when using chat. This concept, dubbed conversational commerce, relies on chatbots that have the ability to hold a conversation with the user and then perform tasks such as booking flights, changing fares or suggesting a room upgrade. By cultivating strong relationships with your peers in other divisions, keeping them up to speed on how your customer engagement approach is shifting and asking to be kept informed about their own evolutions , and sharing your campaign results and other KPIs, you can do a lot to make other departments feel invested in the customer engagement process and in your long-term success.

Looking to learn more about putting together a marketing tech stack that can support this sort of unified, consistent customer engagement across channels and platforms?

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Check out our piece on creating a best-in-class stack. TAGS: campaigns , cross-channel , lifecycle marketing. Todd Grennan is a New York-based writer and editor. When he's not writing about mobile marketing, customer retention and emerging technologies for Braze formerly Appboy , you can find him trying to read his way through every Wikipedia article related to World War II.

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Here are ten key ingredients for any brand looking to make cohesive, cross-platform engagement a reality: 1. Thoughtful data collection Modern customer engagement is built on data. Comprehensive user profiles Lots of brands have data collection down, but when the time comes to actually do something with it, their efforts are seriously handicapped by data silos.

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