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In an ancient forest, where Mantis clans pursue their own civil war, the Empress Seda is seeking lost magic.

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Some dangerous shadow of old night is locked up among these trees and she is wants its power. Cheerwell Maker must stop her, at any cost, but will their rivalry awaken something far deadlier?

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It has failed many times to crush Collegium, but, undaunted, its forces are marching into the Lowlands yet again. In previous attempts to bring Collegium to heel, the Empire tried to exploit local divisions.

The lowland alliance is outnumbered and the Empire has easily replaced its earlier losses. The previous effort to conquer Collegium failed thanks to the last-minute deployment of a super-weapon, which worked because the Empire had not known of it and had not prepared any defense against it.

Accordingly, the Empire offers Collegium the opportunity to surrender. The only price the Empire demands is unquestioning obedience … oh, and the handover of a few Imperial enemies. Meanwhile, off in the shadowy backwater forests frequented by ancient Mantis clans, Empress Seda and her retinue are questing for Old Power.

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Traumatized by her past, the only safety Seda sees is utter, complete, universal power. Seda is the heir to forgotten magics, magics that will give her the power she craves. One last thing is lacking: an ancient relic. As noted in previous reviews, camping with Cheerwell Maker is apt to go badly for her mates.