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For one thing, someday we will stand before God to give an account of our lives and our faithfulness to Christ. Do these words make you uncomfortable, or even alarm you? The reason is because Christ came to take away our sins, and when we commit our lives to Him in faith and trust, He cleanses us of every sin.

Are you trusting Him alone as your Savior and Lord?

When we go to heaven will we remember our life on Earth?

In heaven, I believe we also will be able to look back and see how God was working in our lives, even during the hard times. Now our understanding is limited—but someday it will be complete. Where Is Heaven?

The Mystery of Heaven. For example, the hippocampus , thought to be responsible for forming memories, continues developing until at least the age of seven.

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We know that the typical boundary for the offset of childhood amnesia — three and a half years — shifts with age. Children and teenagers have earlier memories than adults do. This suggests that the problem may be less with forming memories than with maintaining them. But this does not seem to be the whole story.

What Shall We Remember?

Another factor that we know plays a role is language. From the ages of one to six, children progress from the one-word stage of speaking to becoming fluent in their native language s , so there are major changes in their verbal ability that overlap with the childhood amnesia period. One lab group conducted this work by interviewing toddlers brought to accident and emergency departments for common childhood injuries. Toddlers over 26 months, who could verbalise about the event at the time, recalled it up to five years later, whereas those under 26 months, who could not talk about it, recalled little or nothing.

Will we remember our earthly lives when we are in Heaven?

This suggests that preverbal memories are lost if they are not translated into language. However, most research on the role of language focuses on a particular form of expression called narrative , and its social function. When parents reminisce with very young children about past events, they implicitly teach them narrative skills — what kinds of events are important to remember and how to structure talking about them in a way that others can understand.

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  7. Unlike simply recounting information for factual purposes, reminiscing revolves around the social function of sharing experiences with others. More coherent stories are remembered better. Maori adults have the earliest childhood memories age 2.

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    Reminiscing has different social functions in different cultures, which contribute to cultural variations in the quantity, quality and timing of early autobiographical memories. Adults in cultures that value autonomy North America, Western Europe tend to report earlier and more childhood memories than adults in cultures that value relatedness Asia, Africa.

    Will my pets go to heaven?

    This is predicted by cultural differences in parental reminiscing style. For example, an American child might remember getting a gold star in preschool whereas a Chinese child might remember the class learning a particular song at preschool.

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    For example, there are more prospective longitudinal studies that follow individuals from childhood into the future. This helps give accurate accounts of events, which is better than retrospectively asking teens or adults to remember past events which are not documented. Also, as neuroscience progresses, there will undoubtedly be more studies relating brain development to memory development.