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That's what the film says. There will no doubt be dissent. Few people are happy to be portrayed as liars and betrayers. What amazes me is that "Fair Game" doesn't play the game of using fictional names. They're all right there, including Cheney personally ordering the intelligence to be falsified.

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Naomi Watts looks uncannily like the real life Plame, but that's beside the point; what I related to was the serious, workmanlike tone of her Plame, who doesn't see herself as a heroine but as a skilled operative. She has scenes where she devastates other characters with what she knows about them and how she can use that information. Sean Penn plays Ambassador Wilson, more combative than his wife, outraged by the way administration leakers try to destroy them.

The film is realistic about the ways the Plame-Wilson marriage almost failed. What's effective is how matter-of-fact "Fair Game" is.

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This isn't a lathering, angry attack picture. Wilson and Plame are both seen as loyal government employees, not particularly political until they discover the wrong information. The implication is that if the Bush administration hadn't suppressed their information and smeared them, there might have been no Iraq war, and untold thousands of lives would have been saved. This topic has been so poisoned by misinformation that a rational discussion seems impossible. I suppose the question becomes, how well does "Fair Game" work as a movie?

I suspect it will work better the more you walk in agreeing with it. The portrait it paints of the Wilson-Plame marriage is a very personal one, based on conflicting personalities under pressure. Penn plays Wilson as a hotheaded idealist, fueled by outrage. Watts makes Plame an ideal spy: secretive, concealing, under the radar. Perhaps she would rather her husband had bitten the bullet like a good soldier.

They're surrounded by press attention, and she finds her CIA work belittled by Bush administration spin doctors and her contacts overseas trashed.

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Joe obviously didn't prevent the war. If he'd kept quiet, her own CIA work would not have been destroyed. One interesting element in the movie's version is the cluelessness of George W. In this version, it's possible he didn't fully realize how flawed his information on Niger was. The svengali is Cheney. The problem is that she and her colleagues are not coming up with much; all sources say that, while Saddam postures otherwise, he actually dismantled his nuclear weapons program years earlier, after the U.

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There's also a pesky rumor from Italian intelligence that Iraq is buying huge quantities of yellowcake uranium from the country of Niger. So one of Plame's CIA bosses asks her whether her husband, a former ambassador who has worked in Africa and Iraq, would go on a fact-finding mission to see whether those rumors have any truth.

He discovers that they don't - and Plame and her colleagues also tell the bullyboys from Cheney's office that the aluminum tubes they're touting as a component of uranium refinement are not made for that purpose. Click here: This review concludes on my website.

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