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BBC - Earth - Is the Himalayan Yeti a real animal?

On January 18, the Southern Bigfoot Research YouTube channel uploaded a very short second clip of potential Bigfoot audio, recorded during a recent hunt in the mountains of North Carolina. The sound, a rather high-pitched yelp, lasts about four seconds. Many Bigfoot encounters involve these mysterious yelps and even screams , though many claim they are nothing more than the sounds of ordinary animals. Footage from Canada alleges to show a large humanoid creature stalking about a forest.

Bigfoot allegedly spotted in Northern California

Details are, however, scant. It seems to perhaps draw to full height, then lumber off into the wilderness. Many who have commented regarding the video believe the unidentified figure may actually be a bear. Others, however, are more convinced of its paranormal nature.

In March , Claudia Ackley claims she and her daughters witnessed a sasquatch while hiking near Lake Arrowhead, California. Their unwillingness to believe Ackley ultimately led to her lawsuit , which was originally set for a hearing on March However, before the March 19 hearing, attorneys advised Ackley to have the case dismissed, at least in its current form. According to the San Bernardino Sun, the original court filing was not quite up to par , and Ackley is now in the process of rewriting it and having the new version properly vetted by lawyers.

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‘Proof’ of Bigfoot? Group releases list of top 10 filmed encounters

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11. A Strange Face in the “Bigfoot Forest”

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