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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 18, OpenBookSociety. Brought to you by OBS reviewer Dawn Sway is a beautifully written short story that has a moral lesson. Jennifer Gibson shares the daily struggles of a young girl who is hearing impaired.

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Jessie is a wonderful young woman struggling daily to live a normal life. She is picked on by other students at school, in very humiliating ways. The bullying and cruelty almost made me cry. But she never gives up or loses hope. In gym class, Jessie is given a martial arts lesson. She excels at it and is invited to take classes at a local facility. She really blossoms. I think the ability to defend herself gave Jessie a great deal of confidence, it empowered her. I never considered what it would be like to be hearing impaired. It must isolate you to a degree that makes you feel lonely a lot.

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I work for a disabled woman. Be more aware of people with disabilities because their lives are not easy and by a simple gesture, we can make their day better. I recommend the book to all. Teachers should use Sway to help students understand disabilities and bullying.

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Parents should read it with their children to help them understand as well. I see this book as a great teaching tool. This was an interesting book. Sway features a teenager named Jessie who struggles with a hearing impairment in what is probably the least tolerant community ever written.

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She finds herself through a self defense class, and Ethan, her karate teacher's son. Jessie goes on to have some really exciting adventures I won't go into to much detail about. The book has something exciting happening every few pages, whether it's a terrifying tornado, or a crushing birthday party, or the other stuff I won't This was an interesting book. The book has something exciting happening every few pages, whether it's a terrifying tornado, or a crushing birthday party, or the other stuff I won't go into, Jessie is in a constant state of emotional flux.

The good: I cared about the characters, and this novel handles slice of life good. Gibson drops the reader smack dab into the middle of Jessie's life and lets them navigate the confusion right along beside her. High school is hard enough without a hearing impairment, so the experience added another layer to what would otherwise be considered universal. I enjoyed the book and kept reading right to the very end. The nit-picky: Gibson has perfected show don't tell down to an art, but I think she got to good at it. There were times when I felt like I needed more information that didn't come for chapters, or in some cases not at all.

For example, what level of hearing loss does Jessie suffer? How does it work? Overall, I enjoyed the book, and give it four stars. Buy your copy, or learn more about Jennifer Gibson here. Her patience, kindness, and positivity is tested as she is constantly the butt of her classmates jokes and unkind attitudes. The characters are sweet and endearing. They complement each other in ways you would only hope every human being could. The story kept you wondering when the climatic floor was going to drop out from under and send you on a crazy spiral. The story was touching, captivating, and heartwarming.

There is mild kissing and hugging that will make your heart smile. Thank you Jennifer Gibson for the great read. Good luck with everything past, present, and future. Sway Jennifer Gibson has given us a touching story. It takes your heart and tugs on the strings.

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I never felt badly for Jessie. I thought at first I would with all her struggles. Then I realized she would not feel sorry for herself! Even though people hurt her and go out of the way to pull pranks and nonsense. I am so happy to not be in Highschool Jessie does not falter, and I am not sure I would be able to survive with such grace. The fact that she is hearing impaired factors into her story. H Sway Jennifer Gibson has given us a touching story. However it does not define who she is in my opinion. Jessie is one tough cookie. I found myself crying for her and laughing with her.

If you want a story of struggle and heartfelt courage. This is the one for you. The story allows you to see first hand how cruel people are at times. It also shows you true beauty in forgiveness. What an inspirational book. If you want a touching, heart-warming story of struggle, heartache, and courage. The heroine, Jessie, well she has one for you read! Sway is the story of a girl who does not fit in. Having a hearing impairment makes our heroin an almost tragic figure. Note the almost. She is all but pathetic. This girl has spunk and determination and in this, the first book in the series she comes into being the person she is destined to be.

She faces the trials of her disability and rise above them. Not without pain and scars but with them, broadening her life like the turn of the seasons into an always better person, always new, always impr Sway is the story of a girl who does not fit in. Not without pain and scars but with them, broadening her life like the turn of the seasons into an always better person, always new, always improved.

Love this girl get up and go without being a twitch and a witch about it.

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This is a story I would recommend to be read by all. It gives the reader the insight into a life not their own. Possibly also more insight into a life you are by proxy knowledgeable about like me. Or better still, if this is your life, you may see that the almost constant companion of loneliness is no longer only yours. Without fancy vampires it is a simple, character driven story about a girl at school; a girl that's not incredibly popular but not a hopeless outsider either, a girl with a family and most of all, one with a hearing aid, which determines to some extent how she lives and perceives her life.

She has hard times, like when she plays some team sports, but also good and inspiring moments, like the relationship with her cats and with some o "Sway" by Jennifer Gibson is an amazing read for young adults. Hope never cried like most infants did when they were born. She was still awake around midnight. Even as she grew older, she never did cry.

When she started crawling, all she did was head toward the window facing the swing. As much as I agreed with the doctor, I also believed that there was something inexplicable about her. I always feel there is a gap between Hope and me. Every word I tell her only evaporates right before they reach her ears. Thankfully Aliyah is here. She has been helping me take care of her. Although I never say anything to her, each time she looks at me she seems to understand what has happened. Deep down, I always try to love Hope.

I always feel there is something inside Hope, especially when she stands by the window looking at the swing. Really, it somehow terrifies me. I think whoever knows what May and I did that night, will feel the same about Hope. I ask some young people who always hung out around the security post to cut down the guava tree along with the swing.

I gave them some money for my request. They start moving vigorously. They borrow a chainsaw from a neighbor and start cutting the tree into parts. I accidentally run into Hope, who is standing by the window. Her gaze is empty. Then she begins to cry. I show no empathy to her. I already decided to get rid of the tree and swing in spite of my concerns about what will happen later.

You only have to make sure the swing will always be in your front yard.

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I go to sleep with readiness in my heart. I know, just like what happened to May, my body will later fall and hit something. The next day, my body will be found without a pulse. Yudhi Herwibowo is a short story writer, novelist and owner of BukuKatta publishing. We are looking for contemporary fiction between 1, and 2, words by established and new authors. Stories must be original and previously unpublished in English. Held in Sway is a story about love in the modern world and examines what happens when desire turns to dark obsession.

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